Vagina Ripped Apart by Water Fountain
May 18, 2008 | by Mui Mui

Water fountain shows have always been a big draw for people. Whether you are taking a moment to enjoy the world famous Bellagio fountain show or the smaller, but still amazing, Tianyi Sqaure show in Ningbo, China, you are likely to enjoy the overall experience.

Yang, a 19 year-old college student, had a very different experience.

In August of 2007, Yang was at a local center square in the Henan Province of China. She went with some friends to enjoy the day and see the musical water fountain show.

Yang and her friends were playing in the water fountain area and enjoying the light burst of water that would spray them. All of a sudden, while Yang was struck by a powerful burst of water that threw her into the air.


After the fall, Yang experienced extreme stomach pains and was bleeding badly. She was immediately taken to the hospital to undergo medical care.

The doctor said that the fountains water pressure had torn her vagina and damaged her intestines.


During the following 7 months, Yang received 3 surgeries to repair the damage, which left her some pretty bad scars.

Yang is suing the owners of the fountain for around $24,500 in damages.


Mui Mui
Mui Mui is another of our wonderful, yet weird, editors who also is a well established world traveler. Born in Asia, Mui Mui is our expert on whether the articles we publish remain appropriate and not offensive in nature. Mui Mui’s favorite place is Italy where she spent 4 years and eventually fell in love with.
  • Universal health care WTF!!!


  • Why was she standing on-top of where the water shoots out in the first place??? I guess there are stupis people all over the world

  • Here in the us people are suit for millions of dollar

    like this old women that suit McDonald for $2.9 million
    After dutifully slipping a thermometer into steaming cups and mugs all over the city, Danny Jarrett found that none came closer than about 20 degrees to the temperature at which McDonald’s coffee is poured, about 180 degrees.

    wtf in $24,500 in damage

    lady you should get more money then that.

    may be a hotel or two.

    The home shopping network! There’s a good idea for women! It was a little too hard driving to the mall with a couch strapped to their as*

    • what if it shot up her a*s ?

    • The woman didn’t sue McDonalds for millions of dollars, she sued for her medical bills. McDonalds appealed, lost again, and the judge upped the reward to millions of dollars because there had been a long list of people seriously injured by McDonald’s coffee. They then settled for less, but no one knows for how much exactly.

      No one sued McDonalds for millions of dollars, that’s an urban myth.

      • jomomma.. you’re wrong.. it’s not an urban myth.. either that or your just a compulsive liar.. either way

        After careful deliberation, the jury found McDonald’s was liable because the facts were overwhelmingly against the company. When it came to the punitive damages, the jury found that McDonald’s had engaged in willful, reckless, malicious, or wanton conduct, and rendered a punitive damage award of 2.7 million dollars. (The equivalent of just two days of coffee sales, McDonalds Corporation generates revenues in excess of 1.3 million dollars daily from the sale of its coffee, selling 1 billion cups each year.) On appeal, a judge lowered the award to $480,000, a fact not widely publicized in the media.

        A report in Liability Week, September 29, 1997, indicated that Kathleen Gilliam, 73, suffered first degree burns when a cup of coffee spilled onto her lap. Reports also indicate that McDonald’s consistently keeps its coffee at 185 degrees, still approximately 20 degrees hotter than at other restaurants. Third degree burns occur at this temperature in just two to seven seconds, requiring skin grafting, debridement and whirlpool treatments that cost tens of thousands of dollars and result in permanent disfigurement, extreme pain and disability to the victims for many months, and in some cases, years.

  • “wtf is $24,500 in damage”

    I would call that fair. Just because people in the US like to bend over and rape the system doesn’t mean it’s right. Guess who ends up paying for those high dollar lawsuits? Just because someone had something bad/unfair/horrific/unjust happen to them doesn’t mean the rest of us have some duty to make them filthy rich.

    Shit happens.

