Japan’s Underwater Pyramid
April 13, 2008 | by Super Sied

Ever since Plato told a story about an advanced civilization that vanished into the sea to amuse his guests at a party, people have been looking for evidence of Atlantis. Any underwater find that looks like an old stone building brings up the subject of Atlantis again, at least in the tabloids.


Underwater rock formations resembling a pyramid found off Yonaguni Jima Island in the Ryukyu Islands of Japan may represent the Asian version of Atlantis according to Masaaki Kimura, a marine geologist at the University of the Ryukyus in Japan.

On the other hand, Robert Schoch, a professor of science and mathematics at Boston University claims “It’s basic geology and classic stratigraphy for sandstones, which tend to break along planes and give you these very straight edges, particularly in an area with lots of faults and tectonic activity.”

The Japanese government has taken a hands-off approach, leaving the arguments to the academic community to make a determination as to whether the formation is man-made or natural.

In the meantime this will become an underwater tourist attraction to rival the Bimini Road as a controversial ancient man-made ruin or natural rock formation.


It’s a shame that ancient civilizations never caught on to the use of corner stones to record the date of their constructions and what the construction was designed for. It would go a long way to resolve the mystery of Stonehenge and resolve the arguments about formations such as the Yonaguni “Pyramid”.

Unfortunately, many civilizations left ruins behind that were ancient before the Sumerians invented writing.

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  • That is man made!

  • And the movie killed the DNA :)

  • It’s ignorant to believe that the formations are formed naturally.Our earth is too vast for us to totally understand the past,just like outer space.

  • The lost continant of Mu is nothing new. Keep an open mind.

  • Vid is kinda cheesy. But the music is really nice :D.

  • Well damned if that isn’t the plot to Endless Ocean…

  • Egyptians didn't believe in just one god. They had many deities. I don't believe that this is a lost continent, or a lost civilisation. They look like natural geological formations. Just because a rock formation is flat, square, or if a rock has holes in it that resembles a face, doesn't mean it's human made.

    • lol, you think that’s natural, so naive some people are…how about the ancient metropolis off the coast of Cuba?

    • that's why people like you believe the world was flat 500 yrs ago
      come on,get off the drugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mate…are you for real?? the place has arched door ways that you can enter, perfect 90 degree angled steps. We can all believe what we like and there is no harm in that, but be realistic and don't allow your skepticism to make bias comments like the one you just made, quote "They look like natural geological formations". there are other structure near by, many of them. You just made yourself look like a fool.


  • Read the BIBLE……. It’s one of Nimrod’s towers of Babel.

  • Do you ever wonder why the ancient civilizations just popped up out of nowhere.. where is the foundation for the pyramids in Egypt? People don’t just wake up one day and decide they know how to build something like that..it takes hundreds, probably thousands of years of developing skills to get to that point.. Remember that the land mass of earth was much bigger 10 to 12 thousand years ago…thousands of square miles have been swallowed by the ocean as sea levels rose after the ice age ended.. I would not be surprised to learn that there were just as many civilizations 10000 years ago as there was 4000 years ago..

  • 10,000 years ago the civilizations that lived on earth were astronomically far more intelligent than the present day human being, to build structures such as these were an easy feat for them, everything was gigantic in size, why? because their brains were also bigger.

    Its the Ignorant people of today, that obviously do not want knowledge, a vast majority of people have lost all self- esteem to even mirror themselves.

    There will be many more SECRETS to unfold in the next few years, and it is up to us whether to comprehend it or ignore it.

  • Your are indeed right the so called modern man is rather small in mentality,and inssignificant in size. As it relates to ancient man. They were the giants however there are still 13 left.

  • will be under the water in near future and thats for sure, global warming. scientist should study how we (humans) can survive under the water, they should focus on it, all land will become atlantis.

  • That’s not natural. Someone tell me what natural process can produce straight tiers in rock formations underwater? Obviously some academics are not concerned about the real possibilities of ancient civilisations possessing true technology and are too absorbed into textbooks which warps their thinking. Why also has the Japanese government kept this low key? This is big news which never made it over here in Perth (Aus). More photos are needed to verify the claims that its natural.

