Secret Behind Indian Guru Levitation Revealed

Posted on August 31, 2008

Accounts of Indian Guru Yogis performing acts of levitation have been documented as far back as 1884, but when a report and pictures were published in 1936 of Yogi Subbayah Pullavar, an Indian Guru, levitating for 4 minutes in front of some 150 witnesses, a serious interest into Yogis and their power of levitation.

However, even when Yogi Pullavar performed his trick there was some questions into why he was hidden in the tent before and after actually levitating in the air.

“Yogi Pullavar’s attendants erected a small tent in an open area. Yogi Pullavar then entered the tent where he remained hidden from view for a few minutes. The attendants then removed the tent.

Yogi Pullavar was seen suspended horizontally several feet above the ground. He was in a trance, lightly resting his hand on top of a cloth covered stick.”

A recent video has surfaced that uncovers at least one method that Gurus use to Levitate in front of audiences and it may be the secret behind Indian Guru Levitation.

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38 thoughts on “Secret Behind Indian Guru Levitation Revealed

    1. Chuck E.

      and the nonsense of secular humanism
      — except secular humanists take all of whatever is said as fact regardless of ANY and ALL contradictions
      talk about blind belief in infallibility

    1. Jason


      Travelling to the moon?
      Examining blood flow inside of the brain without exploratory surgery?
      Building a 27km circumference particle accelerator that is the coldest place in the universe, and that generates temperatures hotter than the surface of the sun?
      Extending human lifespan three-fold in the last 100 years?
      Examining the universe from the 10^-12m to the 10^25m scales?

  1. cat

    Has no one ever seen a stage magician? The only difference between them and the “mystics” and “Psychics” is they admit they are fakes.

  2. Faust

    No surprise here. We'd pretty much be wasting our time discrediting everyone who claims to have "mystical powers".. they're all frauds. Houdini spent much of his life discrediting people with the same scams performed today.

  3. ajay

    This is not the way the yogis used to do it.its probably what fake yogis resort to .those who can successfully do it would never try to show off in front of a crowd..we ll perhaps have to go to the himalayas in search of them..but am sure its very much possible to fact it is mentioned in the vedas.But we people of the present day are stupid enough not to comprehend the valuable information regarding the same..hail the yogis of Indians and the sacred vedas….

    1. dan


      And there is a devil who tempts people too right?

      It's not the people wanting to do what they want to do, it's the devil and his evil servants tempting you to do evil right?

  4. kunal

    fuck..this video is a fake…as i do not thing that people are too foolish that they cannot judge whether a yogi is levitating in air & or sitting on the wood. neither these people seems too intellingent…they are only actors…to me this video is been made to make the people think that Indian yogi's are fake ..and this is the only purpose of it…but I think people are intelligent enough to understood & understand that a there were real yogi's & there are real yogi's in India but they do not tend to show off their powers as it bring the ego up & they may deviate from the path of spirituality….moreover i think the person in white beard is a fake & frustated person who just wants to make the people convince that there is no super power & God…I feel pity on this man that he has waisted his experience, his time, his life and everything and didn't find the trueness with the God as yet! ..I am happy that we are not like Him.

    1. TB_Mills

      levitations is real but the ability usually starts around puberty and disappears as quickly as it came

  5. Aditya

    Functioning from more refined fields of consciousness, these feats
    are possible. It’s happened to even Christian saints randomly. In india,
    these developments of human capabilities are documented through different texts like yoga Sutras of patanjali.
    Admit that there are fakes, like fake doctors..


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