Giant 3,300 Lbs Stingray Caught by Local Fisherman
August 11, 2008 | by Mui Mui

Early in the morning around 2:00am a fishing boat near Hainan Sanya in China caught what is likely to be one of the largest stingrays ever caught.

Casting nets, the fishermen caught a 3,300 lbs Stingray, which took about 3 hours to pull back into the boat. The net was strong enough to hold the huge fish, but the struggle cause the stingray to die.

The stingray measured about 16 1/2 foot in width.

The fishermen tied the stingray to the back of the boat and dragged it back to their dock. It remained in perfect condition even though it was dead for many hours.

The fisherman was able to sell the stingray for around $1,500 since they have a high commercial value.

Stingray’s liver can be made into fish oil, the bones and intestines are used in medical fish powder, and the meat is a delicacy in most restaurants.


Mui Mui
Mui Mui is another of our wonderful, yet weird, editors who also is a well established world traveler. Born in Asia, Mui Mui is our expert on whether the articles we publish remain appropriate and not offensive in nature. Mui Mui’s favorite place is Italy where she spent 4 years and eventually fell in love with.
  • It's a Manta ray. They reach 20ft across and eat plankton. One of the most harmless critters out there. Pity they kill everything over there.

    • agreed!! it makes me really sad that they just kill everything, regardless of the fact that this is an amazingly huge and beautiful animal.

    • why does everything have to be killed that is the biggest thing in the ocean? Or the biggest thing on land? Why do men ALWAYS have to kill it? ie: hogzilla, the grizzly, great whites, this ray??? Why can’t people just leave things alone & let them live out their lives in peace???

      • Laughing at you bleeding heart morons

        Shut up…Humans are omnivoruos. Get used to it. If you haven’t by now you probably need to get a shrink to help you understand that you are a human and as such you should not only be a kind steward of the animals but that you SHOULD also eat them…….

        Besides, they taste so good, especially when served with a salad to compliment my omnivorous diet.

        /healthier than you
        //happier than you for sure
        ///worried about more important things

        • Obviously,you are of the ‘Asian Pursuasion’,but I would suggest that you keep your inane comments to yourself,as you are probably languishing in the ‘Lower Intellectual Section’ of average humans that dwell on this ball of dirt.

        • Killing animals for food is one thing. Killing them for entertainment or sport is another, dud.

      • You know that just shows how much people dont care about Nothing more then their lil self like you oh and thinking like that will sure help the earth if everybody was thinking like you what our world would be? 4 sure your not helping i dont understand how you can be so selfish one day maybe youll open your eyes when your kids will ask you about sea stuff or animals or nature what are you gonna say? Oh we just ate all of it destroyed it all laugh about it?? Geez your Horrible and to think that way our world Is going anywhere but you said that majorly to get attention or to make people react weel Bravo! JACKASS.

    • The Chinese put absolutely no value on any living creature, humans included. So sad…

  • Read the article Manny. They said it's already dead and being towed back to dock.

    • Actually if you had read the article you would have read that it was alive when they caught it but died as they struggled for 3 hours to get it in the boat. So if they had wanted they could have let it go. On the other hand when you live in a poor country you do what you have to to make a living.

    • You should read the article Manny, It died after they caught it and struggled in the net. I agree with Barry it is a pity they killed it…

      • C’mon Manny, people are about to hunt you down, wet their pants, and then teach you to read! God… only a couple thousand people have died in Georgia within the last few days, who really cares if you can read? Manny keep on not finishing articles and only looking at photos…P.S Hot Karl and Laura are pretty upset.

