Japanese Have You Clawing for Boobies

Posted on June 8, 2009

Remember the claw machines from the arcades of your youth? For fifty cents a try, you could pick up a cheap stuffed bear or duck or dog – the most exciting thing you could get was a troll!

Things are a little different in Japan, where some claw machines are a little more adult:


It may seem odd, but it’s par for the course in a country where one can find porn, beer, eggs, bread, and Coca-Cola in the same row of vending machines.

If you want to play Claw with a less erotically charged prize, try the Marine Catcher, where you can take home a tasty live lobster:


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Rachel is a writer and tutor living in Virginia. She loves learning about other cultures and thinks we’re all a little wacky.
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13 thoughts on “Japanese Have You Clawing for Boobies

  1. pacat

    Yup!! Fake breast and lobster? I can see it. You have to wonder if Japan has gone Machine crazy.With all thier high tec.

  2. Jason

    The difference between japan and the western world is that in japan they don't fear tech, in fact because of there spirituality in which they believe that everything has a spirit even inanimate things i.e. rocks and the land and made things like machines and as such they are more friendly and accepting of machines than the west who freak out when there new phone has a unusual gadget.


  3. sickboy

    Just because the japanese are less sexually embarrassed than the americans, It ain't all moms and apple pies !


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