Strange Humanoid Carp Found in Pond

Posted on March 1, 2009

The hybrid descendants of a carp and a leather carp (tangerine fish) are the new sensation in the small South Korean town of Chongju because of their “humanoid” facial features.

The look suddenly appears after observing the front part of their heads for a moment or two. Two lines and two dots on their heads bear some resemblance to human eyes.

The local newspapers managed to snap some sensational pictures of the fish, which are about 80 centimeters long (more than three feet) and 50 centimeters (almost two feet) in circumference.

The fish live in a pond behind the home of a 64-year old South Korean man and have been there since 1986, although they have never attracted such public attention before.

“My fish have been getting more and more human for the past couple of years,” said the owner of the unusual fish species.

The two fish are females so it will not be possible for them to breed others of their very odd ilk. They remain two very weird members of a very dynamic and eerie cosmos.

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16 thoughts on “Strange Humanoid Carp Found in Pond

  1. snail

    Why is Chongju a “Chinese town?”
    It’s in South Korea.
    My aunt lives in Chongju, and last I was there, it was Korean.


    Cheongju is the capital city of Chungcheongbuk-do (province), South Korea. The city is divided into two wards (“Gu”), Heungdeok-gu (western part of the city) and Sangdang-gu (eastern part of the city).

  3. Ian

    This is a promotional video for the videogame Seaman released on the Sega Dreamcast in 1999. A great commercial for a great game.

  4. M-A

    80 centimeters is not more than three feet, it is only two feet and twenty centimeters. One foot is equal to thirty centimeters. Please verify your facts, especially with regards to measurements; size matters.

  5. krakerz

    I have been seeing pictures and documentaries about these fish for 30 years.
    They are real and well known about.
    Not even worth mentioning.
    Someone is really scratching to try and come up with a story.

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