    • the Asian Seafood industry "Says" a lot of things, they also say that they dont fin sharks for shark fin soup any more (the rediculously wasteful action of catching sharks, cutting off their fins and letting the carcass drop to the bottom while the fish slowly drowns only to harvest its fins) which is why the ecosystems and balances between rays and their predators (pelagic sharks) are so disproportional. They also "say" that they are only using the practice of whaling for research purposes and selling the meat to fund said research while they regularly are reported to be going out of the designated whaling areas and over their quotas. The Japanese are horribly infamous for ruining marine populations. If its got fins and they can use it they will kill it and they dont care who tries to stop them. That market is a discrace to the human race. They most likely killed that ray for its fins as they have been known to do that to mantas in the past. Dont beleive everything american press tells you and dont beleive a damn thing the Japanese press tells you when it comes to their Seafood industries.

      • and yes I realize this takes place in China but regardless China does the same thing with their seafood industry Japan is just the outstanding example. I meant to put that at the end of my first post sorry.

  • This thing is HUGE. Probably eats killer whales for breakfast

  • Correction: “‘ate’ killer whales…”

  • i cant believe they let it die. It could have gone to a very good aquarium or studied then released

  • Is this the real picture of the stingray or it’s a fake pic ?
    I see the kid very calmed :S

  • Read the article, KARL — It died struggling in the net. Stupid ass.

  • It looks big, but not huge. I would bet that between translation and exaggeration the size and weight have probably doubled. If that is a kid riding the dead ray, perhaps it is 3m (ten feet) across? Remember, these are fishermen telling this story.
    Anyway, you should have seen the size of the stingray that got away!

  • As Barry said, it’s not a sting ray, it’s a manta ray. It might help to at least look at the picture before writing an article on it. They’re completely harmless and considered Near Threatened.

  • uummm.. Barry’s right… that’s not a stingray, it’s a manta. if this was a stingray, that’d be impressive.

  • Appears to be a manta ray, not a stingray. Also, no ray has bones as their skeletal system is made up of cartilage.

    • i’m glad somebody realized that it not a stingray nad that manta’s don’t have bones. It’s nice to see that out of all the chaos in the world somebody gives a shit about one big ass manta ray. Give me a break how ’bout you shead a tear for the deaths taking place during the civil unrest in Georgia

  • “The fisherman was able to sell the stingray for around $1,500 since they have a high commercial value.”

    Hell the crab fishermen on TV get $1500 for a couple of crabs, these dudes get $1500 for this monster? They got jobbed.

  • It’s a Manta Ray; as already noted they eat plankton – while they have the long tail similar to a Sting Ray, they have no barb. They dragged a pretty much defenseless creature to it’s death.

  • Stingrays may exceed 6 feet in width and 14 in length, according to Wikipedia.

    ‘nough said…


    • Buicks may exceed 6 feet in width and 14 in length too, but that isn’t a picture of a Buick either.

      So not ‘nough said…

  • Looks like there will be a sale on sea scallops at walmart new week.

  • CRIKEY!!!

  • OK, maybe this thing will check out on

    Seems rather large for a stingray.

  • Wow people seriously can’t distinguish between a Sting Ray and a Manta Ray? That’s pathetic… It’s clearly a giant baby seal and you all should be ashamed of yourselves. I know because I raise them in my backyard only to club them at 2 months.

  • Jabbadidadidadidi

    Fifteen hundred dorrah? Oh ok! Me rove you rong time!

  • Hi! Noticed you all are having trouble identifying this particular ray. Infact it is a Himantura chaophraya, a type of giant freshwater whipray. It is found in the Mekong River which is home to another giant, the Mekong giant catfish. They top 600 lbs!!!

    • It is infact not a Himantura chaophraya. The record for the largest Himantura chaophraya was 200lbs. It is a manta ray. The easiest was to tell the difference is its mouth, which on a manta is at the front of the head while on a Himantura chaophraya it is under the body. The color is also different Himantura chaophraya is a mud brown color with no spots or highlighted fin tips like the manta above.

    • This is not a Himantura chaophraya. Himantura chaophraya have round wings. This is quite obviously a Manta Ray.

  • Ha shows what you all know. These things have the largest Barb of all Stingray. Manta my foot these things will eat your baby seals and chinese babies too.

