Ugly Blind Date Causes Teen Suicide
September 8, 2009 | by RMJ

Lying about your age and beauty is par for the course when it comes to Internet dating. In China, such deceptions had deadly results for one lovesick teen who killed himself after a disappointing meeting with an Internet ‘hotty’ he had been chatting with.

The 17-year-old boy from the northeastern Heilongjiang province, whose name has not been released, chatted with what he thought was a 19-year-old girl for weeks on popular free Chinese instant messaging and chatroom service Tencent QQ.


The woman, who used the name Qunjiaofeiyang (meaning “Flying Skirt”) in chats with the boy, described herself as beautiful and the two had conversations online for weeks before deciding to meet in person. When they finally met in the nearby town of Mudanjiang, the woman turned out to be ten years the boy’s senior – and much less attractive than advertised.

Disappointed and depressed, the teen returned home immediately and discontinued eating and sleeping. He made the tragic choice to end his life through hanging himself four days later.

The teen is just one of many in China, which has one of the world’s highest suicide rates.

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  • Wasn’t this a very old news reported before. I think it was two years ago.

  • Hmmmm. Ironic that the sites name is QQ?

    Sorry for the MMO dork humor.

  • What a big sissy.
    Id of got blind drunk and nailed her.

  • Wow. They only met, and he killed himself? It's not like he'd impregnated her or anything, or promised to marry her (as far as I know).. He must have had some real personal issues…

  • "The teen is just one of many in China, which has one of the world’s highest suicide rates."

    Where did they fist this untrue statistic from?
    According to the WHO China ranks 28th in their list of 100 countries.
    New Zealand 26 — SHOCK!
    Lithuania coming in first.
    Russia second.
    Japan 11th.

  • still makes a sad statement on the youth in Asia.Remember the girl killed to provide a bride for a dead son? I can't help but think a lot more goes on that isn't printed

  • lol. that is why people should be cautious when dealing with people in the net. people aren't what they say they are.

  • This kid must have been isolated, or felt isolated, and really connected with the person he thought he was talking to on the net. The shock that what he thought he had wasn't actually real must have tipped him over the edge. Maybe he'd had a shitty time in school and thought he finally had a lucky break.

  • "till makes a sad statement on the youth in Asia"

    Or should that be euthanasia?

  • That must have been one butt ugly gal

  • woah..this is crazy…

  • Blind dating could be kind of romantic things, but it is the last choice I want to have. You would never know how terrible the blind date are, you would never know what kind of people you would meet. There are some stories for my blind dates.
    The first I went to the blind date was soon after my thirtieth birthday—- I do not think that there are many chances for the women above thirty. I expected to meet someone nice in the date and I did pay so bucks to the agency for arranging the date. Sat with a lazy man, I would never forget the first blind date I had; it totally ruined my imagination for blind date. He was a mid-age man, with well-shaped mustache, well-ironed suit, surrounded by the thick fragrance of Eau De Cologne. He was not the best one but at least a nice one, I thought. Surprise always comes without any notice, I saw the rubber wristband on his finesse. I asked him what that is and to my surprised, he told me that came from his mother and he believed that it could bring him good luck. Could this man be sorted in the normal men’s queue? I just tried my best to get rid of him. What is more, he told me that he did not have any feeling with me because I did not look like his mother.
    The second date came after a half of a year, I just could not recover from the shock of the first date. Then the agency arranged me a young, handsome man as the mate. I thought he could be more mature than the first one. But the normal men are all hiding themselves from me. The first question that pretty boy asked me is how much I earn per month. I consider that question as a secret, so I did not give him the exact number. But later he proposed to visit my house and I told him that I did not have a real property. Then the last sentence he left me is “How could you expect to date me as a poor old woman.”
    Now I would like to live alone all my life rather than go to the blind date.

  • That guy probably had much bigger problems than this. The fact that she wasn't pretty couldn't possibly have been the only thing that made him commit suicide.

    If this is true, then that guy was one big pansy.

    And if its not true, then you just used a bullshit title to get my click, you sly bastards!!

  • Chlorinating the gene pool, one idiot at a time.

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