Obama Look-Alike Famous in Indonesia

Posted on January 17, 2009

Obama’s popularity has really spread around the world. Everything from streets, hotels, and even people are being named after the newly elected President of the United States.

For one photographer in Indonesia, it is not the name Obama that has thrown him into almost instant fame, but rather his face.

Ilham Anas bares a striking resemblance to the president-elect Barack Obama in this recent commercial.

YouTube Preview Image

The whole thing initially started as a job for Ilham.

“When Obama won, my colleagues played a practical joke on me — they made me wear a suit, a tie, and took pictures of me posing as Obama,” said Ilham.

“The pictures spread very quickly on the Internet. It was phenomenal. Then TV stations and an advertising agency got in touch with me.”

Ilham says he is often mistaken for Obama and people ask to take pictures with him.

“I never thought I would be a star in a commercial, then this happened. It’s very fortunate,” Ilham said.

More pictures here.


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85 thoughts on “Obama Look-Alike Famous in Indonesia

        1. Nadisha

          I guess he should be twin of Obama
          cause Obama's mother was in Indonesia once right.? so her one of children may have stolen before babies showing to the mother.

  1. Mark Kwan

    I think that the commercial is not from Indonesia due to the woman and narrator at the end are speaking Tagalog which is the main kaguage spoken in the Philippines and so I think that the commercial is from the Philippines not Indonesia.

    1. Brock MacLean

      I thought it sounded Filipino also, and I am married to a Filipina. The woman in the ad looked like a real dike though, or a ladyboy…He might look more like Barack if he had been given an opportunity to smile more in the ad, instead of grimacing over lousy food.

      Vancouver, Canada

  2. Geogy

    Haha!! They really look alike oh…but that’s only happen when he is taking picture. When the man starts talking…ermm…I don’t really think that way anymore…hehe!

  3. dynes

    the commercial and the guy pictured above is not from Malaysia, its from the Philippines, set it straight. yeah, he has a resemblance to the new US president.

  4. moses

    maybe he should get intouch with Obama’s Parent to know if you are not His Twin brother….lol

    am really sure that he’s from Indonesia and will never be Obama twin brother and shouldn’t try to be..

  5. Darto

    lol maybe he’s Obama’s twin.
    Btw look at his official website, he was born and is living indonesia. But true the ad is not Indonesian.

  6. Mina

    What the hell do that suppose to mean, if he looks like him then so be it. It is not a free meal ticket because he still have to work for it. You all should what ever issue that you have with Obama being the President just put aside and let it be because Obama is here and he is here to stay.

  7. Reverend Zapanaz

    I think it was Arthur C Clarke who said that, given enough time, all races will eventually merge and look more or less like South Pacific races.

    Which, personally, I think is a nice thought.

    The womens are hot.

    1. Brock MacLean

      The Canadian comedian, Russell Peters is of Indo-Canadian decent and he makes a joke about in about 300 years we will all be a certain shade of beige! So we may as well start going for it now….hilarious comic….I agree darker skin is nice and smooth compared with light skin with freckles…I got hairy legs and freckles and there is nothing sweeter than Asian skin.

  8. Reverend Zapanaz

    Uhm … the above was supposed to be a reply to the top comment,

    Comment by Karen
    2009-01-17 23:06:27

    Hahaha. They’re two completely different races yet look really alike. Cool.
    It’d kind of suck to be a lookalike, IMO….
    Reply to this comment
    Comment by user1
    2009-01-18 00:27:53

    Come on. Think of all the free sex from dumb women who really think he’s Obama.

    I clicked “reply to this comment” but it didn’t show up nested.

    We at the BBC apologize for any confusion to which this may have led.

    We now return you to our regularly scheduled jello-wrestling tournament with special guest, Oprah Winfrey.

  9. kaye

    The advert is from the Philippines. It shows “Philippine president Gloria Arroyo” hosting a dinner with “Barack Obama” who in turn experiences dyspepsia from overeating.