  • Would the critter have voted for Obama?

  • Aww they killed it. I can’t believe they let it die. The poor defenseless creature. It’s a shame. It’s a pity. – No it’s a pity ppl can’t pull their heads from their asses and realize that these ppl are poor and hungry and this is their livelihood. The hypocrisy – they probably kill 50 smaller ones a day and nothing gets said, but they kill one big one (probably earning them enough money to feed their families for a week) and they’re heartless savages. It’s a fish. Fish get eaten. Get over it already.

  • No because hes poor and the busses don’t run on election day in his part of town. Not to mention he ‘lived” in China. And BTW, anyone who eats meat know that the younger the better, this thing would be tough as hell, with very little boner power.

  • I actually think it’s a manta ray, not a stingray… the difference is with its mouth. Stingray mouths are located under them/under their body, whereas manta ray mouths are located infront of their faces.. like that ^ , make any sense? No, not really…

  • humans at its best. They see a rare creature, they kill it for profit. Why can’t we just leave things alone? Nature killed the dinosaurs… nature will kill us too.

  • I think you should read ALL of the comments before posting your own. What, is your comment worth reading, yet the five before you that said the same exact thing arent? Get over yourself. At least say you agree with that person.. its like that Chris Rock movie “head of state” where his character says “Damn, it’s hot out”, and the guy next to him says “Yea, and it’s hot out, too!” GRRRRRRR! Anyhoo, Deathbywords hit it right on.. There are much bigger problems, like the US and Russia running over random countries to show their might to the likes of eachother, Iran, China, etc….. Speaking as a father, I would like to see the world give peace a REAL chance, not just this BS version of fighting an open-ended war against an idea (terrorism) that can be changed to fit the enemy of the month. We’re not free, haven’t been for a while.. let’s focus people!

  • I agree with poormanta. Let’s kill the best specimens of a species and then wonder why we no longer have them.

  • They kill female babies, dolphins and political dissidents over there. You think a manta ray gets a pass?

  • Seriously, what the hell is wrong with the Chinese?? When are they going to realize that all their ridiculous ‘medicines’ made up of ground animal parts do nothing? With their economy booming and more Chinese able to afford these ‘medicines’, we’ll probably see 1/2 the world’s animals over hunted and endangered (or gone) within the next decade

    • My only comment to that is that it is hard to argue with a civilization that has lasted over 4000 years and has nearly two billion people.

    • Wow, good one there, blame the Chinese for the extinction of animals. I guess we’ll just ignore the millions of trees in the Amazon being cut down illegally in South America to continue fueling the United State’s capitalist decadence.

      I’m so glad to see that Americans are so insightful.

      • Those capitalist pigs will pay for their crimes, comrade!

        • I find it funny that when an ignorant comment like this is made, everyone else on the forum assumes that they’re “American”. For all you know they could be Canadian, British, hell they could be from Japan for all you know; not that it matters. Point and case, people are people, there’s good and bad, intelligent and dimwitted, informed and ignorant in any country we talk about. Your assumptions on the nationality of Mr ‘Griffin’ are no less ignorant that the comments he made, the reason you failed to realize that fact is that his ignorance is distasteful to you; yours are equally distasteful to me.

  • That is why most of the countries on that side of the planet are called 3rd world.
    Killing a creature of that type for $1500.00 is ignorant, which is the way most of that side of the world is.
    It would have been better if the world really was flat, then that side would not be there.

    Hey you morons, there are wars being fought, human rights being violated, people starving, and a whole myriad of real stories and real problems out there. Giving idiots like this even a line of text is a crime.

    • If a line of text is a crime, what’s a couple of sentences gonna land you? 5 to 10?

