Would You Adopt a “Pet Boy”?

Posted on June 4, 2008

If you’re a girl looking for a man who will keep you company anytime you want, go to movies you want to see, shop with you and even take you on a romantic dinner, then you will love the recently popular South Korean trend of adopting a “Pet Boy”.

“I’m 6 ft tall guy and nice looking. Girls who would like to adopt me as your pet, please contact me.”

Pet Boys, who are often college kids in their 20′s, find “Being someone’s pet is stress free job with no financial burden at all.”

The idea came from a Japanese anime story that was popular about 5 years ago. It was about a business woman who always had bad luck in relationships. One day, she decided to take home a young man off the street to live with her as her pet.

The story was later made into a Japanese TV show as seen in the video below.

YouTube Preview Image

Last month, a local Korean TV show announced they were accepting “Pet Boy” applications and around 2,200 people applied. Even on the internet, agencies have started popping up offering “Pet Boys” services.

The trend is expected to spread throughout Asia in the near future.


Mui Mui
Mui Mui is another of our wonderful, yet weird, editors who also is a well established world traveler. Born in Asia, Mui Mui is our expert on whether the articles we publish remain appropriate and not offensive in nature. Mui Mui’s favorite place is Italy where she spent 4 years and eventually fell in love with.
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56 thoughts on “Would You Adopt a “Pet Boy”?

  1. Tourex

    “Pet boys”,is equivalent to “Rent boys” for men.As for the latter,it’s a male prostitute.It all depends on the negotiation.

    1. Joe

      I teach ESL in Manhattan and I find Korean men/students to be total pussies.

      Whipped, skinny, arrogant and totally ridiculous.

  2. Alex


    I’m 6 ft tall, purebreed guy with a shiny coat and nice looking brisket. Girls who would like to adopt me as your pet, please contact me. House trained and obedient, I’m ready to bury my bone in some lucky girl’s backyard.

    1. Tina

      Alex, that was lame. It doesn't matter if you're ready to bury your bone or not, we decide if, when, and how any bone burying will be done. If you're not ready when we are, then you'll be discarded for someone who is.

      No wonder you're available.

      1. Megan

        dude the kid was freakin joking lighten up. youre so awesome. Alex i thought it was funny, you can bury your bone in my backard hahaha jk but it was really funny

      2. Chris

        @Tina – the last girl that had that attitude with me was dumped in 2 weeks. you have to be single as well or the guy you are with is already a pet to you.

  3. People. . .

    It’s “you’re” not “your”. They don’t even sound alike.

    “you’re” sounds like “sewer”
    “your” sounds like “oar”

    1. GrammarNazi

      Incorrect – you’re and your are most definitely homophones. Both rhyme with “purr” (standard), or you can also pronounce it as “oar” if you prefer. “You’re” rhyming with “sewer” is an acceptable alternative pronunciation according to M-W, but it is incorrect to say that the two do not sound alike

    2. linguist

      Actually, People…, you’re wrong. You’re and your may or may not sound alike, depending on where you are from and what type of dialect you speak. You would be surprised to know that the majority of English speakers pronounce “you’re” like “oar”, where as you are the minority.

      So quit with the prescriptiveness. Even though the OP was wrong, your phonetic justification is incorrect.

    3. Jacob

      >> “you’re” sounds like “sewer

      I take it you speak British english then?
      In US or “American” English they sound exactly alike.

      1. becca*

        “british english”

        Sorry do you just mean ENGLISH?

        There’s no such thing as ‘british english’. it’s just English… you div!

        And regardless of whether they ‘sound alike’ the correct way is “you’re” as in you-are.

        Do you not learn grammar in ‘American’ English lessons?

        1. Jessi

          I agree that it depends on where you’re from. There IS a difference between British and American English. Like color and colour…some words are pronounced and spelled differently…some words have completely different meanings…such as pudding. Not that it matters or means that either one of them are wrong, better, or any of the above…it just is as it is. Who bleeping cares as long as the message gets across? Lots of people make the you’re/your mistake…and anyone who feels the need to publicly call someone on it…well, they wouldn’t be able to understand what that says about them.

