2 Faced Baby Born in India
July 24, 2008 | by 孫子

A very special girl was born last March in a small suburb of Delhi, India.

She was born with 4 eyes, 2 noses, 2 mouths, 2 ears, and 1 dimple on a shared cheek.

Similar to Lakshmi Tatma, a 2 year-old girl born with four arms and four legs, she is reverred as a reincarnated god by her local villagers, who sing and dance regularly for her.

“I had never seen something like this in my life so naturally I was a little scared when I first saw her,” her father was quoted as saying.

The young girl and her mother are both healthy and the family has no intentions of seeking surgery to correct the deformities.

“The doctor said everything is normal when she was born. So where’s the need to get medical help?” said the child’s father. “She’s fed through one mouth and sucks her thumb with the other. We use whichever mouth is free to feed her.”

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  • now that is seriously some freaky shit…
    i wonder if they each have different personalities..
    give a whole new meaning to the term 4 eyes…

  • wow do they shared the same brain? or they are actually one? I was wondering how they suppose to moved at the same time if they are born with different brain.

    I think it would be the most complicated surgery it going to have if the father agree for it.

  • I would think surgery would be really really risky – I wonder how she sees with four eyes, too.

    But hey, being the reincarnation of Durga? Not too shabby.

    • I agree with you entirely. I would think that if only one mouth can be used to feed the two headed child/children that their is only one brain working in two different heads. Who knows but the nurses and doctors that are caring for them. If there are two brains then the heads could be severed, and each would have two eyes, a nose and a mouth. The cheek would have to be corrected somehow, and maybe they could share that dimple. But, if there is only one heart, two kidneys, one liver, and two lungs, two bowels and one indigestive system, how could a man from India where people are so poor ever have his babies separated at a cost so high that no poor family could ever afford the surgery, unless brought to the US for US doctors to treat it like a guinnee pig. He doesn’t know it now, but they will be laughed at, gawked at, and as they grow times will get hard just living each day, unless they leave this pair in a hospice to get the care it needs.

  • Life is hard and no promise of a “Rose Garden” is guaranteed. As a parent I cannot imagine this type of birth to me. It appears the birth is so devastating to them that they revere the baby as a type of god. No one wants to say that these are, “Birth Abnormalities.” As any child, they are small now, however, they do have to grow and face life that is not so kind. I wish them well. I can almost feel the intersuffering.

    • you dope, it’s a different culture, they are cool with the defects in a way that eurocentric westernized cultures are to superficial to understand…

      • it’s not a “different culture”, it’s a bunch of people who are ignorant, uneducated, and couldn’t tell you the meaning of “conjoined twins” if they had guns to their heads. the west isn’t superficial for including conjoined twins under defined birth defects because that’s what conjoined twins are — a birth defect. it has nothing to do with how it LOOKS. it’s a defect because they usually end up dead of organ failures after a typically short, arduous life. if these people had any comprehension of that, versus ridiculous religious superstition, they’d be horrified.

  • O_O wow…

    this bring a whole new meaning to the word “twin” >.<

  • Really good photoshop. I almost believed it at first.

  • how can that happen

  • God be with this child no matter what the parent decision is on having surgery on the precious child.

  • what a poor child.
    There must be a beauty doctor who will treat him for free.

  • There is something in the water in India?

    The girl was born on Monday at a hospital in the suburbs of Delhi, according to the Daily Mail.

    Since then, people in her rural village have been singing and dancing — offering money and asking for her blessings.

    The parents are hoping the government will help with medical treatments needed for their baby girl in the future.

    • fck u darwing duck, wherever the fck u are from.


      You are no medical professional.

      • the medical term for the condition is “facial duplication”.

        What the doctors do not know is whether her tiny body is actually supporting a parasitic twin, since her parents have refused to allow doctors to perform a CAT scan or MRI to determine the extent of her deformity, even though they have offered to do so for free.

        The people think it Ganesh.

        • Ganesh is the Hindu elephant god. Please do some background study to expand your knowledge. In a world that is increasingly religiously pluralistic, it behooves us all to have a working knowledge of the major world religions. An educated person should be conversant in the main beliefs of Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism, which are the world’s four major religions.

        • An educated person should akshully work to avoid conversation of belief in any of the world’s four retarded religions.

