Creepy, Crazy, and Strange Japanese Toys
October 31, 2009 | by shinigami

While Asia has its share of weird and unusual toys, Japan takes the lead in inventing the truly bizarre items. From ‘Road Kill Cat’ to a legless woman, here are some of creepy toys that are too weird, even for Halloween.


This one is for folks who downplay the usefulness of the ‘Cat went to Aunt’s farm’ cover story for a pet’s death. And, while it might be argued that this is a odd collectible aimed at a niche adult audience, the cartoon image of a child’s face is a disturbing giveaway about the target audience.


For those who wish for a sneak peek at female Golems and Swamp Creatures, there is a keychain that reveals all. The obscure image of two entangled bodies on the cardboard bit imply that this might be ‘collect 2 and create a third’ type of deal.


Pranksters who crave truly original tricks will be pleased with this ‘Baby in a Mircowave’ toy. Given that the determined expression on the cartoon doesn”t match the mortified look on the doll, critics might argue that the artist and the inventor harbored different ideas about this toy.



This grotesque toy depicting an impaled woman is possibly intended for fans of tentacle-related manga. Failing that, these toys are probably traps intended to pinpoint the Patrick Bateman types of the world.


The next toy, consisting of several dismembered body parts, caters to the folks who dream about creating their own zombie toy.





Shinigami (A. K. Goemans) is a Netherlands-based writer who is into horror movies, computer games and manga. She lived in different parts of Asia and Africa before settling down in the Netherlands.
  • This is particular disturbing even to me.

  • “But Mom… All I need is the severed leg and I have the whole set…”

  • gotta catch 'em all !

  • No, they’re not ALL psychopathes. But the ones who are are, are disturbingly open about it. :s

  • Freedom is a double edged sword: you can buy/sell/create what you want, but so can everyone else…

  • The green women is a drowned body

  • women, kitties and babies…

  • my favorite part is the attention to detail. look a t that painted vagina and tell me someone doesn't care about their work!

  • If the aliens see these- we are toast!
    Good Gawd the human race is sick!

  • You need to understand that these are not for children, these are primarily attatched to a specific fetish that focuses on dismemberment and disembowlment. You can find plenty of american fetish comics that contain the same themes as you can japanese ones. go ahead, google guro.

    • Okay so they're for adults. So what if someone has a fetish about killing or raping someone, its okay if they don't actually do it and better yet, just kept it to themselves. But making toys and action figures? That's a little too far. The act in real life is probably not being done but it is still being "celebrated" in a way in the form of these "toys". Sick…

  • That stuff is sick!

  • The green woman is not a drowned body. It's called a "Kappa"

  • Ideas from the Nanking, where the Japanese soldiers did horrible things to the innocent people?

  • MurrayC from Canada

    Personally, the Japanese culture is more sophisticated and civilized than that of Western culture. The Japanese understand that these "gross" or "inappropriate" toys as merely meant as tongue-in-cheek humor. Even their children understand that entertainment does NOT reflect on real life (unlike Western culture). For example, one of their cartoons from the 1970's, "Gatchaman", was aimed at young kids but had ultra graphic violence, sexism, and foul language. But when that show was translated for the Western culture, it was strictly censored (ironically – a naughty word in the western world). Another proof in the pudding is that Japan has an extremely low crime rate [per capita] which explains why their police force don't [have to] carry guns. Therefore, it's not the "japs" who are sick-minded, it's US.

    • They may have low crime rate in terms of robbery, murder, etc.. however there are a lot of sexual crimes that take place. In fact, there were so many reports of men groping and harassing women on subway trains that they started creating trains only for female passengers.

    • that is a statement. dont start it with personally. and ive never read a more generalized garbage statement in my life.

      • Can you do any better? Obviously not, just leave with an insult like the rest of these uneducated people.
        You've got horrible punctuation, so don't think that you're any more intelligent than the one you're criticizing. You've pointed out one persuasive technique. Impressive. Proud of yourself?

        • Grammar and punctuation has very little to do with the CONTENT of that individual's statement. It's easier to play intellectual-shakedown-meets I <3 ad hominem games than actually respond to what a person is saying.

          I agree with that person, anyways. To say that one civilization is vastly superior to another just makes you sound like a deranged otakon attendee, not someone capable of making a decent argument. Japan is a country with flaws and accomplishments, like America, Sweden, Ireland, etc…

          A massive problem Japan faces (past, present, future) is the suicide rate. I'm not going to imply causation, but many researchers speculate it has to do with the "winner/loser" mentality that starts at a very young age in the school system. Failure to achieve even at the lowest grades in Japan can "set a kid up for life" in respect to the schools he/she will be admitted to and even the level of classes he/she can take.

  • alright, about the fetish thing, i can understand that. but the cat and baby? WTF?

