ATM Stole Your Money? What Now?
April 18, 2009 | by Mui Mui

Have you ever used an ATM to deposit money into your account? Well what would you do if you fed all your money into the ATM and it gave you an error, but not your money.

Mr. Mao, a janitor in Shenzhen China, inserted 7,000 yuan (around $1,000) of hard earned money into an ATM, but the machine spit out his card and displayed an “Out of Order” error.

He then checked his account at another ATM right next to it and found that the money had not been deposited into his account.

So Mao, not willing to allow anyone else to take his money, called his family and had them bring him a portable bed and table, where he then camped out in front of the ATM all night until the bank opened.

The next morning, the bank employees checked the broken machine and return Mao his money.


Mui Mui
Mui Mui is another of our wonderful, yet weird, editors who also is a well established world traveler. Born in Asia, Mui Mui is our expert on whether the articles we publish remain appropriate and not offensive in nature. Mui Mui’s favorite place is Italy where she spent 4 years and eventually fell in love with.
  • Greedy bastard. Instead of spending time with his family he rather spend time with his money. No trust in the universe

    • You’re really a dumbass, aren’t you?

      • I agree. What a selfish bastard, letting his wife and kids fend for themselves while he relaxes in a hammock. Shocked he’s not black. (waits for more self righteous internet morons to take the troll bait).

      • You go by the name Chuck Norris and you call other people dumbass? Wow!
        And yes, I am aware he was just trolling. Not everyone online have been so long enough to realise most people online are infantile imbeciles.

    • lmao ignorance… hmm a lowly janitor in china who is most likely earning less than minimum wage wants to keep his 1 grand? i think its logical or else he wont have a family to spend time with

    • Does it feel good to be a troll?

    • thats not greed, the same exact thing happened to me about 4 months ago, except on a saturday, so i had to just hope that sunday went on without a problem and monday called the bank to tell them about it, thankfully i had a receipt. but let me tell you, if it hadnt given me a receipt i mightve camped out too :P
      1000 dollars is a lot of money, and i take it you either dont work or were left with enough money so that you dont really have to fend for yourself, but for people like him and me, 1000 dollars really isnt something we can just overlook. especially in this financial climate

    • lol, im hoping this is meant to be satirical

    • With 32 trips to Shenzhen China, I can tell you that the average person makes about $7,000 per year. I'd camp out too.

    • $1000 is a fair bit of money for many in the States, and it is a lot in Places like China and Taiwan, where monthly pay comes to barely that even for many low to mid level corporate employees. I am working as an accountant/secretary at real estate/construction company in Taiwan, and my monthly pay is just south of $1000. Luckily I am only working for experience and my parents are still helping me out (I also have plans to return to the states.

      Imagine how low the pay would be for a janitor. That's probably a good two months pay and maybe even all he had to feed his family. Believe me, I don't have a family to feed but I'd still camp out so I wouldn't be short a thousand bucks.

      Before you pass judgement consider the other person's side of things- like his job and financial class and how much he probably makes in proportion to the amount he could have lost. $1000 to a janitor or poorer person or someone fresh out of college without much to his/her name is very different to say a CEO or spoiled rich kid. It sounds like you are living a comfortable life and are not wanting for money.


  • Greed? maybe that was the only thing that would feed his family for the week.

    • $1000 will more than likely feed his family for over a month in China, and that money was earned over the course of months. I don’t know anyone here in the US who wouldn’t flip if this happened to them, janitor, bank manager, whatever, and this guy’s family probably understood his need to make sure that money doesn’t get stolen from him by unscrupulous tellers.

      Shame on the people who judge what he did. You need to walk a mile in his shoes first.

  • Greed? I’d beat the crap out of that machine just to get my money!

  • I’d like to shake his hand.

    Well done.

  • Remember it ,Write it down, take a picture, I don’t give a f*ck.

  • he’s my hero.

  • Nice info man very much useful for all, thanks. I think keeping out of order board on the ATM door will keep away people.

  • The game. He won.

  • I don’t trust the ATMs with deposits.

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      And don’t get me started on the capital B.

      • Another internidiot

        I think he was saying, “Your Gay,” as in the slave you own named, “Gay” in concert with your father, sleep with the entirety of a nascent organization called, “Boys.”

        He did not get the plural agreement with the verb “sleep” right though. When making a compound subject, the verb needs to be plural.

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  • Your Gay , and your father sleeps with young Boys.
    I call it the Micheal Jacson Syndrom.

  • i didn’t start the flame war….

  • Awesome video :x

  • i totally applaud this guy on having the follow through and gumption to wait outside of a bank in the dull fluorescent glow,not to let the banks win, with the faint smell of fish waffling his way…..waiting on the store to open to retrieve the money he was not given credit for, the money that was unjustly stolen from him………………….but wait a sec, why the fuck was he feeding a machine that kind of money?depositing his hard earned money into an electronic waste basket,this too was a hard lesson grasshopper.

    • Yes, feeding that much money into a machine is risky, but consider this possibility:

      It was after closing for the banks. I don't know about China, but here in Taiwan, banks close at 3:30pm. That means likely -unless he worked the graveyard shift- before he got out of work. He is also carrying quite a wad of dough. Now maybe he lived in a high crime or not secure neighborhood/building, etc. and he didn't want to take a risk having that kind of cash laying around so he decided to deposit it right away. Makes sense. A janitor in China probably wouldn't live in a high rise with a doorman/security guy, CCTV…. Older residences tend to open out onto the street (the door or the main stairway that leads to the apartments.

  • well i had this great piece written out, but didnt go through oh well, just sucks he wasted his time, dont feed money to strangers

  • Miss on you pister, you ain’t so muckin fuch! Go in your own jackyard and back off!!

  • Only in Kenyaaa!

  • I’ll call bullsh*t on this story as RMB7000 is a VERY thick wad of notes.

    Can you deposit USD$7000 into an ATM? I don’t think so. It’s won’t fit in the slot.

    Also, the amount won’t be registered in the account until the envelope has been counted the next day by the bank and manually confirmed.

    • Traveller – yes, I could fit $7000 in an ATM. In ones, no, but Wells Fargo ATMS take up to like 30 bills. Aaaand wrong again, I have deposited cash (biggest amount at once was $400, at night when bank was closed) and it registers immediately for use in my account. So, there ya go, proof that there is at least one kind of ATM will do all that, I don’t know about Japan of course. Also… maybe he put it in in smaller amounts (not all at once, but it added up into one deposit?) and THEN it displayed the error?

  • It is really cool how he camped out with that cot and how he got his money back. A Chinese guy too, wow man. I wonder if there is a follow up to this story. I would really like to see him and his family together later on. Kind of like a new reality series. He comes home with groceries or something and maybe a gift for his wife.

  • Greedy? I’m sorry but a 1000 takes me at least 2 months of work to make at a part time job. That’s 2 months of working for nothing.

  • wow. congrats, it sure feels good to rush to correct someone over a small mistake and then precede to make a big fuss over it in order to make yourself feel good, doesnt it? jesus, thank god you are here to keep us from getting out of control.

  • Heck yeah! That’s the way! Of course I wouldn’t dare camp out like that nor would I use the ATM to deposit the money. But I applaud him for sitting out there anyway.

  • This thread is full of so much win. Trolls trolling trolls trolling trolls.

  • Psh, I’d have done the same thing as that guy!

  • 10 kids – he say unless (you) not the China guy ….

    Look carefully before you write (not speak) :)

  • I wanna know where he got those blue Camo Pants, or were those just shopped?

  • id like to touch his dick

  • but as far as I know money deposited is not credited right away right?

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