Taiwanese Whale Explosion… Literally

Posted on May 22, 2009

A whale intended for research exploded on a Taiwanese street, soaking passersby in blood and guts.


The sperm whale, which had died on the beach and was being transported back in 2004 through Tainan for study, burst because of gases building up in its body from decomposition. It soaked several cars and curious pedestrians nearby, forcing residents and business owners to wear masks to clean up the debris.


“What a stinking mess. This blood and other stuff that blew out on the road is disgusting, and the smell is really awful,” commented one resident.

The whale weighed 50 tons and was 55 feet long, making it the largest ever found in Taiwan. It was taken to a Tainan university, which sent it on to the Shi-Tsao natural preserve for study. The whale’s girth took 13 hours, three large lifting cranes and 50 workers to get the creature on trailer truck for its final trip.

Despite the mammal’s grisly explosion, enough of the whale remained for it to be researched by marine biologists.


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22 thoughts on “Taiwanese Whale Explosion… Literally

  1. Alone2Gether

    Hardly considered news since this incident took place years ago. Thanks for reporting the date of this "news" I wonder how old those other "news" are. =/

    1. weirdasianews

      Added a year and you're right.. This is hardly weird anymore :)

      Just an FYI.. We talk about all weird news here. It doesn't necessarily have to be breaking news… So if I find a story about some weird snake with 3 heads that they caught in 1892 in Tokyo, I will probably write about it. ;)

      However, I will ask that author to make sure and reference at least a year, if not date in articles.

  2. count duck

    this was at in Tainan City, Taiwan

    If dynamite was dangerous, do you think they'd sell it to an idiot like me.

  3. Mike

    This is a common occurrence, as sperm whales are filled with – well, the pearly white – and an eruption is not uncommon among these whales. Anyone within the vicinity will be gooed and everyone should take it in stride… it's not like you don't see this sort of thing nightly.

  4. alone2gether

    I do follow this blog regularly…and this is the only one that I'm familiar with. The author should definitely include the dates in future news.

    Do keep up the great work.

  5. Su Yuen

    Ewww!!! That's so disgusting.. the whale's guts sure look huge! I can't believe the scientists had the nerve to even say "Despite the mammal’s grisly explosion, enough of the whale remained for it to be researched by marine biologists." at the end of the article.. o_O;;

    1. simonsucks

      thanks simon, tool. i bet your about 30 years old man sitting in your mothers basement eating stale doritos and only changing positions to fart or itch your ass. you suck

  6. newbierawr

    it because of the accumulated gas inside the whale body , Greg . read the post throughly next time .


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