Kirameki Pure Gold Keyboard: Luxury or Decadence?

Posted on November 5, 2009

If King Midas were (or ever had been) among the living, no doubt he would have yearned to own the Kirameki Pure Gold Keyboard to cherish among his many other gilded possessions. He might have been equally annoyed at the fact that pure gold is not really the case here, but rather pure gold leaf.

For those super rich geeks out there who are looking for new and different ways to spend (waste?) their money, this keyboard is the ultimate high, as it is as durable as it is beautiful.

There are those who might say that this special keyboard coated with 100% pure gold leaf from Japan’s Wazakura Studios should be the ultimate something, as it costs anywhere between $315-$360. (Could it have anything at all to do with the market fluctuations of gold (leaf)?

This glittering accessory reflects the artistry and delicate craftsmanship of the gold-leaf tradition in Japan, which dates as far back as 800 AD. The fully functional 86-key keyboard (available only in Japanese) has an adjustable base, two USB ports, plus left, right and center options for the connector cable.

Truly the perfect gift for that difficult-to-shop-for geek who has everything else under the sun, this keyboard might find a comfortable spot seated regally next to a diamond-studded cell phone, answering or fax machine and/or pen and pencil set.

Why not gold leaf the entire work surface (and the walls) while you are at it? (That is sure to impress the neighbors and would-be home invaders).

The perfect way to flaunt your available cash in the faces of other, less fortunate computer geeks, this is, by all accounts, a great looking keyboard, but then, again, it should be, n’est ce pas?

What do YOU think about this?




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12 thoughts on “Kirameki Pure Gold Keyboard: Luxury or Decadence?

  1. cat

    Interesting but hardly new. There were several made in the 90s in the US and there are bound to have been others. Also gold leaf is relatively inexpensive. It is super thin so all the gold on the keyboard is but a fraction of an ounce, maybe as much gold as in one link of a gold necklace. Think of it as gold plating to get an idea how thin the gold is. Also gold is very very soft so it is far from durable. That keyboard is for art/show purposes and not intended for normal use.

  2. popopopo

    what about all those people with LV and Gucci bags? they're just leather but worth ten times more than this actual gold keyboard (even though its only gold leaf)

  3. zenboy

    how can the genius mind of a human being could come up with something that is soooo original and useful at the same time?!!
    Freaking blow my mind!! That is why Japanese are well known to be the copycats of innovation rather than the originators.

  4. Chicago Attorneys

    Wazakura Koubou is a Japanese company will soon launch a computer keyboard gold plated for people who are too obsessed with gold or those who have too much money, or for those who like to boast.


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