Japanese Standing Cats
June 17, 2008 | by 孫子

Cats have always been very popular in Japan.

Products like Hello Kitty and famous anime movies like Kiki’s Delivery Service are great examples of how much the Japanese adore their feline friends.

Cats are cool and all, but nothing weirds me out more than when a cat does something that is very human-like, such as standing upright on its hind legs or using cat doors.

We came across three great videos showing weird cats that can stand for quite some time.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Cute and adorable… sure.

Completely creepy and unnerving… absolutely.

Sun Tzu has spent about 7 years in Asia traveling through Japan, Hong Kong, China, and Korea. A true fan of everything that is weird and strange, he decides in the end what is displayed and published on this site. Sun has previous experience writing for numerous print mags such as XLR8R, URB, and Movement Magazine.

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  • that's…..cool….

    SEE, that's darwin's theory of evolution in effect…

    tho why cats evolve into standing up…….

    i haven't the slightest clue…..

  • Thank God they don’t have thumbs!!! ^(O.o)^

  • It’s pretty obvious why the little kitten in the last video doesn’t walk on all fours. Wonder if some appropriate veterinary care could have prevented that.

  • Once it was fashioable to tie women’s feet in Japan, in order to keep them little. (The feet that is.)
    Is this a new fashion… to deform cats’ paws, to make them walk on two feet?
    Only one step better than eating them, I suppose!

    • MRCY Award Committee

      I would like to nominate Chris for the Most Retarded Comment of the Year Award.

    • yea, like Hello Doggy said, binding your feet was a tradition in China, and it is not popular there… it’s kind of like breaking your ribs to fit inside whale bone corsets in Victorian ages… not done anymore.
      And Chris also seems to be implying that the Japanese will “soon” eat cats.
      ummm…. no.

    • The cat in the video with deformed paws was a stray that was rescued. The cat, Shonko, was born with that defect and rejected by its mother who I believe was also a stray. It wasn't bred on purpose.

  • It was in China not in Japan


    Well, the female cats in my world are like the ones here, stuck-up and short-tempered, for a pet I’d take a dog any day.

  • Well this sure is creepy, but I remember seeing on the news about a Japanese man stuffing kittens into bottles and feeding them chemical stuff them so they could take the shape of the bottle. That was not only creepy but cruel.

  • my rats stand on their legs too, they should get a prize.

  • I once had a cat who did that although not for such long periods of time. It’s funny to me that you find it so creepy. If you’ve had a lot of cats, you’ll find the behavior is not so unusual.

  • I get a kick out of just reading the comments….I wonder if cat taste like chicken?

  • These are Scottish Fold Cats…. notice the ears? (Even if the ears aren’t bent, they still have the Scottish Fold gene… The whole “scottish fold” thing is an abnormality, and to get one you need to breed a Scottish Fold with another breed of animal. Two Folds bred together creates a crippled cat; hence some having the weird ears, some not.)
    Theyre well known for standing on both their legs, and sitting down like humans do.

  • That’s not strange behavior at all. Have you ever owned a cat? I had a three legged cat that spent lots of time standing on his hind legs. The reason people love cats so much is because of their human-like behavior. People can relate to cats because they act just like people.

  • hahaha it is very cute

  • that last cat looks like it’s front paws didn’t come with too many bones. No wonder why he walks on his hind legs.

  • First off: Cats can actually walk w/ their back legs, it’s just that they can’t sustain it for a long time (just like dogs or big wild cats). So that’s no weird at all. The kitten in the first video is playing w/ something that is high up, so of course, to reach it he uses his hind legs. In regards to the comments made about the third kitten it was probably born w/ a deformity in his legs, NOT because the owner disfigured him for a fad. I’ve seen this twice, and in both cats it was the hind legs that were deformed. It usually happens because there wasn’t enough space in the mother’s womb, and this causes the legs to be deformed. It could also be something genetic. As for the short eared cats. They are a BREED called Scottish Fold. Scottish Folds come in two types: folded ear and straight (normal) ear. The folded ear is produced by an incomplete dominant gene and is the result of a spontaneous mutation. Since this dominant gene is incomplete, Scottish Fold cats can come w/ regular ears or folded ones. You can usually tells which type the kittens will be when they are around 4 weeks old. I find them incredibly cute and I hope one day to have one.

  • When you see a cat walking, they are not walking on their feet. They are actually walking on their toes. I suppose it’s result of evolution and survivial since walking on toes helps them walk without anyone noticing them..good for hunting and etc..I t’s not totally unnatural for them to stand..don’t you see in the vids that they all end up resting on their actual feet? I wonder if cats and rabbits are related hehehe…if cats start using their entire feet and have longer ears, they do resemble much like rabbits. My sis’ cat stands on his feet when he’s offered food (that boy sure does like raw spinach).

  • that last cat is handicat… er handicap… as you can see it’s walking not as normal cats do

  • Their so frickin cute! But I love the second video of the cat the best. Man I love cats! : )

  • OMG do they walk too?That would be hilarious

  • the cat in the middle is a Munchkin cat, they have very short legs (sort of like the weiner dog of cats) so they're known for sitting up like that when they're alert or scared, etc. because sometimes the extra height helps them out.

  • lol At 0:20, I expected the first cat to rub his belly and burp. xD

    The second one looks like a Scottish Fold crossed with a Munchkin, and from what I know, I don't believe that is an acceptable outcross as they both have skeletal mutations that are dangerous when mixed together. Videos of them are all over youtube, and quite a lot are from Japan. Not sure why that is. Guessing they might not do much to crack down on backyard breeders.

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