Japanese Men Want Video Game Love

Posted on October 9, 2009

Out of 520-something men polled in Japan, approximately 100 were interested in pursuing love with a character in a video game.


Conducted by video game company Konami, the poll also revealed that 40% of men who participated in the survey felt that pursuing love within the confines of a video game was a viable consideration.

Our world has become inundated with the weirdest of the weird (see: real dolls), so a fetish such as this is merely a drop in the bucket.

While clearly not representative of the Japanese male population, in a country known for used-panty vending machines and tentacle rape porn, the results really are not that surprising. Future polls conducted will hopefully determine whether or not Mario is a plumber you would hire or if the jiggle factor in Dead or Alive is physically accurate.

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11 thoughts on “Japanese Men Want Video Game Love

  1. Shannon Marcum

    Roll playing is fun..lol and people fall in love with fictional charaters mostly because they are less dimintional than a real person, or have less baggage and don't tend to tell you about their baggage in weird feak out fits of screaming and histarics…. If you look in to it people back in the 1800 use to dress up as characters from books for giggles and bed tiem fun.

  2. vivan

    This is true to fall in love with video game character, because if you play a game for a long time so it is possible to get a emotional touch with him/ her.

  3. BobG

    Wow! Lucky Mario! hahaha. I guess now we know why he is called "Super" Mario! :) If he can handle all those hot babes at same time, he's gotta be SUPER! Who needs viagra when you got magic mushrooms that makes things grow big huh? :) Go Mario Go!


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