    • Emerson Bigguns

      You know they were intent on experimenting with the water. Why did it hit her Vagina and not her leg. If I was walking through the forrest and a fountain came on I would be suprised. To knowingly go into a fountain and get a suprise blast between my legs is a little hard to believe. When they start asking her friends, it’ll come out that she fucked up and squatted over the fountain for sexual gratification.

      • Yeah Emerson, you should know, you do it all the time. What a freaking stupid comment to make about an accident. Next time something bad happens to you, let us know so we can make fun of it.

    • LOL… have NO IDEA how much the system is "raping" the US citizens and pretty much doing the same thing to the rest of the world. To put the analogy in your words…………its like being gangbanged by 5 or more extremely rich gorillas. Trust what I say.

  • Wow gg to her. I guess she knows better now.


    if that hit you in the dick you’d be pretty mad too.

    not to mention, why would a fountain capable of shooting inside you and mashing your internal organs come on at complete random times?

    answer that and i’ll give you a big bag of money

    • “In August of 2007, Yang was at a local center square in the Henan Province of China. She went with some friends to enjoy the day and see the musical water fountain show.”

      It didn’t go off at a random time. She was playing during the musical water fountain show.

    • Emerson Bigguns

      It does not take a rocket scientist to understand water that shoots into the air is pressurized. Chineese invented Gunpowder, not Hydrolics. Maybe this is why.

    • Population control!
      Big bag of money please :)

  • “not to mention, why would a fountain capable of shooting inside you and mashing your internal organs come on at complete random times?

    answer that and i’ll give you a big bag of money”

    Because it’s Communist China.

    • In the U.S. kids intestines get sucked out by pool suction. A little 8 y.o. just had her intestines, liver and pancreas sucked out, she just died in March 2008.

      answer that and i’ll give you a big bag of money

      Because it’s the free West.

  • Yang and her friends were playing in the water fountain area.
    Really, you got hit with a water jet? That’s insane! It’s completely out of the ordinary for a water jet to be in a fountain.
    Instead of giving this lady 24K, the owner of the fountain should just put up a CAUTION: VAGINA KILLING FOUNTAIN sign.

  • She wanted it. What was she doing in that neighborhood dressed that way?

    cdub: They should put something in there to deter people like this. Like maybe high-pressure water jets or something.

  • FUCKING GROSS!!!!!!!!! ewww. why the hell would they show the scars. omg. i am a bit queasy rite nowww

  • dayyaauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummm

  • i’d hit it

  • Oooo that was really damn hurt……pity on her giving up her vagina for the fountain.

  • She needs to find a real lawyer and get a lot more money then 24k!!

    Makes you think that next time your fishing some change out of a fountain for the bus, the fountain might bite back!

    • In my humble opinion, the only money that anyone should recieve due to a suit like this one should be enough to cover the medical expenses. I’m tired of all this emotional suffering bull. The only way I think she should get more than medical expenses is if something doesn’t work following what happened. Since I seriously doubt a simple tear would render her unable to “bear children.” I do not know how much it would cost for three operations in China, but I am sure 24.5k would surely cover it.

      • btw i do not necessarily think she should have sued, but in my opinion she is not as stupid as others here may suspect. first off the article says “playing in the water fountain area and enjoying the light burst of water that would spray them,” not going to play, playing. That implies that where they were playing was in an area with weaker jets, ie not painful blasts of water. I doubt any human being would run out into something that could hurt them anyway, you forget the fact that most people do not like pain, that we tend to shy away from potentially painful experiences. The fact implied from the article that the jet that hurt her was not the first to hit her says that it was shot out (for lack of a better word) harder than any other jet she had yet witnessed. And for those who are chastising this girl for her “stupidity,” think back to some of the stupid things you have done in your lifetime. What is with this overly judgmental world?

