Indian Girl Cries Tears of Blood
May 13, 2009 | by MDeeDubroff

In a weird and very unusual twist of medical fate, Rashida Khatoon, a young girl from northeast India cries tears of blood instead of water.

She and her unusual medical condition have been transformed into a holy shrine where worshipers come to watch in awe as blood drips from her eyelids several times a day.

Doctors in the region of Patna, northeast India, have no medical explanation as to the cause of this most unusual anomaly, but local Hindu holy men have declared Rashida a miracle. Followers bow in deference as they stand before her, showering her family with holy offerings.

“I do not feel any pain when it happens, but it’s a shock to see blood instead of water,” said Rashida of her most unusual situation.

What could be the cause of this weird occurrence? Some have suggested a brain tumor or malfunctioning of tear ducts, but there is no medical evidence to support that. No one in authority in fact, seems to know or will even venture a guess, which is even more disconcerting than to watch the phenomenon, which occurs every few hours.

Could Rashida be suffering from a case of a rare phenomenon known as Haemolacria? Little is known about this medical condition other than the fact that it occurs when a person produces tears, which are partially composed of blood. This can manifest as anything from red-tinged tears to those, which appear to be entirely blood.

Bleeding from the eyes is most certainly weird and creepy. It may be the result of a very rare medical condition, but whatever it is, it is not likely to be a gift of any sort from the holier powers that be. If you think about it, how could bleeding from the eyes be a gift except from a very creepy donor?

Mr. Ripley, where are you when we need you anyway?




M Dee Dubroff is the penname of this freelance writer and former teacher originally from Brooklyn, New York. A writer of ghostly and horror fiction, she has branched out into the world of humorous non fiction writing and maintains eight web sites covering a wide variety of topics. She also writes feature articles for several local newspapers. Her book entitled: A Taste of Funny, and her website, Eat, Drink And Really Be Merry ( feature many well researched and humorous articles on the subject of food and drink.
  • Snake Oil Baron

    They talk about there being "no medical evidence" for this or "doctors can not explain" that. What actual tests have been performed? I suspect that evidence of a tumor or tear duct anomaly would require some kind of advanced scanning like an MRI. What about simple lab test for coagulation factors and platelet function? Bleeding issues can present lots of various symptoms that are unlike the hemophilia we are often familiar with like easy bruising or tiny pinpoint rashes or bleeding from unusual sites. And various forms can be intermittent or chronic, commonly occurring in the patient or rare.

    If this area is really poor they might have referred her to a distant hospital for tests and she might not have wanted to go that far. People often say "no evidence" or "experts baffled" when they really just don't have any results to look at. Doctors don't tend to list the many things something can be so as not to mislead and then people think the doctors are worthless and bring in the clerics and crystal grippers.

  • Send her to Dr.Gregory House imo

  • my friends daughter cried tears of blood yesterday. The doctor said it's just an eye infection and is somewhat common.

  • It may be some malfunctioning of tear glands and nothing miraculous about it. The problem can be sorted out if detail examination is done.


  • let it be any cause for the bloody tear but its a matter of concern………

  • It may be a serious problem for her in near future.She required a good treatment by a spacalist doctor.

  • Thank you for your comments. I appreciate them.

  • racist much?

  • It's kinda scarry, This India girl should ask other professional medical opinion, it's not normal to cry blood.

  • I dig around the net about whether it is possible for people to cry blood tears. And the answer is: YES!

    It's rare, but when someone receive a very great shock, a deep trauma that maybe really shook their mind core, they may cry blood tears.

  • thats…kinda scary..

  • People consider it to be creepy as they haven't seen such phenomenon, sure its some or the other kind of disorder that she might be facing. The people just want to get entangled with the various speculation around.
    She feels no pain when she bleeds from her eyes is what they say, but is this harmonious ?

  • try endometriosis, plus weird hormonal influxes?

  • Well, while under intense stress Jesus sweat drops of blood. You can read that in the Bible. So it could be something similar but extremely rare happening to this person. There is a medical name for things like these. I am going to research this further. It may be the same thing.

