Japan Bans Video Games Depicting Rape
June 3, 2009 | by RMJ

Erotic video games are common in Japan, but a shocking and offensive video game called “Rapelay” in which the player’s avatar rapes women, has caused games depicting rape to be officially banned in Japan.


Rapelay was released legally three years ago, but outrage from Western politicians migrated across the Pacific. Soon, Japanese politicians were pointing to Rapelay and popular comics and pornography featuring rape as the cause of a rise in violence in Japan.


Japanese television station TBS reported falsely last week that these games would be banned. After confusion and controversy over the report, the 200-member Ethics Organization of Computer Services held an emergency meeting to ban rape-type games this week.

The decision did not come from politicians, but rather from self-imposed industry restrictions. The ethics organization will work with erotic game companies to determine the specifics of these regulations.


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  • But how will salarymen, and overweight westerners who think they are participating in an 'innocent cultural experience' vent their sexual frustrations?!

  • this is the right deed!

  • Fine that they're outraged, but games like these haven't "caused" any violence in Japan. They've been around for years, and there are a ton of various sexual outlets SO MUCH SO that the birthrate is DECLINING. Yeah, that sounds like a recipe for violence. If you've done your homework, you'd know that the most violent countries have a population demographic that looks like a pyramid.. that is, and overcrowd of young, aggressive males compared to everyone else.

    Not only that, but correlation isn't causation, and for one, the problems within Japan don't compare to the problems in America do they now?

    Rape exists, and will always exist as long as violence exists. It's no coincidence that there are plenty of rapes in wartime.

    That being said, I think games like these are pathetic. But I can't imagine why they should be illegal.

    • Don't you think that it's a little disturbing? Games like this only exist for sexual gratification through fantasy, so why should anyone want to encourage the fantasy of rape? I mean I'm fine with porn, good fine have as much porn as you like. But please don't encourage unhealthy fantasies in the population; rape, goru, or underage I don't think that it should be allowed.

      • I never encouraged anything of the sort. I just think it's strange to illegalize such a thing. There are violent games and pornography out there, so where do you draw the line? It isn't harming anyone or turning them into "deviants", seeing as rape isn't so much deviant behavior as it is an act of violence and possession inherent to us and shown through history. Basically it's illegal because they "don't ike it".

        Killing someone in a game is okay. Raping and fucking hookers should be too. You need some consistency there.

        • There is the problem of 'making it okay' in society though. People have been arguing the 'violent games teaches violence to children,' and I'm a bit arguable on that. I think it does increase the idea of 'when there's a problem, press the restart button' etc. aka, 'there are no consequences' a sort of mental detachment from the real world. Plus, there's the whole 'who's getting raped.' You say 'raping and ****ing hookers should be [okay] too,' but who are the hookers? All women. All pretty women. That's not only incorrect as per hookers, since some are male, and some are unattractive (not sure on the attractive levels of hookers, since I do not associate with them). The other problem is that the game (as seen above) depicts not hookers as you describe them, but highschool-age girls in altered school uniforms. Ignoring the fact that rape is evil in the real world, same as murder, since this is a video game, he issue is that it is rape of an underage, only girls, characters. When you kill video game characters, are they only males? All looking vaguely similar? I doubt it.
          While I personally do not think rape has a place in video games, I'll admit you have a point on the 'killing/raping' in video games in general, but considering the subject matter presented, it's NOT consistent. If you are going to rape characters, why ONLY girls? Why ONLY underage schoolgirls? Why have an ENTIRE video game whereby all you do is rape said girls? The entire thing is not simply 'rape in a video game,' but a video game whereby it is only the pedophilic rape of underage girls (as per what can be seen/etc. above) which is going a bit far.

  • its just a game ^_^ lol

  • I agree with the rapist. It's just a game. And the people who play these kind of games know that too. Hell, if they ban this kind of violence in games, then they should ban other violent games like diablo 3, counter strike, and starcraft 2! the fools…

  • i saw this game at a game store that i use to went

  • healthdeliveryathame

    Foolish Gajin Dykes
    This has no teeth… "Computers?". No effect whatsoever on tens of thousands of Rape, groping, "hostess" assault, torture, S&M, scat, butterdog AV video, Video Platform games (XBox/360. PS2/3), Anime or Hentai Manga & still published. They just increase or shift the violent content toward & directed at men (violence, ball kicking etc.). But hey, that's AWWWRIGHT!!!.
    Same Gajin mind that says their dismembering & burning screaming in agony tens of thousands of children at Hiroshima & Nagasaki is not the worst form of child abuse… or even abusive "rape" at all.

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