Push-Button Bra Turns Bitsy to Bodacious

Posted on November 23, 2009

“It’s her. It’s her. It’s still her. The same person, but different breasts each time!” For every woman who has ever regretted waking up in the morning with the same size breasts she had the night before, this Chinese TV commercial wants you to know your troubles are finally over!

According to this announcer, at least, it’s every woman’s dream to have a bigger cup size. Now, with the amazing She’s Mine bra, you can turn that dream into a reality. Not only does it increase your cup size, but it lets you change it to suit your mood. Need some guidelines? The commercial suggests “a B-cup for work, a C-cup for shopping, and a D-cup for partying.” It’s definitely a bra to consider when choosing bridal lingerie.

YouTube Preview Image

The bra’s magic lies in its patented “God’s Hand” technology. Simply press the button, and the hidden, hand-shaped panels expand, lifting your breasts to provide cleavage like you’ve never had before. And the longer you press, the bigger they get!

But wait—there’s more! A pair of God’s hands is not all this incredible bra has to offer. It’s also made of a space-age fabric impregnated with minerals that generate ultraviolet light. This improves blood circulation, and in turn glandular health. And that, as we all know, is Mother Nature’s way of increasing breast size.

But in the end, seeing is believing. And this commercial provides abundant visual proof of the effects of the She’s Mine bra, not only on the wearers’ bustlines but on their mood. Incidentally, the announcer assures us that people are going wild for it in Europe. What more proof could you possibly need?



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24 thoughts on “Push-Button Bra Turns Bitsy to Bodacious

  1. Duane

    We don't have this problem in Canada. Due to our aggressive breast nurturing program that is handled by our Mounties and the use of genuine Saskatchewan Seal skin in all Canadian made braziers, all of our women have ample breasts. Even the newcomers to our great country gain ample breasts, due to the average Canadian diet of beer and beaver tail. Augmented by the strength of the weed from Vancouver, which makes the women hungry, so they eat more, most Canadian women opt for breast reduction surgery by the time they hit the age of 35.

  2. Mike

    The commercial lacks the shot of the impressed guys being let down when she actually takes her bra off. A to B cup is more than fine and stays that way into her 50's. D's are just grapefruit in socks by age 40.

  3. Harry

    "…a space-age fabric impregnated with minerals that generate ultraviolet light. This improves blood circulation, and in turn glandular health [which] is Mother Nature’s way of increasing breast size" — hilarious.

  4. ember

    UV light? causes mutation of cells. in turn, higher chance of cancer… or your cells spontaneously combusting = smaller boobs.

    i forsee breast cancer cases increasing

  5. altered

    Warning to Woman: To avoid utter disappointment and potential loss of prospective lover, admirer, partner, fling;
    DO NOT under any circumstance REMOVE the INFLATABLE "Sheʻs Mine" Puff Up BRA" until either
    a> the lights are dimmed or turned off, or b> the prospective lover, admirer, partner, fling has left the building.

  6. hkliling

    I am from Malaysia. Not quite happy with my B size breast, I just ordered and paid for the She's Mine bra yesterday and got it today. Result amazing once i put it on. The cleavage is very obvious. =) I bought from here : http://myclosetonlinemagicbra.blogspot.com/. Seller is very efficient and prompt in replying my emails. Now I am waiting for another product called Moliting Gen 2 bra by another seller which is much cheaper. Stated by some buyer, the Moliting Gen 2 can give lasting breast enlargement result even after not wearing it….I just got to try.

  7. Desi

    I just love this bra, it actually really works, I finally have some boobs and cleavage… (coming from sub-A size myself). People actually love my pics…
    Sorry to say that the moiliting gen 2 is by far not the same as the original Hand of God… it doesnt inflate, only pushup. . I'm counting on the massage effect though…

  8. Jessica

    This is just demeaning in my opinion. Why can't people just be happy with their natural size? And Asians don't stereotypically have smaller breasts. I'm sure if American women (and men in a lot of cases!) stopped eating so much fatty foods, they'd have smaller chests, too. It's beyond me why it is so attractive to have big fat pockets of fat hanging from your chest that only sag over time anyway. I'm proud to be an A cup because I know as long as I keep healthy, they'll continue to look perky longer than a pair of DDs.

  9. MarjorieSmith17

    That looks a bit extreme, but I guess I would try it i I had the chance, and I wouldn’t judge someone for wanting to look in any way they want to look. To each their own!


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