      • If your vagina was torn by a water fountain, what price tag would u put on it??!! If she ever has children, it had better be a c-section, otherwise her vagina will tear into jagged pieces which is almost impossible to stitch up. Can you place a price on that? People in this country spend $500,000 on a fur coat without batting an eyelash, but you think $24.5 should cover it??!! Sure, you say that because it’s not your sorry ass vagina that was torn.

      • This is a really stupid comment. That “simple tear” not only tore her vagina but also damaged her intestines. You probably don’t have a vagina or know how easily those get injured, so to put it in perspective, if something was strong enough to not only tear into your balls, but also -damage your intestines- in the process, would you consider it a small injury?

        I am all for getting rid of superfluous lawsuits, but 24.5k is not that much money in the medical world. Plastic surgery alone is 10k up, especially on fixing the damage that the scars would leave, not to mention the actual medical surgery to help her.

  • That’s gotta hurt like hell man…I’d never wish to go down that path. *be careful with water display from now*

  • She’s a Darwin Honorable Mention.

  • Ahaha how does a vagina FALL OFF?!?! That’s like saying yea, that skinny guy over there, his boobs fell off. :D

  • if this is real why say stupid comments you sound foolish we have all done fun or silly things becareful what u say what goes around comes around if it were me I would sue she is damaged for life and I am sure there are no signs up telling people the water could cause flesh to tear and internal damage she posted this for the world to veiw and to warn others not for trolls to say stupid comments some of you must have really issues with your self get a life i feel sorry for her and hope she does win her suit

  • So getting money is going to bring her vagina back? We have all done silly things and some of us have probably gotten hurt but not sued. It is her fault for “playing” somewhere she should not have been playing. It is like going out in the middle of the road and playing on the yellow line, getting hit by a car and suing them for hitting you. People do stupid things everyday and don’t sue. This is god just saying, your dumb, you should not be having babies…

  • vaginal sutures

    Yeah joe, she should sue them because she was an idiot, and was playing in the pond where the giant jets of water shoot up…..Personal responsibility. People need to have it.

  • I would still hit that

  • wtf is wrong with you

    1) Fountains change from trickle to high pressure as part of the show.
    2) Don’t stand in the fountain
    3) Your mistake – don’t sue
    4) Your doctor is a butcher. Scars from hell.

  • she’s CRAZY to not sue them for at least 10 times that amount … here in the US an accident like this that left those scars would be worth $500,000 easily and it would probably be paid without going to court because if it went to court her lawyer would demand twice that much … I feel terrible for that poor girl … yes, this IS a funny story and hopefully some day she will laugh about it too, but it also sucks because of how severe the injury was to her

    • Yeah, that’s because Americans are lazy, greedy victims who blame other people for their own stupidity. Flesh heals! OMG! I should sue the dirt and anyone who ‘owns’ it anytime I fall and scrape myself. This logic leads to kids playing in traffic.

      She was probably trying to get the water to shoot into her vagina anyway. Go jump off a cliff and sue God for making gravity pull you down. Get a good lawyer to make sure that you get at least 20x the cost of any damage you could possibly sustain.

      While you’re at it, sue for the “psychological distress” of learning that you are a complete dumbass. It hurts, doesn’t it? The process is called L.E.A.R.N.I.N.G, and obviously you haven’t done enough of it.

      BTW, I think the value that she sued for is completely reasonable, and due. I wish that was how things were done in the US.

      • First off, don’t act like all Americans are lazy, greedy, pigs and people overseas are good people. That’s absolutely retarded to say. Stupid lawsuits happen EVERYWHERE (Everywhere it’s possible, that is) and you can’t stop them. I highly doubt if you were blasted in the genitals by a shotgun blast of water you would think “Hmm.. What’s a reasonable amount? Oh, 24K sounds GREAT!”. You would be thinking you would want to sue them for all their worth. To test this, let me shoot you in the ass with high-pressured water and see what you do. Ok?