        • Hate to break this to you folks, but Islam is actually the largest religion in the world at 21% of the worlds population, but that’s only if you dont lump all of the Christians together.
          Christians 33.32% (of which Roman Catholics 16.99%, Protestants 5.78%, Orthodox 3.53%, Anglicans 1.25%), Muslims 21.01%, Hindus 13.26%, Buddhists 5.84%, Sikhs 0.35%, Jews 0.23%, Baha’is 0.12%, other religions 11.78%, non-religious 11.77%, atheists 2.32% (2007 est.)
          This is according to The US Government.

    • IS THERE SOMETHING IN THE WATER IN INDIA?! Yes, just about anything you can imagine…diseases like cholera, hepatitis and just about anything else you can think of, animal and human waste…and lets not forget a little Western contribution in Bhopal courtesy of Union Carbide circa 1985.

  • This child is going to have some serious medical problems. And these parents will need some outside help. I hope they know enough to see a specialist.

    Poor kid. If those villagers are giving money as a sort of tribute to the kid. The parents had better start saving. If this kid isn’t fixed one day soon, she will have the added problem of psychological damage. And no normal future.

  • I am glad she was born there.

    Better than here in the U.S. where people would treat her like a freak or try to cut off one of her faces though it may turn out that there are really two brains – and two people – in one skull.

    And better than in Africa, where if she wasn’t murdered for being a freak, they’d somehow find some reason to harvest her for her body parts like they do with albinos in Tanzania.

    At least in India she’ll feel loved and welcome and she will be treated well.

    • Are you saying that school-aged kids in India don’t taunt eachother and this child won’t face social stigma from her peers?

      Are you also saying that medical specialists in the US would not have the ability to see whether there are two discrete brains inside her head?

      Because I’d wager that you’re wrong on both counts.

      • thegoddessandthewarrior

        Knock, Knock, Darek.
        Goddess. They think she’s a reincarnation of a goddess…
        What kid, school-aged or not, makes fun of an avatar?
        I guarantee you that kid would get beat for such a sacrilegious outburst.
        You all have to remember this isn’t western christian culture. This culture is different. And thank goodness for differences. Because if everyone was as blunt-brained, dim-witted, close-minded bigots as I’ve seen churned out of the western christian culture- I’d like to think I wouldn’t be the only one shooting myself just to escape the mentality. Even when I was christian, I thought I’d rather go to hell than deal with the people I see thumping their bibles even if in some spiritual paradise.
        Unfortunately, the child probably will have severe difficulty as she grows. But if the whole village has to carry her around on a lofted seat as she attends religious ceremonies and becomes the wise woman of her people, I’m thinking they won’t mind. And, so long as she’s not in great pain, neither will she. She’s eating- so it doesn’t seem she’s in pain.

    • First one that makes sense here. You're 100% right !!!

  • I don’t know how this happens but it don’t just happen in india and being hindu don’t have much to do with it. In Loma Linda, California if you go to the medical muesum you can see plenty of this kind of stuff. And yes they were aborted, all kinds of fetuses in right here in america.

  • Woot, speak on bro!

    Actually, being an American, I’m ashamed to be surrounded by these ignorant assholes, rest assured we’re not all ignorant, selfish, prejudicial pricks. :)

    • Not at all–unfortunately, a lot of the Americans who ARE ignorant, selfish, prejudicial pricks end up posting on the internet. Or dumb. A lot of dumb Americans post on the internet too.

  • She is beautiful! Thank God she was born in a country that embraces a difference instead of pointing fingers and saying “aww poor poor baby.” She will grow up and have lines of men wanting her hand in marriage because she is viewed as a goddess.

    • So the only reason that she’s being accepted by the villagers is not for her and her alone, but because she resembles a religious figure that those people have been brought up to idolise and revere from birth. Doesn’t seem all that altruistic and non-judgemental to me. They’ll soon be expecting miracles from her, hundreds of them lining up night and day to fix their ills.

      They may think of this as a nonissue, but let’s not confuse the reason for them doing so.

      • Maybe she will perform miracles. Maybe she is a reincarnated goddess.

        • There is no such thing as “reincarnation”
          You only have one chance at life to “get it right”
          It is appointed unto man, once to die, and after this… the judgement. Hebrews 9:27

        • JesusFreak… very clever, using one religious belief to discredit another… there’s almost as many Hindu’s as Christians… the two believe different things. That’s how it works.

