Chinese Girl Will Marry for Surgery Money

Posted on November 9, 2009

In the wide, wacky world of the People’s Republic of China, it would appear, the idea that anything is for sale is getting more and more widespread. Just last month, an impoverished uncle offered his baby niece up for sale online.

Now, a 22-year-old student beauty in the city of Dezhou, 200 miles south of Beijing, has vowed to marry anyone willing to part with ¥150,000 (US$22,000) to pay for surgery on her classmate.

The friend, Yue-Mei, was put in a coma by severe brain inflammation. Her parents, who are farmers, were already said to be desperately out of pocket from the ¥4-5,000 ( about US$580-730) a day  cost of just keeping their girl in hospital in neighboring Jinan.


Her friend Dandan, seen above, has posted an advertisement on a message board of the popular Chinese portal offering nuptials to any man who could afford the medical costs.

In the post she describes the situation her friend his facing, before going on to describe the proposed bill of fare, i.e. herself.

“I am tender, obedient, understanding and know how to do house chores,” Dadan writes.  “Good appearance, although I am not an especially pretty girl, but I look cute, with good temperament!”

Reaction in China was mixed, with some hailing the girl’s bravery and others denouncing her willingness to sell her body.

Dandan is said to have told reporters she felt she had no other recourse to solve her dilemma. She said Yue-Mei’s family had already been forced to borrow when her brother had kidney disease a few years ago.

“In fact, in the beginning, I only wanted to call for good-hearted people to help Yue-Mei, but no one cared about it,” she said.  “Maybe everyone thought I was a liar. Therefore out of desperation, I had the idea of repaying with my body and pledge to marry.”

For his part, the head doctor at the hospital did not dispute Dandan’s methods, but said Yue-Mei had shown significant improvement and far less money would be needed. He said Yue-Mei had already awoken from her coma and could manage simple movement and dialogue.

Dandan, however, remains unrepentant. She told reporters she was aware that she was facing strong criticism from some people for her decision. “But I will stick to my plan, ” she said, “because there is really no other alternative.”

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26 thoughts on “Chinese Girl Will Marry for Surgery Money

    1. Jess

      Right, so what's your plan? Do you have any idea what the situation is like in China? People don't care about others. They don't want to get mixed into other people's business. The only way she could actually get people's interest was to give herself up for their selfish desires. It's not like someone as narrow minded as you would understand though.

  1. Glass

    A young woman who is willing to do almost anything to help her friend, and to you a**holes she's just a prostitute.

    The world would be a better place if such tragedies happened to people like you and not to the children of poor farmers.

      1. Glass

        Is that supposed to be a snappy put down. How about explaining what you mean. For the record, I spent 4 years teaching in Yueyang and Changsha. At least 40% of my students were the children of farmers.

        It used to break my heart that I would have to explain to them that there is no shame being a farmer. If it wasn't for farmers China would be very hungry. Oops, I forgot. Socialism with Chinese characteristics isn't for peasants.

        But I digress. I think I understand what you are saying Ding, you're saying that her actions were not entirely altruistic i.e. she gets a husband with money… That's entirely possible, now show me the proof.

        I just think you're a 王八蛋 who wants to think the worst about other people because it makes you feel better about yourself.

  2. Anon

    Honestly enough to bring a tear to your eye. I hope this story spreads wide enough that someone with exorbitant amounts of money pays it without requiring anything from this girl. You can tell this girl is a true friend, what more could one do?

    1. mike

      I was thinking the same thing…. There are so many rich people in America, that someone could easily part with 30 000 and not blink an eye!!!

      I doubt any good happened for these girls however, the world is kinda twisted up-side-down,,,


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