      Stop being a tough guy on the internet. All you PETA, tree hugging faggots need to stop feeling bad for a fucking fish. The real ignorant thing is you believing that your opinions will spread farther than … I mean c’mon it’s called weird asian news… The only way I found this was fark…

      Also you’re pretty fucking ignorant to think that because fishing is part of the chinese economy then they are 3rd world? are you kidding me?! They will be ten times more efficient with this animal than any american company ever could. The liver, bones (cartilage) and probably much more will be used for some product over there, where as if some arrogant american caught this SOB it’d be stuffed and hung from his cathedral ceiling.

      There, I wrote more than you, did I bump up to felony status now?

  • Chuck Norris would use that stingray as a burrito for his lunch.

  • Thats no stingray its a manta ray… very calm creatures, you can ride em if your quick enough.

  • That is a manta Ray. Get your reporting right.

  • i want to ride it like a surfboard! shred the waves with the manta ray! Shyaaa.

  • You guys are blaming the fisherman for pulling in their nets? Like they knew it was in there. They probably thought they had the motherload and 3 hours later were like holy cow, look at that. I doubt they were targeting manta rays. At least they made some coin to put some food in their human family’s mouths.

    • My thoughts exactly. Maybe if people would start thinking about fishing with nets, they’d know it isn’t like they can choose every fish they can catch with them.

      Also the ray was so big that it was bound to get caught at some point. If not, it would die at the bottom of the ocean and end up getting eaten by other fishies, while everyone would be completely oblivious of its existence.

  • Steve Irwins worst nightmare.


  • What the hell!? They find this animal for the first time, and the only way they can express themselves is to kill it?!

    Nuke those bastards! and by the way, who ever the idiot was that called it a stingray?! its a manta you moron, stingrays dont live in open ocean, nor have those beaks in the front.

    Idiot, go read a encyclopedia.

  • your all so ignorant, that creature is clearly a fuegan battle fish, they have a range of 1600 miles without re fueling and can launch flares to draw away heat seaking missiles. as a wise man once said “the truth is the truth, even if your in a minority of one”. i dont think that saying has ever been more relevant.

  • I heard it had a six foot austrailian conserationist hanging from it’s tail..

    sorry, I just coudn’t reisist. If you are a southpark fan, then you’d know that he was probably trying to poke his thumb in his butt…

    so sorry… LMAO…
    seriously.. sorry..

  • Sheeeeeeet! What a friggin’ monster O.O !

    Remember the australian wildlife entertainer who got killed by a stingray?

    This one might impale a whole shark with its huge sting…

  • ;_______________________________;

    poor ray.

  • Damn, you PETA fags are out in full force today. Have any of you EVER known what it’s like to live in a 3rd world country? What it’s like to struggle just to feed your family? I can be damn sure all of you “animal rights-activists” and xenophobic bastards would sure as hell kill that thing rather than starve to death. You’re all hypocrites in the worst way. I’ve lived in poor as hell villages in China and honestly, they will do whatever it takes to survive, and in that way, they are far better than many of you will ever be.

    So yeah, keep driving your hybrid cars, keep being vegans, and keep demonizing the hard working Chinese people who are just trying to keep their family’s alive. Call them ignorant all you want, at least they’re making an effort to live.

  • Really?? So the poor. poor, depraved chinese can barely even feed themselves or their families…..yet how many billions of them are there? Seems theiy’re pretty good at one thing ‘eh?

  • Well, you guys should go and try living in a poor village and see what villagers will do for food.

    If you are a PETA lover, i hope you realize that they kill a lot of the orphaned animals they take in.

    Don’t blame the Chinese for killing animals or fish to live and be thankful that they use most of the parts for food, medicine, and etc. There are one billion people living in China, from the very rich to the very poor. Many of the poor do not know if certain species are endangered or not, so don’t think they are doing this on purpose.

    • Yeah, you’re right. The Chinese government should be target for these issues, not the Chinese. And thing won’t be changed overnight with the 4000-year civilization (!)

  • Actually it is a rubber mold of a Chevrolet Mako Shark, a prototype that came to be known as the StingRay. It’s a big pr stunt designed to raise awareness of a new line of General Motors submersible automobiles.