        • I have the book Jesus Freak – excellent book! Kind of like a modern-day Foxe’s Book of Martyrs. ^_^

          Thank you, cynical730 for that unsolicited plug!

          Sad thing is, Jesus died for you, too………

      • what are you talking about for being her and her alone. shes a baby for christ sakes

    • i totaly agree

  • i think she is beautiful too.

  • Cassandra White

    She’s a beautiful baby. I too am so glad she was born where she will be surrounded by love, admiration, and respect.

  • psychological problems? she’ll probally be more sane then anyone who’s lived their whole without having to stand out. just because she looks different doesn’t mean shes going to have psychological problems.

    health problems maybe. but don’t forget that we are all just deformed monkey with a few millennium of birth defects. maybe this is next?

    • Saying that she’ll be fine is no different than saying she’ll have issues. Its just a shot in the dark. No one can tell how she’ll be able to deal with this, how much support her envinronment will offer, etc.

      I understand that you want to think positively in a situation like this, but don’t castigate someone for pointing out the strong possibility of psychological issues. People’s self esteems have suffered greatly from abnormalities a fraction as pronounced as this.

  • goosebumps… it’s perfectly symmetric.

  • er… two furry foreheads. I think you may have missed the core theme of the article.

  • no_but_i_play_one_on_tv

    She has a very promising career at the New Dheli PeoplePC call center.

  • whats going to happen when she talks? will both mouths talk at separate times?? or…what.

    • Why ask question like that? None of us are surgical doctors of that type. I am sure it would have been told more in depth if the press wanted you to know such things. Don’t let your imagination run off with you. This happens every day. I am a surgical nurse who assists doctors who try very hard to get things right, but sometimes the malformation is too far gone to really repair anything.

  • It does seem like there are many extreme birth defects in India. Could also be that they’re being reported more frequently.

  • Damn , effect of too many nuclear facilities in India!! yeah YEAHHHHH

  • this girl isnt two ppl, yes her embryo obviously was trying to split into twins but never fully did, so its one person that has a double face, so she alone has control over 4 eyes 2 noses and mouths. and i duno why they would say shed could have surgery it would be more painful and ongoing than anything else seeing as her skull would have to be reshaped.

  • Hahaha
    that just made my night. you have NO idea

  • Man, I’m sorry, but some of you people are a bunch of pathetically optimistic pricks. Glad that she’ll be able to live in a land where she won’t be taunted and ignored by society? Are you kidding me? Is India all of a sudden some sort of magical land where birth defects and physical deformities aren’t a source of social stigma? A land where everyone is equal *cough*caste system*cough* and no one disrespects each other regardless of birth place, origin, or any other deciding factor in a person’s social standing? A land where young children WON’T tease her because “obviously” they were taught better because they’re Indian?

    Seriously, I’m not purposely trying to make any specific country look bad, but if you think India is any better than the “social ignorance” of America or any Western nation in general, you got to stop complaining about the little things and live in a country where your “problems” don’t mean s**t. Let’s be honest, people regardless of where they come from are naturally bad, I’m very confident no matter where this child was born, she’d suffer social marginalization.

    • I couldn’t have said it better myself. This is so true that the child over here would be marginalized, stigmatized, and gawked at as if they were in a circus. Americans are cruel and arrogant, but karma has a way of finding those of you who have it coming!

  • @Gee-man – ur not wrong.
    But the thing is, in Hindu mythology(‘aka’ crap) many many gods are depicted as having 4 eyes , three faces etc.

  • omg that was creepy.

  • Most of these deformed babies are from India. Weird.

    • no. actually the largest concentration and highest and fastest growth is Iraq. They averaged 30 ‘major birth defects’ per year before 1998. Since then 12,000/yr since our “occupation” and use of chemical and other weaponry. 90% of the time, in history, birth defects are a result of stimuli long before the child was conceived. India does not have a high population of these effects. We hear about them, like this one, because they do not hide them and actually, again as in this case, often revere them.


  • But for the Grace of God go I.

  • whoever has commented wrongly on the baby r actually abnormal… indians r emotional n sensible…not a heartless,selfish assholes like others… if u can help the kid,do it…else just get a life…. grow up u freaks…

  • If all her eyes blink together she must only have one brain. If everything works right she will have amazing vision!!