  • Makes one wonder how one can justify the Japanophile claim of, "The Japanese are the best and most sophisticated people in the world" statement. I'm all for freedom of expression, but the baby one was a bit much. I know about guro and its related fetishes, but I'm not sure how the baby and cat would fit into that. I tihnk it's just plain sick, and I'm a guy who enjoys violence in movies/games/books/etc.

    Well whatever, just more fuel for the fire that is, "The Japanese are also the most deranged people in the world" debate.

    • Just search up eroguro. That's all the strange fetishes you need to know.
      There's vore, which is animals devouring humans, there's beastality, there's even cannibalism where it shows cartoons of cooked bodies, yes it's extremely disturbing, so I suggest sensitive people like you stay away from the article titled 'crazy, strange Japanese toys'. Seriously, and with a graphic like that to accompany the article, are you really that desperate to insult the Japanese?
      You're extremely biased, not all Japanese are like that, you uneducated twit.

  • Nanking, Battan — anyone familiar with the history of WWII know that the Japs were brutal, demonic sociopaths. They routinely tortured and mutilated their victims to a degree that still falls well beyond the grasp of comprehension.

    It took the US to nuke the savagery out of them, at least to a degree that they've evolved into a reasonably civilized society. But as the Romans taught us, the true measure of a moral society is seen through its recreation. Clearly, the bloodlust is still there.

    • "It took the US to nuke the savagery out of them, at least to a degree that they've evolved into a reasonably civilized society?"

      The rest of the world wonders how many it'd take to nuke the arrogant Americanism from you…

      • true say.
        id say that historian has some lack of knowledge on the culture of Japan or just a strong corrupt opinion…tad bit of a one sided view xP

    • what? do you have any idea what your talking about? the romans were some of the most violent and deranged peoples on earth? they were great engineers and all but still gladiator fights? fucking claigula? really?

    • 'Historian', you are an uneducated twit.

  • Dang, these are seriously messed up. And they expect kids to play with these.


  • Send more Nukes. NOW!

    • You're just showing how horrible you are. Ok, these are toys, get over it. If you don't like it, piss off.
      But nuclear bombs? Do you know what devastating effects that has? It's not as if every Japanese person rushes out to buy these. THINK, you many call yourself free thinker, but there's obviously a lot of free space in there too..

  • Dr vioxxicle facto

    More evidence that Japan fucking rules!!!

  • I want some!

  • somethingsomething

    The green woman isn't a golem or monster. The caption says it is supposed to be a drowned body and that it's a dangly strap used for cellphones, etc.

  • Run Nanny Poo-Poo Run!

    • The amazing thing is……..YOU DON"T HAVE TO BUY THESE!!!! Imagine that. I do not agree with all music or tv shows either, but I HAVE A CHOICE to NOT watch or listen to them. I suggest the same for these products (or any you disagree with), that you simply not buy them. But do not condemn a whole society for what you perceive to be inappropriate.


  • what the crap..

  • wow some of that shit is sexist as hell.

  • @Historian

    Salem Witch Trials, American Slavery, The Inquisition, The Crusades, The Conquest of the New World (and about a million more examples that a "historian" would be familiar with) — You don't know. You don't have a clue. You've never been more than 100 miles from your church. You've never ridden in any vehicle other than a pickup truck. You've spent your whole life listening to the same dozen rednecks. You fear anything different. You are a linear thinker who, by gar, knows how to vote.

    No one nuked us (The West) and yet somehow we got out of the habit of burning people alive who refuse to believe in a geocentric solar system. Somehow we managed to stop using human beings as farm animals. Take your "shucky-dern if it was good enough for my grandpappy it's good enough for you" world view back to the woodshed and leave the civilized world alone.

    You'll never be convinced, but I feel better saying it: Turn of Glenn Beck and get your soft, pink, ignorant ass out there and learn something for a change.

    • T.T you just made my day <3
      well said,well said xD
      he just has a very misinformed opinion…and im pretty sure we can find some pretty disturbing toys, figurines, etc. that are either more or on the same level as the ones shown here, in Amerika ooor Kanada.
      srry just had a really big urge to spell them like that…

  • i love it.its so goddam awful its funny ya know.gimme more.NOW.

  • anonymous coward

    lol how do you people still retain sensitivity? Am I that jaded? Also – microwaved-baby prank would be freaking hilarious… Bonus points for getting it into the nearest microwave in a nativity ward. Seriously people, you should get off the internet while you still can – it only goes downhill from here.

  • dude this is the fucking shit! I would buy the impalement girl

  • Plastic can never replace the real stuff…


  • i am totally buying one of these as a gift :D

  • does anyone know where i can purchase some of these items in bulk?! seriously. any help or hints would be great. thanks

  • its kinda hot in a creepy way

  • where to start? oh right, nowhere…..

  • SinisterTetsuo


    Actually, if you read the kanji… you would KNOW that it says drowned body.

  • SinisterTetsuo

    Drowned, body, strap. Clear as day.

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