        “Flesh heals” OMFG! You must be some sort of medical genius. So I guess I can run up to you, rip out your hair, pour gasoline on you & light you on fire, and you shouldn’t get mad because “flesh heals” (And hair grows!). You saying that you should sue dirt is absolutely retarded. I realize it’s an example, but come one. If you want to make a valid point don’t use dumbass examples, please. When’s the last time dirt blew off your genitals? Dirt doesn’t hurt you, your fatass crashing into the dirt is what hurts you.

        And lastly, about her “wanting water to shoot into her vagina”, even if she did it shouldn’t have hurt her like that. That’s like going to play some quiet music at the store and after a minute of listening to it someone comes up behind and stabs you in the ear with a pencil.

      • Wow, u aren’t even remotely human…banished from Earth. Get thee to Mars.

  • Now that is one hell of a douche!!!!

  • Did anyone bother to look up this vicious fountain before commenting? Here is an article with some pictures of small children playing in the same fountain.

    She really should have seen this coming… all those body parts and all in this vicious fountain.

  • “a powerful burst of water that threw her in the air” I wonder how high it threw yang into the air? 2 feet, 10 feet? I bet that part looked funny as hell someone getting hit in the yang then go flyin up in the air…. he he

    • Hahaha, DAMN STRAIGHT !
      i feel sorry for this poor girl obviously..
      she lost her vagina, but i have to admit that would look uber funny.
      im not a nasty person and yes i’d hate to be her,
      but im not her.. so hmm

  • Apparently Melissa doesn’t know how to use periods in her sentences. That’s sort of like the founding fathers of the U.S. in the constitution. I wonder if it felt good for at least a second before pain and panic set in.
    it also must have been a pretty powerful jet because when I was powerwashing my deck, I sprayed my bare foot with 1875 lbs/cubic inch, and it barely hurt.

  • I wonder if she talks like that in real life…

  • no what their talking about is smaller decoration fountains that are around the area. thats what she was around. they put those there for people to run through and get wet. they don't let people around the fountains for the show because those are extremely powerful. shes filing a suit because the fountains that people are allowed to play in malfunctioned and did that to her.

  • Vagina Dialogue

    Returning to the scene of her mutilation, Yang again sucumbs to her subconscious self-destructive desire to be torn apart byx an enormous rush of water, and squats next to the fountain, re-enacting the day of the tragedy.

  • I’m so glad that someone else managed to realize that the fountain she was hurt by is one that is designed to be played in. I saw that right away.

    All the dumbass phucktards that didn’t see this or didn’t bother to look need to unplug their computers and get off the internet as they are all bringing DOWN the collective IQ of the ‘net.

    $24k will probably go a lot further in China that it does in the US. It might be the equivelent of 10 years pay or something. It does seem low, to our standards, after all, if you lost the ability to orgasm, or to even have sex, what would it be worth to you?

  • I wish I could say I’m surprised at the lack of compassion for a human being, but I’m not.

    It’s not abnormal for people to play in that area nor is it generally considered unsafe. It’s not gated off and it *lifted her into the air*. She is not the wrong for wanting her medical expenses paid when a malfunction hurt her.

  • What the heck?
    Why is she suing them if it was her own stupidity that ripped her vagina?

    • And Yo Momma’s to blame for her stupidity when they ripped you out of her vagina? Or, were u conceived thru immaculate conception?

  • Urmilla Mathondkar

    How will she have vaginal sex now?

  • will she have to sue for the trauma when her water breaks when giving birth? Guess there is only one way to wash a yang.

    • I don’t think she’ll have the capability to get pregnant. She’ll probably have issues just having sex or going to the bathroom.

      I can’t believe how insensitive people are being over this. This woman is permanently damaged. Jesus, have some compassion! I hate what this world has come to; everyone pitted against everyone else.

    • Yo momma made a mistake breaking water over you.

  • it looks like she is squatting over a manhole cover.