    The problem will be her jaw and mouths, how can you have two jaws on one skull? Maybe that’s why her middle cheek is enlarged.

    But the prefect duplication is amazing, I would have to say she is a double cutie!

  • eeks! I read about this on MTV today this is so damn weird! I pity for the baby :|

  • Awesome – wish i could see in 360 deg… well make it 180.
    Unfortunately, i fear she may have future issues when her facial muscles, bones, etc start to grow and develop. Hope she copes.
    Also hope she hasn’t got an extra-ulterior conscience/being harbored somewhere within. That would be interesting and frightening

  • It’s not a doctored photo, watch the video.

  • Wowsers I never knew so many weirdasianews readers were so discriminating and ignorant.


    two-faced baby!! I hope she survives and lives without physical pain. She’s adorable(that dimple) and fascinating. Something about these weird babies being born must say somethin’ about evolution.

  • I wish that child nothing but the best life…… but it makes me wonder what is in the water in India!!!! They are having 2 faced babies and 4arm and 4 legged babies!!! Thats just odd dont you think???

  • i’m only disgusted because of the UTTER lack of respect shown by many of the comments posted above. All of you people who say things like, Hinduism is crap, and that reincarnation does not exist – how do you know? Have you ever studied the Vedas or the Gita? I sincerely doubt it.
    You’ll notice that Hindus never put other religions down – unless they are provoked. But, for those of you “Christians”, Hindus have never hurt you or tried to convert you or bothered you, so leave them be.
    Regarding the caste system – it is not in as much effect anymore, unless you’re from a small village, where people have not been touched by modern ideas. Don’t comment on things you don’t understand. It makes you look even more stupid than you probably are.

    The baby is adorable. I hope she has a happy and fulfilling life…without jerks like you polluting it.

    • “Regarding the caste system – it is not in as much effect anymore, unless you’re from a small village, where people have not been touched by modern ideas.”

      That’s right! A village much like the one this girl was born in, according to the article.

  • Garbage pail kids cards Rule! What? It’s not a garbage pail kids card? It’s a real kid? Yes! Real Garbage pail kids rule!

  • Teach one to speak proper English, so when I call Dell support, I’ll be able to understand what they’re saying…

  • You fcker ryan..You have no heart and god will judge u on that.

  • why are there so many spider-babies being born in india? oh well, i guess that’s what happens when you live in filth, marry girls to dogs, and interbreed with your own blood relatives.

  • thegoddessandthewarrior

    That was awesome! Totally believable.
    And speaking of being “deformed monkey with a few millennium of birth defects” (thank you Anon). George W? XD

  • Photoshop.

  • I think this case is fascinating, personally I see it as more probable that she is infact twins, as there are deffinately two seperate hemispheres and then one that maybe be conjoined, I would love to know how she functions, but I guess it will remain a mystery.

    Guys lets not have a battle over religion. I am a Christian but i’m not going to criticise other religions or say I know what happens when we die because I don’t, nobody knows for sure.

  • With all this discussion about religions, has nobody noticed that the family name is Singh? I believe that’s a Sikh name, unless they’ve converted to Hinduism.

  • Does this baby or babies have one or two names? Does it have one or two birth certificates ….is it considerd two people? I wonder how long this type if being lives.

  • Ok, so this is a BABY we are talking about here people. It isn’t her fault or the parents fault that she was born this way. God chose to make her different and while she may have health problems in the future, I don’t feel that it is our postion to determine what should and shouldn’t be done to the child. Look at her, she absolutely adorable. From the way she has two faces, I’m assume that she was very likely a twin. This sort of thing happens all the time, in different degrees. Honestly, if I would have had the choice of having both of my boys with problems such as these compared to not having the one at all, I would chose this hands down. My son who is two is a twin, but his twin was lost at 27 weeks due to intrauterine complications. Trust me…..from experience, these parents are thanking God that they even HAVE this baby to hold and love. The outcome could have been a lot worse for the parents and the child. Just remember that we are all someones child, and think about that when you try to post rude or negative comments about an innocent baby.

  • To the man who said that this situation gives new meaning to the slander of “4 eyes” Shame on you, maybe this should happen to you one day.