  • Sayy What thiss stuff aint right. .

  • Heres a story about a kid from Tennessee who has problems with tears of blood. They've done MRI's and still are not sure whats going on.… Theres also a video on of him. The doctors have no idea why its happening.

  • thaat is so abnormal

  • I would say the same thing, but not out of racism, but because Chris Brown makes ladies cry.

  • ok this is strange and i seen in comments above that it cuould happen during stress and things like that than why is it happeneing to her all the time its not normal than right?

  • I don't get why everyone thinks it's weird and creepy. Yeah, it's abnormal, but it doesn't mean you have to look at it with disgust. It's just blood. So she cries blood, it's her not her fault obviously. Anyway, if it's not hurting her, then I don't see the big deal; although she should keep an eye out for any actual serious problem, as this may be a warning sign of some sort.

  • It's a hoax!!! It's a hoax I tell yuh!!!

  • Maybe this is a hoaks…because they have no proof behind it. Come on Dr.'s really don't know what it is or have not much of an idea? Please. It's gotta be a fake.

  • YEAH ZAZINKSKI'S RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This iz Pretty Interesting && stuff ; It mayy not be fake ; But Maybe it is a Hoax? Well Who knowz.But The St0ry is pretty strange ; I sure never heard of it.

  • haha yeah this is fake I looked it up on the internet I read it was possible to cry tears however it's really rare. But I read that this story actully was a hoax.

  • As I write this, I am watching a National Geographic documentary, The Girl Who Cries Blood, showing 13-year-old Twinkle of Lucknow with the same condition. Besides, bloody tears, she bleeds from her scalp and palms as well. Just as Rashida, Twinkle too does not complain of pain. I suggest that Rashida and Twinkle's parents get together to seek out medical treatment for their children.

  • I just watched the show on national geographic about the girl who cries blood and it is really interesting. I don’t understand why doctors would not want to do more testing on her, maybe because it is not life threatening. But this could be some kind of new rare disease. Is it possible to bleed from the pores in our skin? We have pores where our eyelashes are, in our scalps, etc. Maybe it is some type of rare disease brought on by who knows what but causes bleeding from our pores.

  • lol… reminds me of Cloverfield

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  • well it needs to do something for these ladies………

  • Didn't anyone consider the possiblity that science can answer this question before they turned to religion?

  • isnt there a story in the bible of a woman who bleeds for 12 years? and touches jesuses cloak and he tells her she is healed by faith?

  • Salim from Dhaka Bangladesh

    I am Salim from Dhaka know a doctor named Dr.Habibur Rahman lives in Godowner mour, Samnagar,Sathkhira ,Bangladesh. Cellphone No +8801716422501 can treat this girls.I beleived this.

  • I would say so its very mysterious for someone who cried a blood tears. no one could ever tell or explain it.Even a baby girl born 1984 in the philippines but it go away after a week or a month and now she didn't have it no more.

  • It is only the thing that dr. can’t understand and can’t explain the anomalies of blood tear.try out to find the exact source of bleeding , whether it is from eye lashes or from corners or from any nerve, etc . keep her under complete observation. if not possible by any dr.’s then try to contact any scientist(biologist) and tell them to detect the problem and find out solution.

  • a slight sprinkle of cherry Kool Aid, powder which is nearly white when dry, would be nearly undetectable on a finger, wiped into an eye will create the same effect. And the citric acid would sting, producing tears.

  • I'm suprised no religious fanatics have mentioned stigmata et

  • From Salt Lake, Kolkata, India, a 14 yrs old girl suffering by this disease. She came to PNB Service and taken modern medicine homepathic treatment. Amazingly she is being improve from last 3 months. Whereas blood came out from her eyes, nose, ears every after 3-4 days in a week before treatment. After treatment it was happen 2 times from last 3 months about this uncommon disease. So please give the address also Rashida, Patna & Twinkle Dwivedi, Lucknow for communication with them. Also anybody can communicate through our website:
    …….Pushpendu Dutta, Tehnical & Regulatory Affairs Manager

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