Indian Girl Marries Dog In Bizarre Ritual
January 30, 2009 | by MDeeDubroff

A flaming indication that India remains a land of enduring superstition, especially in rural areas where literacy is practically non-existent, here is a most unusual news item about a young girl who was forced to marry a dog in order to ward off “evil spirits.”

In India’s eastern Jharkhand, locals in the Munda Dhanda village have ‘married off’ one of its children to a stray dog because they believed her family was endangered by a malevolent spirit that could be assuaged in no other way.

The ceremony was performed to the beating of many drums in the belief that it would help to overcome any curse that might fall upon the unfortunate family.

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In an odd twist of fate, the girl will be free to marry a man later in life without even seeking a divorce from her four-legged husband!




M Dee Dubroff is the penname of this freelance writer and former teacher originally from Brooklyn, New York. A writer of ghostly and horror fiction, she has branched out into the world of humorous non fiction writing and maintains eight web sites covering a wide variety of topics. She also writes feature articles for several local newspapers. Her book entitled: A Taste of Funny, and her website, Eat, Drink And Really Be Merry ( feature many well researched and humorous articles on the subject of food and drink.
  • Nice to see them “marry” a girl who could not fully comprehend yes or no to the ceremony.

    If there that superstitious why doesn’t one of the older woman marry the dog then.

    Then again from a country that still uses the caste system and believes that poor or disabled people are like that because they where bad in a past live or rich and healthy people are because they where good in a past live well i can believe anything.

    Except coconuts….O_o


  • What becomes of the dog-husband? Does he cuddle with his young bride at night? Is he treated better than the average starving street cur in India? Do they eat him at the end of the ceremony?

  • Out with gay marriage issues, in with beast marriage issues. Then gay beast marriage issues.

  • the most hilarious thing i have seen on earth. stupid indians lol. i feel sorry for this kid.

  • sarah silverman did it

  • people, try not to be so ethnocentric. these are spiritual people. be tolerant. plus, i think its kind of cute.

  • She’s not even old enough to take care of herself. I consider this child and animal abuse.

  • Talk about Doggy style…..poor dog

  • This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. And I thought Scientology was nuts. Looks like religion and spirituality is going to the dogs these days.

    • Yes. But the three monotheistic religions make SO much sense. A man who walked on water… makes sense. The bible… makes sense… The earth was created in 7 days… make sense. While I agree this is a ridiculous story, I do think it is important to look at one's own beliefs and attempt to think about them objectively. Because as a person who was raised as a Hindu, I think every other religion is silly. And this was before I came to the realization at te age of 12 that Hinduism does not make any sense. PS – this reply could have followed any of the comments. Didn't mean anything by singling you out.

  • Villager 1: Evil spirits must be appeased ’cause I am outta weed.

    Villager 2: Oh, I have an idea! Let us find a pitiful looking stray dog and let us marry said dog to one of our children!

    Villager 1: Cool. Let me get the camcorder!

  • A friend at work mentioned this story so I googled it. There was an identical story reported by the BBC in 2003 – seems like this may be a hoax.

    • Actually a new report I was about to write up has another one with a young boy. This is not so much a Hoax as something that is religious and common to the extent there are more than a few reported cases.

    • Actually a new report I was about to write up has another one with a young boy. This is not so much a Hoax as something that is religious and common to the extent there are more than a few reported cases.

    • Indian man marries dog to beat ‘curse’ Nov 13, 2007 CHENNAI, India (AFP)

      Indian Girl Marries A Dog 21-04-2005

      Seems this takes place sort of regularily, which is why you get many hits on Google on the story.

      As this particular story tells, and is mentioned in another, earlier one, the person is free to marry normally afterwards, so is this not more of a symbolic act? Like eating Jesus at Holy Communion. Many rituals are somewhat bizarre if you stop to think about them.

  • hahahaha
    actually if u think about it….this conversation mite really hav happened i mean look at that…a girl marrys a dog.

  • I hope they go 2 HELL! God bless that little girl, amongst any others, and all the infants that are being raped, then killed, by AIDS infested East Indian men. It's despicably disgusting, and unacceptable in the HUMAN world!

  • pshhhht … most of u must be what…12 years old? This happened in a RURAL part of the country… this doesnt define the country in any way, this is just that specific villages…ehhh nvm… simpsons is on ^_^

  • Eeeew.. beastiality

  • I am very sorry for hindus comunity,i thing the time have come for them to now GOD all mighty,and ask Him to forgive them from thear evill.becouse that is evell in the reality.

  • What’s the surprise??? many men marry bitches? other girls marry real dogs too!!

  • Indian Girl Marries Dog In Bizarre Ritual

  • what is she soppose to do hump the dog???

  • Now this is really weird.

  • D: many of you have seemed to forgotten that this is a totally different culture we are talking about. our right and wrong is not the same as right and wrong in different countries. i have no idea how the heck you're telling these ppl things like "go to hell" if they DON'T EVEN BELIEVE IN HELL. btw, from what i understand this wedding was just symbolic, like how christians eat bread and wine at church and say they're eating and drinking the body and blood of Christ. this was probably more of a ritual than an actual wedding and the article even says that later on she will be free to marry a man.

    • Hindus believe in heaven and hell

    • What the hell is wron with you? Different costoms??? Don't you see how uncivilised these people are? How socially depriving this is? Think about the poor girl! And even the Dog! And what about the Kids?! (No, the last one was a joke) But seriously, How stupid can you be? I mean if this is just symbolic, what is it even for? I'll tell you, it's about absolutly nothing, becasue their so called "beliefs" are false!!! If it weren't for the English and Portugese colonisers, Indians would still be committing human sacrifice like they did in their past. India is one of the worst democracies in the world. I hardly understand how it even manages to exist. It is overpopulated, diseased and morally lacking. And they are almost all completly corrupt.

  • 1. Lot of rape in India is not reported or the complaint is not registered
    2. Hindus believe in hell. they just use different word.

  • discus-ting man

  • Why don't they just nuke india for being stoopid?

  • WTF i mean i know people who love animals but this is over the top !

  • Maybe heavy druker would be better? also macho beating a woman…

  • useyourheadspeople

    Thank you Tura and dearness (and anyone else on the second page of comments, which I haven't read, who isn't foaming at the mouth in uncalled for, supercilious, self-righteous fits) for showing some sense – of course this is only a ritual!!! In some rural areas, when a family who believes they've had bad luck want to marry off their daughter, and believe that no one will take her in case the bad luck transfers across, will first 'marry' her to an animal so that if any bad luck does transfer, it goes to the dog. Of course there is no sex/raping/anything else your disgusting minds might come up with. As the post says, the girl is free to marry a man afterwards, and more likely to get a decent husband because the villagers will believe her bad luck is gone.

    It's just a superstition, and really not that big a deal – look at some customs in the West – if you hadn't grown up with it, wouldn't you find the thought of consuming symbolic flesh and blood while kneeling at an ancient symbol of torture (a la Robert Langdon) freakish? Jeez, people!

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