  • I would think that U know nothing about bearing children. Twins are nothing strange to have, so why is this so different? With all of the malformed children in the USA, we don’t have the time or money to be giving free aid to that part of the world that is out to kill us all, and doesn’t understand anything here but money and talent.

    • Holy crap are you serious? This is India you stupid woman. How are they out to “kill us all”. You are truly a blind and ignorant person. Stop talking before you convince someone that you have a clue, if that is at all possible.

  • Is that any of your business you geefified louse!

  • The baby is a month old and still doesn’t have a name. How about naming her “Mirror”? It fits, and at least she’d have one, for crying out loud!

  • Yeah, I’d have aborted that shit with a quickness!!

  • It is a fact that she can drink from both of her mouths and blink with four eyes.

  • Wow thats freaky, Good thing our government does its nuclear testing overseas!!!

  • deformed guy your gay

  • do you people have nothing better to do then pick on a baby! go read a book and focus on your own life!

  • no offense, but i just wanted to say.. how would you correct such “deformities”

  • nice

  • i wasn’t if you’ve read all of this you would understand that people pick on this baby when it’s just as special as all people.

  • i am a person that is deformed and i hate people butting into my life like people are doing on this site so 100 percent on c-lo’s side and everyone else just dosen’t understand so bloody butt out!

  • thanks at least someones on my side so up yours everyone else…..stupid idots disagreeing with me

  • piss of wener

  • learn to spell ……..PLEASE! your making the site look stupid

  • and plus wener if that is your real name…… piss off you bloody dickhead fcking idoit

  • are we starting a an angry people website or what?:)

  • works for me!

  • dose any one even go to this site exspect the BORING 1324 outher people that comented …jeez

  • i dont get it.
    is it two people, like some kind of conjoined twin?
    or is it one girl controlling everything?
    i wanna no if the eyes go different ways

  • i do too shes very interesting and abosutly adorabubble but shes not the only one with this if only there were someone like her to give us some ansewers

  • Nobody stated the obvious, she ha a bright future in Politics!

  • They still shout get the scans, just to make sure she’s okay.

  • Based on the comment tat Andrew Porter aka PhilosophicOne made on 07/31/2008… you said, “A Hindu who has never heard of Jesus, but is faithfully and consistently seeking Ultimate, Unchanging Truth (God) through Hinduism is not “worshiping false idols.” For an illustration of this concept, read C.S. Lewis’ “The Last Battle.” Near the end, the character Emeth has been seeking a false god “Tash” all his life. The lion, Aslan, who represents Jesus tells Emeth that he counts all his seeking as seeking him, because it was a lifelong, discontented and restless seeking. Even a Christian should still seek, and the Bible tells us to. Also, who are we with our finite minds to draw boundaries within which God is supposed to stay?”
    All this might sound nice and comforting to hear… but its not just about seeking any god , a true or false god. Read this…….“ Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”” John 14:6 (New International Version)
    Its not just abt thinking tat we r limiting God or anything…its just the truth in John 14:6 which sadly many don’t know….

  • Wow, and they're not going to seek surgery? they should really think about her future, kids will make fun of her, and she'll never get married and she'll never have a normal social life.

  • crazyy. and hate to break it to you religi-freaks (hah, yes, i consider you crazies much freakier then that little baby) but this wasnt caused to idol worship…its a mutation..or deformity…and it happens. Im glad they arent treating her like a freak.

    someone up there said that its no wonder this nation is in such poor shape, with some of the people and their reactions on here….i agree wholeheartedly.

    sigh. i guess in the end humans will get what they deserve, via divine retribution or nuclear war.

    …the war would be started over religion anyway. atheists just cant win lately =/

  • who says she’ll get married and sure she’ll probably get teased but dosen’t everybody along the way I do and she will never have a normal social life, i agree but she’ll find somebody who exspets her for her.

  • to quote red vs blue:
    “what was all that stuff about god?”

    but seriosly interesting article

    and about the name 2 words : Xbox live.

  • what do you mean xbox live?

  • Surgery is out of the question here if you ask me because it’s clear that each of them controls a more or less equal part of their mutual body: at least both their mouths are fed in turn and both can suckle their thumbs. They are two (more or less) independent brains in one body. Indeed a very miscompleted seperation, rigth after the conception of identical twins. On the photo you can see how each of them focusses on different objects. They are clearly two conciousnesses. I have no idea to which extent each can feel or even take over control from the other.