  • Any boy who ever read a book on skates, rays and sharks can tell what that is. Manta rays are huge animals, what’s the big deal? Do we need to kill it and show the picture like it’s amazing? Can’t fault the poor fisherman who can make $1500 on it, I’d do it too to feed my family. but it’s still sad.

    We hooked one once by accident when I was a kid. I was on my uncle’s boat. We never thought about taking a picture or riding it.

  • hmm… a non agressive animal getting killed off, i wonder why. does survival of the fittest ring a bell?

    would be funny if these all of a suden became agressive, and therefore a more dominate species in the water.

    i say kill them all, let the plankton save our atmosphere.=)

  • well, if you guys really wanna save the earth and animals, why don’t you just take out the whole human population? after all, we are the worst kind of species out there (but i still like being a human very much). we don’t have a diet, a limited ecosystem or habitat, meaning we eat everything, kill everything, and doom the earth. so if your REALLY love animals, just go destroyer on the human race and i’m SURE we aren’t worth living.
    (now that my sarcastic comment is over)

    while i agree that everything one’s gotta make a living, the fishermen still got conned cuz i’m sure that stupid ray is worth more than a 1,500. if it was alive (or not) they should have sold it to some scientists or museum for a higher price. (but no one ever said that the chinese government is smart…and it’s not the poor’s fault to be unable to get the resources to make it big) on the side note, i would like to have this zoo or aquarium filled with the world largest animals. (and if they ever find any giant mutated squids that could wall on land, i would like to borrow them to take over the world! ^_^ think of the fun that would be! lol)

  • That is not a stingray, it is a manta-ray and the manta ray (Manta birostris), is the largest of the rays, with the largest known specimen having been more than 7.6 m (about 25 ft) across, with a weight of about 2,300 kg (about 5,000 lb). It ranges throughout all tropical waters of the world, typically around coral reefs.

  • why don’t they just let it live,make it breed by itself…..and hunt them when they have a lot of them??

    • Because,MantaLover,the Chinese are and always have been a particular race that will eat ANYTHING,due to their dubious breeding habits(well they ARE the human equivalent of rats,equalled only by India…),hence they have that many mouths to feed…

  • Why do they have to kill everything….. cats, dogs, shit… let the poor animal LIVE.

  • Is it just human nature to obliterate, capture and kill anything that is extremely rare, is about to go extinct or possess a peculiar characteristic???? Human nature is indeed, sometimes, but more often a full bottle of 100% pure stupidity, really, of the most purest kind.

  • great golly thats a big one.

  • how did you catch that with a lasso a huge lasso.
    what did the stinger look like.
    why couldnt you let it live there poor inasent little in this case big animals.
    Let animals live.

  • live after animals goes live




  • i recon thats just animal cruelty what did it do to you it is just another big bold and harmles animal what did it ever do to you that really annoyes me
    id do that to you if i ever saw u ur just as scary beat that

  • i agree with you what did it do to them id like to do that to them slopheads

  • dam right it is i am so mad at them slopheads

  • I’d like to Shake & Bake that baby!

  • Who knows,it might be fake.I’m just kidding but that thing is huge!!!

  • they caught it? stupid asians, can’t leave anything alone! its going to die now. How about we catch these dumb china people and see how they like it.

  • I agree with Barry. What is wrong with this country? Its not evan a sting ray. They kill everything and eat it.

  • i would like to tie up and drag who ever caught and killed that living animal behind my truck for a couple of hours, and see how much they like it!

    that animal was probably 100 years old! is a century long life worth a boal of f-ing soup!

    you people who support the slaughter of helpless animals will get what is coming to you!


  • you should be ashamed of your self let other people make a livving to.

  • let other people mame a living to

  • If that is what you truly believe then I hope that when human testicles make the grade as a delicasy in the far east may your testicles be the first to go

  • if times artough you would eat it

  • “Come on people, why can’t you see, everybody everywhere just have to be free!”

