Blind 5 Year-Old Pianist Next Mozart?
August 3, 2008 | by 孫子

Yoo Ye-eun, a 5 year-old South Korean girl is being talked about as though she might be the next Mozart.

Ye-eun was born without eyes and was abandoned by her parents.

She has never received formal piano lessons, yet even at the age of 3, she could play any song she heard after listening to it a single time.

The blind pianist received a large amount of recognition after a video of her performance received more than 27 million views on a popular Korean website called Pandora TV.

A similar clip on YouTube had received two million hits before it was removed.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

‘She has perfect pitch even though she has never learnt to play. We never taught her,’ said Ye-eun’s adoptive mother, Park Jung Soon.

In May she performed a duet of ‘You Raise me Up’ with 7 year-old British singer Connie Talbot, who last year starred in reality show Britain’s Got Talent.

YouTube Preview Image


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  • Mozart was a composer. Is she writing musical pieces? No. She is a gifted pianist.

    You should change this to “The Next Horowitz?”.

    • Actually, Mozart probably started playing before he started composing… so… hmmm… ^____^

      • Probably?


        • He did start playing the piano before he began to compose. He started as a child star playing pieces expertly written by other composers at the age of 3. Mozart began composing his own music at the age of 5, with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. … just a little in case, you know, if anyone was wondering.

        • You need to do your research. Mozart did not write the music to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. The tune comes from a French song called “Ah! vous dirai-je, Maman” (first published in 1761). At the age of 25 (1781 or 1782) Mozart wrote a piano composition comprised of 12 variations of the French tune. Just because Trivial Pursuit says so doesn’t make it true!

    • ur such a fag

    • He played AND composed. Semi-Fail

  • she like Marc Yu but he is not blind

    Marc Yu (born January 5, 1999) is a musical child prodigy. He plays the piano and the cello. Marc has been playing the piano since the age of two, and the cello since the age of four. He also exhibits a prodigious intellect in academic subjects, having advanced to high school-level math by the age of seven. In 2005 he was named a Davidson Fellow, making him the youngest recipient of this award.[1] He has been featured on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, the Ellen Degeneres show, as well as being featured on the television program National Geographic: Brain Child.

    Marc learned the piano at age two. While at a friend’s party, Marc heard the children in attendance singing “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” at which point he went to the piano and taught himself to play it. He started formal lessons at age three. He asked his mother, Chloe Hui Yu, to play a second instrument, and after visiting an instrument store, he picked out the cello. Marc also has perfect pitch, a rare aptitude that only one in 10,000 people have. Marc is home schooled.

    His musical idol is Lang Lang, whom Marc has met and played with on several occasions. Lang calls Marc “Little Mozart.”

  • Words cant describe……..especially when she sings and plays at the same time…….wow! So AMAZING

  • I love in the top video, the news report, the anchors can’t shut the f*ck up for 5 seconds so we can actually hear her play.

  • I think she should join a Punk Rock band.

  • Amazing !!! Really everyone was tearing. Hope she become a great pianist.

  • WOW….it really made me push back the tears when I read this story…I pray she receives NOTHING but success in her life time!

  • She’s good.
    Everyone love her.
    her singing and piano really touched my heart.
    all the best ,Ye-eun

  • I think she’s great because she’s got that gift. The greater one is her mum whose husband is in wheelchair (seen in one of the reports). She could pick up any healthy child to keep her company but she’s got the heart to choose this born blind girl. Without her love, there may not be a family who would accept Ye-eun. The greatest of all is LOVE. I cried almost every time when I heard her sing and play at the same time. That song was tailormade for Ye-eun. “You were born to be loved…. And you are receiving that love through your life….. The love from God that start since the beginning of your birth….. you are receiving that love through your life… ” I love Ye-eun singing this song. Her voice turned to be very soft while she sings this song. A witness to her true parents that she is lovable even if she’s born without eye balls. The biggest gift not only to her but to all the learn the greatest LOVE of God. Very inspiring….. ^^V^^

  • :D
    LeeTeuk oppa is enjoying Ye Eun’s piano playing

  • She really plays very well.Although she is blind, god has gave her a really precious gift.Keep up the good work, Ye-eun!

  • Please don’t go giving names to her, just listen when she performs, and that will bring tears to your eyes. Abandoned by her parenst that threw a diamond for others to enjoy. Many people today that was abandoned by their pares will feel vindicated.
    Brovo little girl! You are our little miracle.
    God bless


  • touching and inspiring. shows us tat nothing is impossible. she’s blind, abandoned and yet, she’s able to play the piano so well….God is fair after all………Wish her all the best!! ;))

  • one thing you all should note… In some Asian countries like Korean and China they start to count the years of age while the child is still in the womb.
    So if they say she is 5 in Korea, she is actually 4 by western standards.
    This is a thing that really confused me growing up because every time I went to visit family they would all say I am year older than I actually was (I'm a 2nd Gen Korean Canadian, so I go by the Western standard).
    I don't tear up when I watch movies or TV but I swear I was chocking back tears when she started to sing and play.

  • God Bless this child and her wonderful adopted parents. She is giving them much joy as well as to the rest of the world.

  • gosh she's so cute how could you leave such a talented child?

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