Hari Puttar: India’s Harry Potter is Home Alone

Posted on October 12, 2008

Harry Potter fans with laugh or cry at the latest copycat release out of India called “Hari Puttar: A Comedy of Terrors.”

Harri Puttar

Although the name sounds similar to the world famous Harry Potter character, that is where the similarities end.

Hari Puttar” tells of a 10 year-old boy who moved from India to England with his family. Feeling a little depressed and unwanted, Hari looks to his fantasy world friend Funtoon to help cheer him up.

A family trip is planned and the family leaves in the morning in such a hurry that Hari is left behind.

Burglars decide to try to steal from the house and Hari, who was left behind with his cousin, decides to protect their valuables.

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This “Home Alone” and “Harry Potter” mashup has angered many fans as well as Warner Brothers, who has decided to sue to stop the release of the movie.

Outside of stealing two plots from popular movies, Hari Puttar: A Comedy of Terrors, looks pretty funny so check it out if you can.

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20 thoughts on “Hari Puttar: India’s Harry Potter is Home Alone

  1. starboykb

    India love to copy many Hollywood movies scene. its been like that very long time. But still they are very popular in Asia and many people starting to watch in Western area.

  2. darkwing duck

    The film is a remake of Home Alone . The film revolves around a ten year old boy, Hari Prasad Dhoonda (nicknamed Hari Puttar), who has recently moved from India to the United Kingdom. Left home alone with his cousin Tuk Tuk (Swini Khara) when his parents go on vacation, and leaves him alone, Hari must deal with two burglars who hope to steal a secret formula Hari’s father had create

  3. AT

    Yes it’s a rip off of Home Alone. Asian studios often copy Hollywood themes. It’s not the first time. Get over it.

    No, it’s not a ripoff of Harry Potter. “Hari” is a common Indian name. “Puttar” means “son” in Punjabi. Get over that too.

  4. Balbeet

    Oye vat the pagh is this? Happy Burdday to you. A shout out to all my fellow jattis out there. Salay behenchods. Love you all.

  5. Joshua

    I think it’s absolutely ridiculous that WB would sue over something like that. Probably wouldn’t have done it had both films not been in their domain! How many times do American film-makers do parodies and mash-ups. Look at all the Scary Movie series. It didn’t just stop with Halloween fun, it went on to my knowledge to “Meet the Spartans,” Haven’t heard of any lawsuit from the makers of 300.

  6. Tim


    HAHAHHAHAH! Can’t get more pathetic than this! And u’ll never win against Warner Bros. No offense…to all Indian movie makers; I know y’all are REALLY good at movie making but this is just plain BS.

  7. Jude

    You’d be surprised by how many remakes there are even within Hollywood. The Departed was based on Infernal Affairs. Shall we dance was based on a Japanese movie with the same name. Magnificent Seven was a remake of Seven Samurai. Sometime creative ideas just don’t come easy to movie studios on either side of the ocean. If you could remake something profitably then they’ll probably do it.

  8. wo_bu_zhi_dao

    1.15 billion people in India yet this is the only story for what seems like months!

    how about the 70 year old woman who gave birth recently..I posted that in my blog!


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