  10. Ligaya and Itawag Ninyo sa Akin

    That “woman” is not really a girl but a gay who is impersonating the Philippine president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. The commercial is in fact a mocking of the two presidents of USA and Philippines.

  11. Kane

    maybe he should get intouch with Obama’s Parent to know if you are not His Twin brother….lol

    am really sure that he’s from Indonesia and will never be Obama twin brother and shouldn’t try to be…

  12. Maureen

    How is he indonesia…?
    unless he’s from there and he’s shooting some kind of commercial in
    the Philippines…

    I’m filipino..so i understood that..

    1. YankeeDoodleDee

      He’s Indonesian you idiot. The flip lady is the only one talking and she is talking in flip-English…until ‘Obama’ gets a heartburn (or diarrhea?) from her food, then she started flipping out in ‘flip’ (Tagalog). The guy’s an Indonesian photographer, but then the Filipinos wants to claim all things Asian.

  13. James

    So I heard Obama’s mother lived in Indonesia, what if? He is not Kenyen? and really Indonesian, she just did want to tell him?

  14. J

    He favors Obama, but he will never be him. I wonder how Obama feels about this? Have you noticed the news reporters saying Mr. Obama instead of President Obama? I have quite a few times and I can’t ever recall when they called George Bush Jr., Mr. Bush.

  15. Rose

    Everyone and I mean everyone has seven look alikes in the world. So it is not surprising that Obama has a look alike, albeit a frail one. One down six to go! But Obama has a p[resence that cannot be matched. And he is more handsome, ha ha ha!

  16. Anonymous

    Which should prompt the question, is race relevant anymore?

    If two individuals from so called different “races” can look alike, doesn’t that invalidate the concept of race, since each “race” supposedly has a very distinct and marked look?

    1. Kunderemp

      I am an Indonesian and I don’t have mixed blood (at least both of my grandfather’s father were Indonesian) and in Australia, people thought me as a fiji or hawaians. While in Florida to Alabama, people thought me as Hispanic. While I met a Nepalese, they though I am a Nepalese.

  17. rommel

    the woman is a famous impersonator for gloria arroyo, the phil president. his (or her screen name) is ate glow. this is a famous ad here in the philippines.

    i thought Ilham was a filipino until the net confirmed that he is indeed an indonesian.

  18. Maki

    yeah.. that’s ate glow.. and her (his) bubbly personality,

    the obama look-alike is indonesian…… i thought he’s a philippino not until now… ^___^

  19. ToN1

    Since when he is a Filipino?,
    For 2 year I’ve been work with Ilham in potograph dept. At local magazine office in Jakarta..

  20. GuNaWaN

    Ilham Anas Are In Indonesian Television Commercial Too
    In The Tango Indonesian Wafer Company Advertising 2 Version
    Tango 1 VERSION
    a kID Say Obama Hia Mother Glad Him And He Go To
    And Second TV ADVERT Tango A PatiEnT Enter A Drug Shop He Want A Stomachace
    Drug And He Say Obat Maag (Stomachace Drug)And The Shopkeeper Say Obama?
    And Obama Come And say can i help you?
    and Telkomsel Advert A Band OF Men Playing Golf He Call Obama By Murahansell(cheapsell) and oNE cALLED uSE Telkomsel

  21. QueenBee

    wow if i saw him i would get my picture taken with him and then show it to all my friends like "i met Obama in Indonesia!"
    lol not rly tho

  22. Ali


    Hey American, run DNA test for your president before you carch the wood since the second huspand of his mother was Asian.

  23. bob

    get your facts straigh people…

    the obama look alike is indonesian..

    but the commercial is filipino…

    and the person you see playing a lady..

    is.. well, not a lady…

  24. victor

    lol. people we all know what is it like to look like Obama. this guy must be proud, we know that he can fuck Obama’s wife. If I was him I would take that chance


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