  • If this is natural and those whom make such comments are here to confuse the masses with doubts. With abundance of ignorant upon this planet, the masses, with religon, with bigotry, with racism, with anyway to debunk such truth. I challenge all with a whisper of alter evidence, prove how, why, when, and who built all these amazing contructions and then try to fool the population that its all our emagination. THE EVIDENCE IS HERE, THIS IS REAL. This is it, we cant stop, we cant start again and we cant fast forward to the end. LOL sound familar. He's Anunnaki, and probably doesnt know.

  • Other web sites show photos of what are pretty obviously worked stairs. I believe the formations are natural, but worked to make them more useful. As for the age being so great, I believe that humans have had modern style intelligence for longer than most archaeologists believe.

    For example, horses were domesticated much earlier than admitted to, as can be seen from carvings of horse heads with bridles. The normal claim is that those were decorations on the carving or that the horses were used as stalking horses for hunting, and not actually ridden. That seems silly since native americans were riding horses quickly after they got ahold of some. That's just human nature, to conquer our environment. The Great Sphinx is another example of something older than archaeologists like to admit.

    These formations are simply more of the same. Older than most scientists like to admit. I suppose admitting that makes them seem more ignorant since it puts huge holes in their knowledge of the history of civilizations. No, I don't like that either, but it certainly isn't their fault.

  • this is most intreging puts new light on pangea and the land bridges,and hommer.

  • Why do they feel they need to come up with some crazy ass theory every time something of actual proof pops up I think thats awesome new pyramids. from what I read the fisherman in the area new about it but didn't think it was that great LOL. I also read that carbon dating actual SCIENTIFIC PROOF!! lol shows that its 10,000 years old. Something we have not been able to do before to most other pyramids since there all stone but coral growing on them is not woot!!

  • There is no concievable way that dynamic wave action could carve what looks like granite into an angular structure with straight lines, and on that scale. Some of these 'scientists' need to get thier heads out of thier books and look at the real world. I believe this discovery WILL rewrite what we know about ancient civilizations, and it might give us insight how the knowledge to build the pyramids at Giza, as well as the aztec and mayans, amongst hundreds of other monolithic structures came to fruition.

  • Archeology is a shady business. I have personally seen it first hand.

    Universities will deliberately tamper with evidence to protect their funding, careers and years of propitiatory data.

    One example is the scandal of 'hobbit' people(Homo floresiensis) of Indonesia. Small craniums, yet a highly civilized ancient people. That finding proved hundred of evolutionary theories wrong and many of the fossils were deliberately destroyed to protect many careers, the Jakarta's National Research Centre of Archaeology and established evolutionary theories.

    Many who worked on that site warned the media and UNESCO of the fraud and scientific coup about to take place by the established authorities. I too wrote letters warning before it all went down and was ridiculed.

    Research it folks. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homo_floresiensis

    This 'pyramid' is another case of the old guard dismissing the truth to protect their own interests. If this structure is man made, all their life's work goes down the toilet.

  • The structures are created by the people who built the so called "Babylon Tower", who are also known as the Atlantids. They inhabitied the earth before the "modern human". The problem is that they became evil in time, so God punished them by destrying their civilization within the great flood.

  • Aliens, aliens did it!

  • u saw the giant head sculptures? resemble that of our foreign world friend dont u think?. i definitely agree with Zagbona, the aliens did do it. It is formulated too well to have been done by cavemen and thats why scholars dont understand how they could have come about. Something so grand could only have been done by those whos technology surpassed the humans at the time..the aliens did do it.

  • It's not the aliens but humans who lived in a civilization with still unknown technology.

  • The computer animation shows the overall size and structure of the 'natural processes' that took place. Doesn't look too natural to me as seen from far away in the animation. What would have been nice to see is tunnels leading into and out of the structure. All we see are what look to be pathways and stages to stand on. Finding stuff at the bottom would be pretty hard with the continual currents. I'm just glad people are actually talking about this and this structure is real and can be touched by hand.

  • if it is man made, what does it look like.

  • that they became evil in time, so God punished them by destrying their civilization within the great flood.



  • Natural formation my ASS. More like that doesn't go along with my long held theory and I want to play scientific politics to discredit people who are obviously right. They need to carbon date this and make a record of it now.

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