  • Don’t be so harsh, I live in China, these arn’t just displays, there’s people playing in these all the times, children, adults etc…
    The water pressure is never meant to be so high that it could do anything close to that.
    It’s not unusual to see 50 or more people playing and standing in these areas.
    As for what she’s sue’ing (sue’ing? too long in China) for, in China the money is worth alot more than in other countries.

    It’s not her fault this happened to her, not stupidity nor anything else.
    It was a problem with the system presure.

  • She live – it`s very good!

  • I’d hit that hard! I little blood would not matter.

  • odd guy who wants to know

    what i wanna know is why she was standing over a stream of water with her vagina above it….hmmm….cheap sex?

  • defender of the interwebs

    the article says that her and her friends were playing in the fountain with LIGHT bursts of water. so for the people who judge her for being a dumbass for playing in the fountain, it’s not her fault because obviously there was some sort of glitch in the system for an unscheduled burst of high pressure. we have a fountain here in my town and kids play in it all the time but we don’t go calling them idiots. take it easy on her and show a little sympathy because that vagina will never be the same again.

  • dam she could have easily gotten at least 5x what shes asking for

  • She probably thought it was one of those sewer grates. I mean, it is a water show and water has to drain somewhere…

    They should have a sign up or something informing the public to stay away from that spot or something o_o.

  • If you’re going to make fun of a typo, make sure your own post is flawless. Idiots.

  • wow .
    there was alot of people with something to say over this hmm ?
    someone says something and someone else has to compete with the other and call them dumbass’ for having their opinion .
    i think thats a little stupid to be honest,
    i think we have all established that this was a complete accident and she didnt plan to be shot in the vagina by water… well not that hard anyway :/
    this girl posted this on the internet so she could tell her story and as someone said this fountain wasnt supposed to do that,
    it malfunctioned..
    so i don’t know why people are calling this girl a dumbass, she didnt do anything wrong ?

  • i wonder what water smelled like before the first woman went swimmong




  • it’s a lucky thing that wasn’t a dude. his complete package would have been blasted into the next Canton

  • She did do something wrong. She made a mistake and now sees a payday for her own ignorance. Common sense will tell you that even if those are not supposed to be exactly high pressure, they are a jet of water. A jet of water that will blast up at a high rate of speed. Any fountain playing a “musical water fountain show” is obviously coming up with a great deal of force. The owners of the fountain are only at fault for not having a warning “IDIOTS WILL BE HIT WITH A HIGH PRESSURE JET OF WATER” sign. A lesson for both the woman and the operators of the fountains.

    On the other hand if indeed she was hanging around in a place specifically made for the people who feel the need to play in a giant fountain then it was obviously a dangerous malfunction and she should be reimbursed a hell of a lot more then 24K.

    So in the end it really depends on the exact place she was standing. Was the place she was standing actually intended for humans to be in or is it a place that people have just assumed over the years they are allowed to be? She’s an idiot if it’s the latter or if it’s a place clearly not for people to be. But if it’s the former then she absolutely deserves that and probably more considering this will must likely impair her for life.

  • it was actually my dick that tore her apart. Sorry Yang I had to share our love. Other ladies, call me


  • It was actually my dick that did this. Sorry Yang I had to share our love.

    Other ladies; call me : 1-760-315-3517

  • I still dont get why she thought it would be a good idea to douche with a fountain.

  • Now thats a monster douche!

  • Makes you think someone might have been at the controls.

  • I don’t see at all how she was being stupid. She was in a water fountain having fun with friends. Whats stupid about that??? How she was supposed to know that she would end up with such horrific injuries?

    But I guess you people never leave the house and experience the world so these are the kind of dumb comments we should expect.

    Get out more people…and guess what??? You might actually realise that lots and lots of people dance in fountains all over the world all the time……yeah!!!….What crazy insane motherfuckers they are!!!

  • I’d be suing the Doctor who messed up her stomach.

  • 24,000K for a torn up hooha? is that a joke? And what will she be suing the drs who couldnt alleviate those nasty scars? $10?

