Child Born with Second Penis in the Middle of His Back

Posted on April 6, 2009

Fetus in Fetu (FIF) is a rare and very mysterious medical condition that is said to have occurred (or at least is recorded to have occurred) less than ninety times throughout medical history.

For the little boy born in Tianjin’s Children Hospital in China, the second penis in the middle of his tiny back is a medical first and even weirder than some other instances of this highly unusual phenomenon.

The baby presented no problems when it came into the world with the help of midwives on May 27, 2008, at the Hejian Maternity Center, which is part of Tianjin Children’s Hospital.

What seemed like a routine birth, however, soon turned into a story from Ripley’s Believe it or Not, as midwives and medical staff could not have been more surprised to see a little boy endowed with a second penis in the middle of his back.

Born to farmer dad, Li Jun, 30, and his wife, who live in Central China’s Henan Province, the extra penis was safely removed.

There are complicated theories about this condition that relate to the abnormal formation of twins in utero (parasitic twin theory), but this manifestation is just too weird for any of the medical books.

For now, doctors are content to say that after three hours of surgery, the extra penis is gone and the little boy is doing fine.




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33 thoughts on “Child Born with Second Penis in the Middle of His Back

  1. Anonymous

    He would have to pee twice heh, although im not sure how he would be able to take care of his back. On the other hand while he’s on top of a woman, another one can be riding his back… the possibilities of a second penis.

  2. Buck Naked

    This kid could have had an extremely profitable porn career, now he’s relegated to giving bicycle tours of the Forbidden City

  3. Anonymous

    Wow thats crazy… At least they dont name the child in the story. That could lead to some pretty embarrassing comments in elementary school…

  4. C.L

    ok ah..saw some documentary back..there's a unborn baby in a grown up adult..he never removed it..its face and limbs are showing out frm his tummy..i think it could be twins..somehw rather it didnt grow..

  5. Dick

    Foolish parents and doctors just pwned this little Asian kids profitable future. Now he'll be poor like the rest of them. How incredibly stupid of them.


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