        2. me

          we dont speak english we spean american. we dont call an elevator a lift or a toilet the lou. ya uncultured boob. and there is not a hypen in you are its two seperate words. ignoramus

  4. :o

    Prostitution, all the way. If young women were doing this, they’d have to hire ‘managers’ or bodyguards.

  5. GramNaz

    >>Cool, can I adopt a Pet oriental girl?

    Calling an asian person “Oriental” is like calling a black person “colored.”

    1. lineage

      the term “colored” IS referred to black people in a more polite way. If anyone is curious, the correct term to be used is “people of color” which is used to describe people that are non-white. I cannot speak on the behalf of other people if they do get offended with the term “black” but as an Asian I find a bit offensive to be referred to as “Oriental” when first off that word is used to describe objects such as rugs or vases.

  6. Feureau

    This sounds like fun for a job though. You can sleep all day and she’ll take you to the theater on weekends and for a change, the girl will ask for sex.

    Where can I sign up? :D

    1. Jackson

      I think you are dating the wrong girl if they don’t let you play wow.

      Be a strong man, lead a balanced life, don’t live the life the girl wants you to. Be yourself, or you’ll find out that in 30 years time that you lived -her- life and not your own.

  7. Ria

    Man, I wish they had something like this going on over here in the U.S. What I wouldn’t give for a nice, smart, good-looking asian bf lol ^.^;; I think this is pretty hillarious really, but it sounds like it’d be a fun job to have =]

  8. Tsang

    You guys are funny. There’s a lot more to Asian girls than you think from reading manga or watching TV (and they can be quite a bit more trouble.) Silly white kids.

    BTW: My father did call himself yellow to point out that we were not the same as whites (Chinese are actually quite racist but just won’t say it to outsiders.) As an american born chinese, I personally don’t care if you say oriental, chinese or yellow. Only white people seem to get upset over those. What I don’t like and do find racist is Chink.

  9. Emiko

    Actually, there may be many who are misunderstanding the situation. In the TV drama, she specifically explained many rules that he had to follow in order for him to be her pet. He was to sleep in his own place, no sex, and she would make his meals. In many of the episodes she really did treat him like a dog. She was even reluctant to give him a bath, but he insisted.

    In the end, they end up in a relationship, and he goes from being a pet to something more. I’m not sure if the south Korean pet is also involved in sexual relations, but in the TV drama there was no kissing or sex or any type of physical relation.

  10. gb

    waitaminute, she gave him a bath? hell ya!

    seriously though, look at it realistically, not a lot of hot women who look like that would be interested, if they are, man, there’s going to be some really twisted crap she’ll inflict on you – most likely you’d get a fat “man hating” woman who’ll kick you for the hell of it.

    1. Anonymous

      Hahah. I love my imagination; I totally pictured what you said and it was great. Hey, I’m an attractive girl and I’d adopt a pet boy for a day. I wouldn’t sleep with him but it’d be nice to have someone to abuse and take Facebook pictures with. Trust me, I think a lot of pretty girls will adopt pet boys.. just because some girls are pretty doesn’t mean they have an amazing love life. Waaaah. One is the loneliest number~

  11. Ninjarina

    That’s funny, I thought most women did this for free.

    “They’re like dogs. You have to clean them and feed them and they’re just like these nervous creatures that jump and slobber all over you.”
    Come to think of it, an actual pet dog might be better for everyone involved b/c they’re the only ones that will love you unconditionally.

  12. shaukat javed

    i am 19 and i am ready to be your pet and will not rush for my bone to be buried in your backyard. so relax i’ll be as obedient as u want me to be

  13. Pet Pup

    I am a guy and I am actually a pet to a woman I met a while ago. She treats me like a pet in many ways. When she is on the sofa sitting or on the bed sleeping, I must sit or sleep on the floor. Sometimes, she rewards me by letting me sit or sleep with her. I have to do as I am told to earn rewards. I am also expected to do her chores, etc. Haven't had sex yet.


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