Chinese Farmer Builds Robot Army

Posted on December 8, 2008

A Chinese farmer with very little education has built 26 robots over the past 30 years. His love and obvious talent for technology has inspired him to design these robots and build them literally from scrap materials.

Wu Yulu, 46, has been thinking about building robots from the time he was eleven years of age. While sitting on his doorstep watching villagers pass by, he came up with the idea of building a machine that walks like a man.

His first robot took several years to build and could only shuffle along as it could not raise its legs. Over time, his designs became more complex and his creations are now capable of scaling walls, serving water, lighting cigarettes, playing musical instruments and writing calligraphy!

Wu’s home is near Beijing and he has plunged his family into debt by spending up to two-thirds of his monthly income on his robot creations.  He has been forced to sell some of them to pay bills.

Wu considers all the robots as his sons, and has names for them according to the order in which they were invented, ranging from Wu No.1 to Wu No.26.

“They are all my sons, so they must bear my surname” said Wu.

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26 thoughts on “Chinese Farmer Builds Robot Army

  1. Gee-man

    Very cool! One just has to step back and observe to realize the unlimited ingenuity of human beings. Now if only every person with at least a college degree could be doing this…

  2. Matty

    Now if only he would open a small theme park, I think he would make back his losses and could keep his robots. I’d pay a little to see them.

  3. Slicer

    I’ve seen this guy on a couple of different news articles. He’s obviously making a name for himself as this peasant with imagination and skills. If only he had the initiative to go get himself a job to pay for this creativity, I’m sure he’d be a total success!

  4. JTC

    this guy needs to get on the news in the US 2 or 3 times and solicit money over the internet and he would be rich in no time.Wonder what would happen if he took some math science and engineering courses. Maybe that our problem not a lot math nerds like me have a good imagination. I have a pretty good imaginatio wonder what i might do after college.

  5. Wu Yulu

    I would like to thank WAN for publishing this artical, and for helping me get out of debt by donateing $250,000,000 to my cause. Thanks a lot.

  6. Wu Yulu

    Thank you, I have also invented a car that is powered by melted glass. Its patent is still pending but Honda should start selling it soon.

  7. Lucius

    Ummmm… Guys I was pretending to be Wu Yulu
    And i made up the stuff bout the car that runs on glass
    Im sorry :(


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