    They don’t seem to have a problem now: they’re little and very much loved. They don’t need or want to take lots of decisions yet. I’m really curious how they will develop. I have not read of them passing away anywhere so I assume they’re doing fine.

  • I think tere definetely two diffrent mind in one bodyI’m cuirous to see how they will cope in audlt lifefor example :jobs ,love,children?

  • i meant my name i got it from the random name xboxlive gave me

  • Correction on self:

    Meanwhile I’ve read some more on this subject. The child has probably just one normal mind. Many people (me too) tend to think that it was an unsuccesfull division of identical twins, but it’s not. It’s a malfunction of the genes that are responsible for a baby’s face growth. So it’s no siamese twins but just one girl with a “construction-flaw”.

  • well dah frakie of cause

  • Well.. It seems that just by appearance, she is already teaching the world about acceptance.

  • its not the kid’s fault…she is born how she is…she is not a freak nor an abnormality…she is another creation of God’s…he had a reason for creating her as he did and no one but him knows why…

    BUT it’s unfortunate she was born into an ignorant society that does worships fugly man made idols and believes in reincarnation and deems her a goddess……that will be her downfall…only the pagan hindus would have placed her on a pedestal because of their ignorance…so dont blame her…blame her ignorant society she lives in……

    what is a shame is that she will not have the knowledge of who ONE God is and will be worshiped by the ignorant masses ONLY because of where she was born…

    i bet her parents wont go for surgery because they are basking in the attention they are getting because of her….if she ever becomes ‘normal’ then they lose everything they are getting cus of her….they will use her to their benefit like every greedy hindu parent does….thats how the stupid hindu indian society is…all abt social status….thats where the stupid caste system came into place, but thats another topic

    i pray when she grows up, God gives her the understanding to realize that while she is special…she is NOT a goddess but a human being and he gives her the sense to worship him and only him and not all the millions of false gods of her people or to go on pretending she is a goddess…AMEN

    God Bless America and all the believers of ONE TRUE GOD…..

    • Are you truly serious? You and people like you are the reason that others will never believe Americans are not all bigots. I am not Christian nor Hindu but i still KNOW that what you are saying is horrible and wrong. You are the kind of people that make me hope there IS a god simply because i want to see you get what you deserve. Surgery probably couldn’t help this child because it is such a severe defect. I admit India is not as “sensitive and great” as a lot of people are making it out to be but at least she was born outside of the US where she would have to deal with you.

      Also, what makes you so sure you are following the right religion? And look at your name. Santa Claus Lover? You wait for a magic man to show up one day a year and pass down judgment of naughty or nice. You leave him cookies and milk as offerings. You even may leave things for the reindeer (or at least some kids do) and you claim others of false worship? When you should be out being a “good christian” and worshiping your “messiah”, you are in your home being the greedy little present-monger you are.


  • I belive that isnt normal because Gods everithing did perfect! Im sorry if you not agree with me. But I trying to be honest with you. Im sorry for the child and im sorry for you too.

  • I don’t have a comment about the baby, but I’m just wondering: why are all of you commenters so mean? :/ I don’t think that the bulk of you are really in the position to be hurling epithets like “freak.” At least this poor child isn’t trolling webpages.

  • but the thing is, it isn’t a ‘they’.
    it’s not siamese twins, it’s one child with 2 faces.
    would be really creepy.
    i wonder if she can talk out of both mouths?
    and they could both be saying different things! she could do a duet with herself!


  • Just wondering…Why Her and Why isn’t she not made normal like any other normal being with one face?…Why does she had to go all through all these suffering today, tommorrow?…
    Is these the normal being body???…2 eyes…2 ears…1 nose…and 1 face?…Well, 4 His ways are higher than mine like the Heaven are higher than the earth…so how can i understand HIS ways.

  • subhanaulloh hanya aulloh pencipta semestaa alam dan isisnyaa

  • its very horrible…..n we should afraid of the dooms day

  • GOD is very Merciful n Gracious……we Should fear frm The GOD…….God Seve us Frm such immineince

  • es impresionante no me lo creo que dos personas nazcan en el mismo cuerpo en realidad esto es un sueño por que no melo creo seguro que es un muñeco

  • i am glad she was not born in england because she would have been treated like a freak if she was born in india that is a good thing if she has 2 faces well that was gods decision

  • How can u even say that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????? the poor girl anyways wont live for long .