  • No, she is not “squatting” over the manhole, she’s actually pointing at the hole where the highly pressurised water shot her in the “you-know-what”…

    I really don’t understand why people are call this lady stupid… be compassionate for goodness sake…
    She’s been dramatised for life, the water “torn her vagina and damaged her intestines…During the following 7 months, Yang received 3 surgeries to repair the damage, which left her some pretty bad scars.” Imagine her pain for the seven months and the medical bills for the surgeries !!

  • Agree with the person above this comment maybe Yang wasnt supposed to be there maybe it was safe but wheather or not doesnt matter her life is in ruins over this incident theres no need to call her stupid and she did the right thing….if the medical bills were 24 K why the f*** would she need to sue for more…no need to be greedy.

    …and she sure was brave letting everyone here know of this incident what if your were the one that got hit??

  • i would definitely still give her one.

    in fact, i would give her one even more now than i would have before.

  • Goddamn, guys, lay off on the “she’s stupid” thing. If any of you have ever left your house, maybe you’ve seen those fountains that ARE open for the public to play in? They’re supposed come out at low pressure.
    Maybe it’s just me, but by the look of the foutain she’s pointing out, it’s supposed to be one of those.
    If she assumed that and stood over the fountain, then hell, I’d be freaked out of my vagina got butchered too.

  • Obviously a fake story. Water cannot do this. Obviously fake.

    • Sorry to say but water CAN do this. They use high pressured water in some steel companies to CUT steel, and you think a high-pressured jet couldn’t seriously injure a human being?

      I’m sure it was a malfunction as if you look at the picture, it’s an area that is open to the public to play/run about in.

    • You aren’t even remotely human…get back into you Cage! Vamoose you effing Baboon.

  • Shame she wasn’t killed by it, she would have done humanity a favor. It’s no one’s fault but her own that she was in the fountain standing over the jets.

    let’s hope it at least blasted her ovaries out so she can’t spawn any more crotchfruit.

    • Yeah Drifter, please don’t spawn any crotchfruit of your own either, do us all a favor. It’s not your fault you were born either…pfffft. You’re the biggest effing loser I’ve ever seen.

  • she must have been pretty loose.

  • You are all faggots!!!!

  • WOW!!! That is sad. It looks like a beautiful place to do. Having your vagina ripped off would ruin my day for sure.

  • I saw the news some times ago… the lady was standing there because she was enjoying herself letting the water pressure to stimulate her *you know what*. and the water fountain suddenly gave her a power shot… That’s it!!

    • Yeah, while u masturbated to this story you effing loser. Please don’t shoot your load all over the water fountain, that would be disgusting.

  • I’d say she really got f**ked

  • Those are definitely ‘shooped. I can tell from the pixels and having seen quite a few ‘shoops in my life.

  • well, the damage is pretty sad…

    What the article did not mention is that she is still shaking from the orgasm she had…

    Oh yes yes yes yeeees yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

  • I forgot. What is this?

  • Well, if the water jet was strong enough to injure someone, it’s not safe and they have responsibility to keep people out of there. It could have easily taken someones eye out, etc. They have to pay, and put up a barrier so someone else doesn’t get hurt. Personal responsibility, the companies who build fountains that people aren’t protected from, have to have it.

  • Coffee is best served hot. It’s probably a good idea to keep it off your skin.

    It’s also probably a good idea not to stand over a fountain that is designed to shoot a fist-sized burst of water over 50′ in the air, unless you are into that sort of thing. It was southeast Asia. Maybe she was into that sort of thing.

  • So… It sounds like she was trespassing, correct? She decided to jump into the fountain during the water show like an idiot.

    Why should she get anything in damages? It’s her own fault. Everyone knows you’re not allowed in a public fountain.

