LED Eyelashes Designed to Make Asian Eyes Bigger

Posted on November 13, 2009

For some Asian women, appearing more Westernized through having larger eyes is a very real concern. Short of plastic surgery and makeup, there are not many effective ways to give off the appearance of being more in tune with the Occident than the Orient.


Designer Soomi Park has thus developed LED eyelashes to give Asian women the appearance of larger eyes and to satisfy their desire to become cyborgs. They can be controlled with subtle head movements, allowing the wearer to turn them on and off with only a simple tilt of the head.


Unfortunately, the LED eyelashes do not come equipped with laser-shooting capabilities. The video below gives an accurate demonstration of their use and how they actually look when on an Asian woman.

YouTube Preview Image

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33 thoughts on “LED Eyelashes Designed to Make Asian Eyes Bigger

  1. Pamela

    GOOD GRIEF!!!!!! That is about the dumbest thing I have seen lately.If you want them that bad,there is a new prescription brush on application that makes the eyelashes grow longer.

    1. Jessica

      Wanting larger eyes doesn't necessarily mean they want to look more westernised, they just want prettier eyes.

  2. Lucy

    Fuck sakes bigger eyes doesn't equal trying to look westernized. Bigger eyes is a universal standard of beauty not just a WESTERN standard.

  3. Andy

    Large eyes is not an indication of wanting to be westerners. Just as shaving off cheek hair is not an indication of a westerner denying his hairy heritage for a clean Asian look.

  4. StonedCamaro

    They look kinda cool and cyborgish, except that looks blinding– not just from spots before the eyes from the lights either. Too much direct light exposure=cataracts at a young age.

    1. Emily

      You are an insulting fool. Wanting bigger eyes doesn't mean they want to be more westernised, they just want to have prettier eyes.

  5. athf

    all your comments are null… did you see jinra's comment? This isnt some attempt to look westernized or attempt to get bigger eyes… its just an artist's creation… literally. look at the link… some much of the world loves to think that asians envy westerners, I guess. BTW I'm a white americian before you all go saying I'm biased or something.

  6. JCD

    when i look on this i remember jordy (joint optical reflective display by NASA) close to what Giordi La Forge of star trek. Anyway its fashion to the limit and how the general public react.

  7. Danny

    It's human nature to want to be different then what you are in one aspect or another. It's learning to accept who you are that's the tricky part.

  8. Eunice

    what is this….
    i havent seen any koreans in my life having their makeups done like that.

    the reporter better research some more

  9. Jasmine

    Stupidity is in the eyes of the beholder.

    This is nothing more than a sad, pretentious attempt to be artistic.


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