  • you suck tom what if i kill you

  • oh poor child cant belive how the childs parents must be feeling but if i were the childs parent i would abandon the chid………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..tear drop

  • Kid/kids is/are gonna grow up a lawyer, be the best there is, gonna develop an affinity for flipping a coin to make big decisions, and will develop a hate for bats

  • i dont think its real.. is it?
    its pretty sad if it is.
    because how would she survive, they cant share a brain!!!!
    even tho if they had seperate brains they still cant survive with 1 body with different thoughts, well not for long.
    Even if they would live, its just a torture for them and their friends and family!

  • ur one sick person and the the one with problems

  • you hella suck!!!

  • AWWWWW she…uh…..THEY! yeah they are so cute !

  • I have been disgusted by many of the comments which I have read concerning this video and the?two little girls portrayed in it. I wish these little girls well and pray that God will protect them from such abominable people as those who have made such appalling comments about them, their family and their nation. Congenital abnormalities are much more common than most people realise and most of the babies affected are miscarried naturally. If you take the trouble to find and read the statistics concerning what I have said, I think you will be shocked.

  • I blame the Union Carbide plant explosion.

  • this article is very helpful & informative with very useful knowledge i have gotten from here thanks for it.

  • Merely dear to break you the strength you resist the temptation, Coke was not isolated pandora bracelets by our budget or diet. a all the way brand, and then I moldiness commence to arrive at an plan to let their superstitions help them; hopped in how-do-you-dos auto and adopted the ambulance to the infirmary to be at Baer’s side while doctors tried to puzzle out what constituted carrying on.

  • Go away. Now. Please.

  • Weird… Asia… News…

  • you sick godman, its better than being a follower of Warren Jeffs or be a pedophile… all u people know is to be swingers or rape children. I am sure u do nothing more than live on unemployment paid by the money these hindus contribute for u….

  • You’re a moron. Hinduism is a religious/philosophical system, not a race. Or are you the sort of dimwitted bigot who thinks of “Muslims” as a race, too? Please, do the gene pool a favor and put a gun in your mouth.

  • excuse me. please watch what you say. hindus are not freaks. in fact, there is a study showing that mixed marriages, especially iwth hindus, strengthen the ‘white’ gene…. the reason this is all happening is because of the idol worshipping they perform… its a sin manifesting in physical form…

  • You’re an immigrant yourself, white man. Maybe you should go back to where your family originally came from.

  • Hindus need Jesus the same as you do. They just need Jesus.

  • Americans wonder why the rest of the world hates them. It's because of people like you, you racist bastard! The Hindi immagrants I have met in Austalia are gentle and peaceful people. I dont know of any hindus that blow up American skyscrapers or attacks westeners in Bali, Spain etc. I'll bet you're a bible quotin', gun totin' flag-wavin' good ol' boy, redneck asshole from the southern section of the "Land of the Free"

  • Considering this village is helping the child (entertaining via dancing, giving money), I think that speaks a lot about their culture. Sure, they may think she’s goddess incarnate, but on the other hand at least they’re not stoning her to death or burning her at the stake.

    As well, its not something in their genes. There’s a conjoined set of twins in BC, Canada, to a caucasian/white couple.

    And really, racism is soooo 15th century. It should be a thing of the past and I think YOU are the filthy, disgusting one for saying such things about fellow human beings.

    Eesh. some people never look beyond their own noses.

  • Godman,

    For someone with that kind of hubris, you display remarkably ungodlike qualities of hatred and bigotry.

    Sucks to be you when your wheel turns ’round.

  • Yup, Christians, Muslims and Jews never have birth anomalies (sarcasm for those who haven’t detected it). You’re comment only indicates that you sir/madam are a total idiot. Oh go back to your head shaving and Hitler dolls.

  • okay listen; what right do you have to say shit about hindus? your the freak. hinduism is NOT a race.. it is a growing religion. learn your facts. this kind of birth could happen to ANYBODY.. even your child.. so how about you use your useless brain before you open your mouth, alright?

  • joanna, I hope you die today.

    ‘godman’ is just a nasty, stupid little troll. You on the other hand are pure evil. Please die soon.