    Perhaps Chinese people generally do eat more types of food than other people, in fact, I get the impression that they may be similar to native peoples who make good use of the food supply rather than just shooting something, eating the best parts and throwing the rest of it away like Americans and perhaps Canadians did in the early years of their invasion of the North American continent.

    I wish that all peoples were more concerned about the fragile state of the environment and the endangered animals. Ultimately, the most heinous of criminals are those whom are rich and like to “trophy hunt”, killing for a headpiece and likely wasting the rest of the beast.

  • The asians won’t be happy till they’ve wiped every species in the ocean off the map. Whether it be sub-species of fish already decimated by overfishing or shark finning, this culture has an insatiable appetite for anything it can shove into its gob!!

  • Countries like China make me sick, all they see is $$$ signs. I really don’t think these “people” have a soul. They kill beautiful creatues like these, and others like tigers, Whales, dolphins, and sharks just so they can make money. I just want to shake some sense into them.

    Normal people would have seen the animal, and commented on how amazing it was and let it go, but not them, no never, who knows how many are out there that are this size. These people destroy animals for pride and so called “medicine” But its all bull!

    THey need to get into the 21 century and relize that animals have rights and what they are doing is wrong!

  • It is too bad that they killed the giant ray! I will say the ideal will be to examine it and release it back to where it came from. But then again, due to the sizes of this giant creatures, there is always a risk that they might die during struggle. And I will not blame the fishermen 100% for accidentally killing it, they are simply not educated as to what should they do, how to catch these giant creatures appropriately.

    I don’t think it is fair to pick on the Chinese about “eating everything that is edible”. From what I know, French eat snails, Peruvians eat guinea pigs, Thai eat scorpions, Australians eat kangaroos, Koreans eat dogs, Canadians eat deers etc etc. So what makes you think it is fair to pick on the Chinese whereby people all over the world eat different kinds of animals too? All human will eat whatever they want or need to. Simple as that. Some might see it as wrong, some might see that animals are just a source of food. I believe that if this giant stringray was offered in an european or western restaurant as a special dish for the night, more than 70% of the diners will definitely give it a try!!! And many of the diners will include people of you guys’ race (caucasian, african, chinese, indians etc)!! So stop picking on others before reflecting on yourselves!

  • Very good observation Flora… I agree! The problem however, is that there are too many people on this planet and farming is a very important key to our survival that if every country doesn’t start using soon, there’ll be nothing left. If 7 billion people just ate whatever they wanted we’d very quickly seal our fate…

  • most of the comments that i have read hear seem to be raceiest or just uninformed people. when you need to feed your family you will do what ever it takes wether you are american, canadian ,chinese ,thia or french thier not bad people they just want to survive. as you would!!!the entire world population has increaced in the past 20 years . including everyone that has made these comments .. at least they are out there trying to make an honest living !!

  • It’s a shame that they killed it. It’s even worse that the probably did so to feed their families. So who’s the real victim here? The poor hungry people or the poor helpless fish. Why single out the chinese? We are guilty here of killing life in some form or another…by killing trees, driving winter beaters, even by not recycling or by eating a burger. So let’s all just keep typing, with no action and see where this gets us all…

  • Wow Heather, That was such a open admission of racism!
    You sound so proud to be so ignorant.

    Maybe you’ve never paid attention to the news about protesters in northern China opposing human rights violations historically
    or perhaps you’re just generalizing about every person who has Chinese was a list of ethnic backgrounds in their gene pool, who could live anywhere in the world internationally?

    Gosh you want to know what I think is sad? People who are uncompassionate, ignorant & racist. Any chance you are aware
    of the USA’s financial multi-trillion dollar defecit & who some
    of the loans are indebted to?

  • its isnt possible. might be large but not for a whale as breakfast.
    It cant even contend with a shark, not to talk of whale

  • Election day in China…kinda like eat pork day in Saudia Arabia?

