Marshmallow Eating Game Show
November 11, 2008 | by 孫子

Just as creative as we have come to expect Japanese television shows, here two teams fight to try and be the fastest to eat some hanging marshmallows.

Of course they have a silly and interesting obstacle to overcome…

YouTube Preview Image

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  • patethic…
    i hope our tv will not turn into this crap whith “talent” show including raunchy humour and brain shutdown on every channel -_-

    • What are you talking about? American television is as crap as it gets. All we have is mediocre comedies, cookie cutter dramas, and reality TV to fill in the gaps between. Most of which already include raunchy humor and are mind-numbingly stupid. There’s only a few shows that are truly worth watching on American TV and even then everyone is pretty divided in whether they think it’s good or not.

      You may think what these guys are doing is “pathetic”, but at least it’s creative and the people are more than happy to humiliate themselves in front of millions because they don’t take themselves too seriously.

      • hint : i do not live in america :)

        a good tv channel should teach people that self humiliation is never a good trade off for those 15 minutes of fame…

  • Um this isn't the basis of this television show. These are well known Japanese comedians who endure many hilarious obstacles and antics. Check out Downtown no Gaki. No offense, but your stories are often half researched and grossly inaccurate.

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