Vending Oddities: Used Schoolgirl Panties

Posted on November 28, 2008

There is no place like Japan when it comes to vending machine weirdness.

You can get a whole slew of weird, but common, items like umbrellas, rice, beer, tobacco, eggs, and even porn, on any given street through the land of the rising sun.

However, in some darker and more obscure side streets of Japan, you can find vending machines selling things that even the Japanese find weird and strange.

One such vending machine that is found through out Japan is the “Used Schoolgirl Panties” vending machine.

As the image shows, machines would carry used panties with a picture of the schoolgirl who supposedly had worn them before giving them up to be sold.

Used schoolgirl panties are so popular, that even stores illegally sell them. As you can see in the below hidden camera investigation, schoolgirls can come into stores like this one and they are paid for the underwear they are currently wearing.

YouTube Preview Image

In fact the The Japanese government has identified the sale of used schoolgirl panties as such a problem they actually outlawed the sale or purchase of used schoolgirl panties anywhere, including vending machines.

A commercial was also made to help deter men from buying used schoolgirl panties by suggesting that the panties might not have even been worn by schoolgirls at all.

YouTube Preview Image
Sun Tzu has spent about 7 years in Asia traveling through Japan, Hong Kong, China, and Korea. A true fan of everything that is weird and strange, he decides in the end what is displayed and published on this site. Sun has previous experience writing for numerous print mags such as XLR8R, URB, and Movement Magazine.

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42 thoughts on “Vending Oddities: Used Schoolgirl Panties

  1. Gee-man

    Ha ha, I remember hearing about this years ago and just thinking, “I both want to go to Japan and never want to hear of the country ever again” at the same time. =P

    That commercial is hilarious though, and I think it’s pretty likely that that’s how some of the panties are “prepared”. Not only is it probably cheaper, but how the hell is anyone going to know otherwise?

  2. Hisa

    Sorry but this is not true. 20 years ago there were some idiots who set a few vending machines up but the police removed them quickly. Maybe you can find them in obscure adult shops but not in vending machines. Please verify your sources.

    1. Sun Tzu Post author


      Sources are numerous… Like in the double digits, including Snopes and many many other people and sites.

      There is a law against this in Japan and they don’t make laws for one time offenses.

      1. Andrew

        LOL, I love Japanese laws. Like that law that every phone must make a loud sound when taking a photo to prevent upskirt photos being taken. You’d think it was probably such a widespread problem they even had to make a law for it! Crazy!

  3. Right Said Fred

    Ya, that first video is in Cantonese, so maybe it’s from HK or Macau, where they can get away with selling crazy stuff like this.

  4. Sun Tzu Post author

    FYI on the first video… They are speaking in a non-Japanese language but if you pay attention the girl is Japanese in a Japanese schoolgirl outfit. Also the guy is paying her in Japanese Yen.

  5. m1

    though this is the common info spread throughout the internet and most of you wished it was true. lets be real, this is pretty much banned in Japan.

  6. HowardCosell

    Panties? Bah. Let me know when they have actual schoolgirls in the vending machines. I'm saving my quarters already!

  7. reyda

    i also heard of ura-shops vending schoolgirl piss in tiny jars, complete with the photograph of the girl who urinated in it. Some fetish collect those like trophies … -_-

  8. adea

    it is in cantonese language… moreover, the subtitle is in malay language.. i am a malaysian chinese, so i am pretty sure this is cantonese language with malay subtitle… that malay used looked like malaysian malay.. coz indonesian malay language is quite different… hehe.. and that voice.. sounds familiar.. but i cant really identify who’s it is..

  9. Jo from Tokyo

    It does indeed speak Chinese in this video. Most of all, you would not find such item in Japan as the sale of used underwears has been forbidden for years.

  10. Selendrile

    Actually they still do sell them in vending machines, new and used.

    The second is not a commercial. people shouldn’t make stuff up when they don’t know.

  11. Shane

    Selling of panties was a great cause due to poverty or in terms of financial loss, in this case it is better to sell than to steal.

    make it a world to sell more…

  12. Brazilian Man

    Well, it´s unusual to buy those in a machine like Coke. Here you can find people making money doing that. In chat-rooms, people advertise and ask for used panties or any underware to satisfy their desires. I myself sold 3 used panties of my wife for R$ 190,00 like US$ 82,60. Anyone who wants that just send us an email or post a comment here and we´ll talk about.

    1. Casey

      Nah, nothing wrong with it being legal, but there's also nothing wrong with us making fun of the people who actually buy this crap.

  13. Jim

    These machines were never that common whatsoever. They pretty much don't exist at all anymore after the Governor of Tokyo clamped down on vending machines selling 'inappropriate' goods.

  14. Hirume Keiko

    lmaof! I would rathar steal schoolgirls panties from their backyard where the hang the panties to dry under the sun.

  15. Carlos

    Just because it is illegal doesn't mean it doesn't happen. I have personally been kiked out of shops in Osaka and Tokyo because they were selling this. My girlfriend (from Osaka) used to sell hers with her friends. They got menstrual blood on their sports shorts for extra cash.

    Anyone who thinks this is an urban myth is mistaken.


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