  • There’s no big deal in killing the animal, after all one man’s meat is another’s poison.Maybe we should leave the chinese for some period of years, and they would soon start eaten we fellow humans like them too, cos by then they would have eaten all types of animals, including jellyfish, elephants,toads,komodo dragons,anaconda’s,leeches,squids and many more, and will tell you they’ve gone tired of it and maybe might have tested human and will tell you it has great oil for stew and maybe meat that comprises of all vitamins,and you will be surprised. Lets just wait since we aint dead yet cos more news will definately come

  • It wasn’t killed over covetous behaviour. It was killed because that person was a fisherman, and a the manta ray happened to be a fish. It’s probably the only way he can support and feed himself and his family. This time, he hit the jackpot!

    Something tells me you haven’t evaluated the situation before you jumped to that conclusion.

  • You are both stupid.. They had to bring there nets back in and it just so happend to be in them. Without there net they dont get to eat or make a living. So people like you think o poor poor manta ray.. People like me say let them fish and support there families.

  • I agree with all you stated but the ( Arrogant American ) part for that you can suck my cock

  • that fish is giant i have never seen anything like it before

  • holy crap that is huge kid got guts dang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • The only thing sad about these fishermen killing this ray is that it would have been much better if they had dragged these whiney-arsed PETA hippies to their death instead.

  • they guys were crazy when they killed it

  • k guys i know its big but i told them to kill it, i was there it was a cow dressed up with a manta suit, a cow is also big and i think did the cow have feelings before it was turned into a burger? Of course his last will and testiment didnt say cover me in ketchup but u do and u eat that cow anyways sooo really what else do u do so be happy the cost of tuna went down cause thats what they'll cann it as, eat up and think with it gone, think of how many plankton we saved ………..wont someone please think of the plakton :) soo long story short ur all saying if its small its okay to die if its big save it???? sad we should all eat grass and hug trees wait maybe trees dont like to be hugged and grass feels pain………. but lets not be rediculous

    sincerly seal clubber 265

  • All you people who are calling this a Manta Ray are completely and utterly stupid. First of all mantas do not grow that large, second, Mantas live in salt water not fresh and third it eats clams and crabs and fish, it is a carnivore, it does not eat plankton. Moe, Jack, Sam et al need to stop reading stories like this when you're drunk and do some research before you look like fools and then actually confirm it when you post your comments. Wake up there are many reports and articles on these giant stinrays if you bother to read. Check out Ashley at least she knows what she's talking about. And if you at all bother National geographic has had a few shows on these types of animals.

  • those stingrays are deadly they can kill you

  • thats is not new in BUNGA MAR, Jagna, BOHOL….. this is the season of catching big stingray there…..

  • people should go back to their normal diet . for God sake , pls eat NORMAL meat , NORMAL fish and vegetables only .

  • Steve Irwin’s worst nightmare

  • gaga kayo lahat mga bobo sarap kayang ginataan nyan hahaha

  • I think 95% of these comments are just IGNORANT!
    This is NOT a Manta! Manta Rays are black and live in the Ocean! This is a river Stingray, it has a barb, it is round, and its mouth is underneath, where are you guys getting info that it doesnt? You need to google a video of this giant stingray, or watch the show River Monsters, it is the largest known freshwater fish measuring over 10 ft and 700 lbs it can have a 10" barb. The picture looks the way it looks cause the fish is being held by its mouth and therefore the head s bent back, the wake is causing his wings/flaps to flip up and "look" pointy, but they are not. And why are people complaining that they killed a "harmless" fish???? They eat it and use it to make vitamins and stuff, it is not like they mounted it on their wall. Cows are harmless and we slaughter tons of those so what exactly is your point? Before people talk out of their butt they need to read up on their geography and marine biology.

  • Pitty they feel the need to kill everything they can for some hocus pocus silly reason. Maybe they should start eating each other.

  • Too many people to feed so start eating each other.

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