    We all know the type of fountain they’re talking about here. They do usually have a fence around them. The fences obviously can’t be too high or they’d block the view of the show. So, while it’s possible to jump the fence it is also very clear that you shouldn’t do so.

    Her fault. Sucks for her, sure. I’m sure when she went in there and starting prancing around in the jets like a maniac she didn’t expect her woman parts to get ripped apart but she brought it upon herself.

    • reminds me of the idiot (spic)immigrant that jumped over the fence and pissed on a tiger at the SF zoo and got eaten. His parents cried for years trying to get a law suit. Typical for those people.
      We all still have a good laugh over that.

  • poor girl

  • thats incredibly stupis for her to be standing over it in the first place and then to sue them for her stupisity, maybe next time she should go to mcdonalds and stick her puss under the coffee machine.

  • yeah!! she is stupis….really stupis!!and i know i wrote stupis wrongly

  • wtf was she doing standing above it? what a tard.

  • Poor Girl !
    But ? Is it the fact that the fountain so dangerous ?

  • It was a gummi bear!

    Ah yer all a pack of numpties.
    The End!

  • good. someone that stupid dont need to be having kids in the first place.
    There are easier ways to masturbate.

  • I hear you Joyce

  • I wonder if water shot out of her ears??????

  • Come on, she is still bangable!

  • IrishMom,
    You ignorant Irish bitch. Accidents happens any where in the world.
    Can't even spell


  • That poor girl! Financial compensation could ever make up for her injury…

  • She couldnt handle the water's thrusts…

  • “Yang is suing the owners of the fountain for around $24,500 in damages.” In the US, where spilling hot coffee on yourself nets millions, this would read “$24,500,500 in damages and awards.”

  • SHE wont be getting laid any time soon!

  • $24,500? In America it'd be a billion.

  • It doesn't come on at random times da, it comes on as part of a programed show. The woman is a moron, what next, is she going to sit on a pool filter intake for an encore?

  • That's like the hot tub's intake which was litigated here. There is a lawyer and a law sue for all.

  • They butchered her.

  • they should charge her for the deuche she got.

  • watch out next time!!! if that was me i wouldn't sue because it was my own fault for being there in the first place!
    some people sue for the most stupidest things and wonder why it never goes their way

  • ouch that had to hurt ouch… ouch… ouch… ouch… ouch… god i cant stop thinking bout it now ouch wow that musta hurt even worse if she was a virgin ouch i would have died from that much pain if that happened to me and i really would have asked for millions of dollars instead … ouch

  • don't be so naive, people. she had vaginal damage and intestinal problems from being knocked down by a water jet? I'm calling BS. She was using the water jets like women sometimes use water jets, and one of the more powerful jets did some damage.

  • 24,000 in damages are you kidding me?? In America she could get millions easily. her damn vagina was torn apart!!

  • Common sence person

    What do you people expect, its in China, it’s not really her fault what so ever. In the USA Not only would we never put fountains like that here, it we did, we would have FAR HIGHER Safety standards which that one probably has none. Thats what she gets for playing in the Communist playground. OH and I wouldn’t doubt that the Chinese “Doctor Kavorkian” didn’t butcher her Vagina himself. I bet you a trillion bucks, just like everyone else in China trying to lure in tourists from everywhere in the world trying to show everyone how WONDERFUL Communism is, the Chinese Fountain owners Paid off the Chinese Safety Standard people and of course…this shit happens.

    24,500.00 USD = 162,741.25 CNY

  • I dont think she is foolish. May be she didn't expect that water could do her this much of harm. perhaps we all might end up doing the same thing if we were there. its not fair to tell that she is foolish after knowing that water can do this harm. by the way we knew this because she posted it. i honestly thank whoever posted this to educate people about theses hazards.

    Yang, i know how bad you feel this. despite whatever the reason behind this. don't worry, in life you will get lots of challenges. try to face them and be happy. good luck with you law suit

  • That's pretty much the same effect as doing years of interracial asian porn in one shot.

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