  • Joanna, You could be more right than you know. People will reap what they sow… It could be the judgement of a Holy God that is fed up with people worshipping all these false idols.

  • Why would god punish a baby instead of someone who was actually commiting the sin? Your god sounds like a monster.

  • agreed (with James)

  • Unfortunately, you know nothing about why this baby is disfigured.

  • for someone saying others need jesus and need to not worship fake idols isnt it a bit sacraligious for you to use the name jesusfreak

  • Someone smarter than you

    who let you out of the basement?

  • no, it isn’t. it’s all the same. hindus contribute money? how the hell can they do that when they don’t have any? i’d sooner assume godman, like myself, is a westerner who has had taxes taken out of his pay and shipped to india in aide. therefore the hindus would be living off his contribution. duh.

  • Blue State Bitch

    Are you people for real? The judgment of a holy god?

    And they allow ignorant dumbasses like you to vote. No wonder we’re in dire straits.

  • Andrew Porter aka PhilosophicOne

    You are not a Jesus Freak. You merely hold a misguided concept of Jesus. Jesus associated with the “freaks” of His day – harlots, tax collectors, lepers. Roman Centurions, Samaritans, the demon-possessed, the dying, and even raised the dead. Jesus stepped squarely on and violated many religious and social conventions of His day. Reaping what one sows refers to going against what a person knows to be wrong. “He that knows to do right, but doesn’t, commits sin” (James 4:17). A Hindu who has never heard of Jesus, but is faithfully and consistently seeking Ultimate, Unchanging Truth (God) through Hinduism is not “worshiping false idols.” For an illustration of this concept, read C.S. Lewis’ “The Last Battle.” Near the end, the character Emeth has been seeking a false god “Tash” all his life. The lion, Aslan, who represents Jesus tells Emeth that he counts all his seeking as seeking him, because it was a lifelong, discontented and restless seeking. Even a Christian should still seek, and the Bible tells us to. Also, who are we with our finite minds to draw boundaries within which God is supposed to stay? God is sovereign, and as such, He can choose to draw a person to Him through any path of truth-seeking. If we believe otherwise, we are acting as though God were not soverign, but as though He is subject to us, which has never been, and never will, be the case. Jesus said, “And I, if I am lifted up from the earth, will draw ALL MEN to me” (John 12:32). Verse 33 explains that this “lifting up” refers to His crucifixion. It also refers to his substitutionary sacrifice for the entire human race. We must consider that Law and Grace are two related but different things. Grace fulfilled the law through Jesus. The Jewish nation has failed in their mission of spreading the knowledge of God over the world. Jesus did not fail in his mission to provide the means for any and everyone to be reunited with God. The Bible tells us about the mechanisms that made this work among the peoples of the First Century, but it also tells us that at the end of the Book of Acts, the Gospel overcame every barrier which was presented to it. I firmly believe that if a person places limits on God in their mind, that this results in limits of what God feels compelled to do for them. In my thinking, the person who has limited God is farther away from Him than a true seeker who is not a Christian.

  • People will reap what they sow? Were that true Ken Lay would have been crucified and Tom Ridge torn apart by wild dogs. It’s unfortunate that disposable little cliche isn’t true.

  • God did not punish this precious child. God is a God of Love. Sin is what causes these abnomalities and certain illness in people. I suggest you get into the Word of God. God allows these things to happen but does not cause them. But, God, in His time, can perform a miracle in this childs life. God is not a vengeful God. You need to read the book of John. I will pray for you.

  • Yeah, who needs scientific explanations for birth defects that affect Jebus freaks and Hindus alike, when they can just attribute it to magic.

  • Speaking as a gun totin’, flag wavin, good ol’ boy redneck asshole from the South I resent your remark. Not all of us are ignorant nor are we all “bible thumpers” as some assume. Quite frankly it appears to be you who is the “racist”. At the very least you seem to be biased against those from the southern parts of the US. Less hate, more understanding.
    As for the child, if she grows in a house filled with love it doesn’t matter how she looks. Physical deformity does not mean a life of suffering as long as she is otherwise healthy. I wish her and her family all the best. The rest of you, while entitled to your opinion, should do the same.

  • plz dont insult american ONLY THIS BITCH

  • It might be hard to fit the entire human population into the eastern portion of the African continent.

  • dam right


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