Some Rallies Are Worth Attending

Posted on November 22, 2008

We have no idea what the above protest or gathering was for, but we do know all the girls in attendance felt obligated to appear at half-mast.

A moment of silence please…

Edit: A Weird Asia News reader has indicated that this “it’s just a typical check by the teacher there to make sure that u wear underwear when u go to school so u don’t get harass when you wear short skirt”

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63 thoughts on “Some Rallies Are Worth Attending

  1. dian

    :D it’s a classic Japanese school pic, it not commemorating somethings, it’s just a typical check by the teacher there to make sure that u wear underwear when u go to school so u don’t get harass when you wear short skirt :)
    weird isn’t it? the checking itself it’s like a harassment to me

  2. xuanfam

    short of disturbing to the eyes… looks more like a punishment then a check to me… I hope the “checker” are female……

  3. Pu Niao

    If you all noticed closely, if this is supposed to be a check to see if the female population in school are wearing panties to school, why is it that only the front row are pulling theirs down while the second row right behind them didn’t? Most probably like what “someone who’s paying attention” posted on 2008-11-23 02:01:31 , it could’ve been photoshopped. Some things are just to good to be true in anyway possible.

  4. Disgusted with Ignorance

    Ugh… the ignorance in these comments is astonishing. It’s a PRANK. The students decided to have fun with it, and they were each wearing another pair of underwear underneath the pair they dropped. A well-known prank, actually, that’s been around for a while. No, the teachers don’t “make sure that u wear underwear when u go to school so u don’t get harass when you wear short skirt” [sic]. Are you serious?! Harassing the students so they won’t be harassed? Come on.

    And for those of you who think it’s photoshopped (yes, there are two “p”s in the plural version of the word), IT’S A PRANK. No one was supposed to take it seriously. Why would anyone bother to photoshop something as mundane as this? It’s kids having fun. Laugh. It’s funny. Move on to the next post. Sheesh.

    1. Delighted with irony

      Maybe so… but it really is photoshopped. And there actually is only one p in the plural of the word. You know, photoshops. Cause that’s the plural. There are two two ps in the past tense, however.

      But yeah, it’s for sure photoshopped badly.

      1. Jim

        Hah you’re a dickhead. Photoshopped would be the past gerund or participle form of the word. It’s used in conjunction with auxiliary verbs to create more verb and tense forms. Don’t argue about something when you have no idea what you’re saying.


  5. M

    Ugh, its not a photoshop. And there was a story about a female principle in the US who did “thong checks” at a school dance a year or so back. Considering the Japanese are real dicks about that kinda stuff, this pic really isnt surprising. Theyll do stuff like make girls wear ponytails and snip the hair off if theyre being too vain and not studying.

  6. Slim

    Fake or not, I still found it a believable story. If you are going to fake something like this you should add tentacles … at the very least.

    Did you know US teachers get 30 years for having sex with their students? According to most of the anime/hentai I’ve seen, that is what teachers are [b]supposed[/b] to do. I know I was hot for this one teacher back in high school.

  7. SpellMoon

    oki obviously to me it looks photoshoped, but another thing..did anyone notice evenones hair is black? or a very dark shade of brown, is there no culture variation in asia…

    1. SpellMoon

      also have they never heard of pants? where i live all the schools make us wear pants, even though we die in the summer or if were girl or guy they dont care we all were pants.

    2. lee

      um, no you idiot, there is no variation in the color of asians hair, dark brown to black only, they also don't have curly hair stupid mf

  8. steve

    For those of you who think it’s wrong to look at a picture like this, try this:

    1. In Japan, the girls must ALL wear underwear under their uniforms, otherwise they face expulsion.
    2. This is quite clearly a photoshop. If it was real, don’t you think the secon row would have their panties down as well?
    3. There is nothing sick about this picture. Analyzing the underwear to see if it’s photoshopped is not sick. It’s called analyzation, under the pretense that it is fake, not because you are a “horny bastard”, and furthermore, if people find this sick, then right a letter to the Japanese School Functions banning short skirts, because this has been the regular outfit for many years now.

  9. Roya

    Japanese school girls are usually required white undergarments with their school uniform, as in Catholic schools in the Philippines. In Japan, however, girls who don’t follow the aforementioned “rule” get publicly embarrassed (it doesn’t mean that publicly embarrassing these students is correct, though; a mother of a Japanese preschool girl once files a case against the teacher of her child, as the teacher publicly embarrassed the child because she wasn’t wearing the prescribed white cotton undergarments.)

    Not that I’m saying that the photo is not fake, but just so you know the rule re prescribed undergarments for Japanese school girls.

  10. Roya

    And yes, weird as it sounds but they really perform “undergarment” checks in all-female schools in Japan. Japanese girls are notorious for doing incriminating acts (read: sexual favors) even while they are wearing their school uniform, hence smudging the reputation of the academic institutions they belong to. School officials merely wish to protect the name of their school by ensuring that if ever these girls get in compromising situations (i.e. caught upskirt in photographs or videos), they’ll still be wearing something which protects their genitals, even if these are mere cotton white panties.

  11. ari

    why is the skirt soooo short…. :) yup i can c it too its photoshoped…. so funny … well u can see the student at the back none of them hv their panties down…

  12. SandMan

    Photo – shop – ed or photo – groceri – ed i dont care all i care is the thighs… the one who's not crossing her hands in the middle.. got some serious thighs… i wonder if her background isnt from Africa.. the mother of thighs and huge arses.

  13. Jamesha Walker

    Doesn't look fake to me. They're probably protesting the white underwear mandate (at least, that's what I'd call it).

  14. Chris

    Its a good photoshop job IF, you don't mind that light direction and shadow casting were completely ignored in the process.

  15. Shasta516

    From someone who isn’t experienced in recognizing Photoshop: the blue panties and the lightest brown ones are very obviously fake. I’m sure the others are too, but those are the only ones I can say for sure are. Also if you look closely, no one in the rows behind have their underwear down. This is suck a crock.


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