Excuse me, I Am Here For My Cunt Examination
April 8, 2008 | by 孫子

Engrish is a beautiful thing. It is the incorrect translation or use of the English language in Asia. You normally see it in some small shop’s sign or on some random product, but you don’t expect to see it in a hospital.

I don’t know about you, but it definitely would make me worry about their attention to detail.


For all you men out there who might be feeling left out, don’t be. Craigslist is always there for you and offering Man Cunt Examinations as well.

“We’re looking for guys who have the fantasy of lying back for a thorough examination of their man cunt. We want you to undress and lie back while I give you an embarassing probing pelvic exam while my assistant watches, he will also give you a bj or a hand job. we will use our rubber gloved fingers and possibly speculums or dildos to open, probe and examine your cunt. If this is a fantasy of yours now is the time to fulfill it. email for an appointment”

Sun Tzu has spent about 7 years in Asia traveling through Japan, Hong Kong, China, and Korea. A true fan of everything that is weird and strange, he decides in the end what is displayed and published on this site. Sun has previous experience writing for numerous print mags such as XLR8R, URB, and Movement Magazine.

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  • Are you telling me the man who tried to put a rubber fist in my anus was a homosexual?


  • So… what’s the problem here?

  • I’m more interested in what ‘fetal heart custody’ is.

  • My girlfriend actually took that photo. It’s from the Dong Fang hospital in the Pudong district of Shanghai and yes, it really does exist. It was taken about 1.5 years ago though so it might have been corrected by now.

    • Do you know what was the real intention to that, i mean what there was suppose to say?

      Or can i make me a cunt exam???? ;P

  • Which hospital is this?

  • frivolouslollipops

    ‘fetal heart custody’ in chinese means ‘monitoring of infant heart’

    or is there a more technical term? pls lemme know

  • Not sure if it could described better?

  • @frivolouslollipops:
    “fetal heart custody” should be “fetal (heart) doppler”
    infant = after birth

  • frivolouslollipops: What does it mean to say that a phrase that is in English means another phrase that is in English… in Chinese? I’m more confused by this response than the sign.

    • I think he means the chinese text next to the English “”, could have been better translated to “”.

      But ‘lol’.

  • Oh my god! I am shocked by this sign. I can’t believe they wrote that! How could they let the printers get away with charging them for that sign?! It should be “gynaecology” and “foetal”. Tut tut!

  • what is the problem, the dictionary says gynaecology=gynecology and foetal=fetal,besides,cunt,woman’s vagina,what is the problem of an examination on it,or in it…well,as far as I know,the doctor probe some very samll camera in,examinate and conclude that was the whole process.
    what is the problem with it?

  • chinese … chingrish ?

  • “Engrish [...] is the incorrect translation or use of the English language in Asia.” I’m afraid that the translations here are rather accurate.

    The large headings at the top left literally translates to “the study of pregnant women” so “obstetrics” is indeed the correct translation. That area of the hospital is probably where the maternity wards are and where pregnant women go for their check-ups. Therefore there is no reason why men would come to this section of the hospital to seek medical attention.

    The chinese words under “cunt examination” actually translate to “vagina examination room.” Nothing wrong here, just the unfortunate use of a vulgar word.

    Though, the chinese words for “fetal heart custody” directly translate to “unborn child heart examination room”. Don’t think custody is the right word to use here.

    But otherwise, this is totally not Engrish.

    • actually…the use of the word custody is quite justified considering what the chinese says, the word used in chinese actually means to watch/monitor/take care of/etc….so…not that I am saying it the appropriate translation that should have been used…but…it makes sense because although custody may mean to detain/arrest, it also has the explanation of safekeeping/protect/guandianship and supervision…technically…that’s exactly what the chinese says

    • "Engrish [...] is the incorrect translation or use of the English language in Asia."

      I beg to differ. Some of us Asians actually have the letter L in our vocabulary, therefore, you'll have to find a different term for messed-up English from the 45 other countries in Asia that aren't Japan. Haha!

  • This is a totally inappropriate use of language by the poster.
    Engrish is a dialect used in parts of Japan, not China.

  • this was taken from rahoi.com
    at least give em some credit

  • I love to see people trying to look smarter than each other. Did I just use bad English? Go ahead and prove my point.

  • At least the spelled it “fetal” and not “fecal” ;)

    And just what is “Cunt Examination” supposed to be? You wouldn’t have “Vaginal Examination” on a sign in any hospital I’ve seen.

  • Engrish only applies to Japan. (Comes from the Japanese’s inability to pronounce ‘l’s and instead substitutes them with ‘r’s.)

    Chinglish however is the mix of Chinese and English.

    • >>Engrish only applies to Japan. (Comes from the Japanese’s inability to pronounce ‘l’s and instead substitutes them with ‘r’s.)

      The l/r thing is pretty common across all of Asia, hence Engrish for all of them. However, Engrish is most commonly seen in Japan; mainly because they have become obsessed with English as of late, and bad Engrish is quite a common occurance in shop signs, billboards, TV ads, music, T-shirts, notebooks, etc..

  • In most Asian, Moslem and Spanish contries the pronunciation of the l’s and the r’s are often interchanged. Same for j and y.

  • Is it a screw up? Or do they not realize it’s meaning.

    • well…most of the time the local people wouldn’t know if it’s right/wrong/appropriate or not…and as for the translators…well there’s really no problem with the translation…itz all technically correct…so…it’s just that we have terminology for these medical areas which the these translators obviously are not aware of…and did direct translations…maybe then don’t even know that the word, ‘cunt’ in the case, is actually a rather coarse word and all they know is it means what they needed to translate…

      i am more interested in how they know that word at all…T.T”…do dictionaries list that word??

  • Ooh just leave the Chinese spellings alone – it’s not like all English speakers can write another language fluently.

    Although it is kinda funny =D

    • True. I haven't met any native English speakers (Americans, Britons, Aussies, etc) who can even begin to pronounce words in my language without help, much less spell them or translate full phrases.

      And this is funny!

  • Whoever translated that page has anger problems, or finds it hilarious. I am ready for this site to have some postings of the opposite funny posters in america that are bad chinese

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  • I suspect some poor, unsuspecting sign-maker asked a friend (or their kids) "what's the english word for…."

    I heard about some Engrish-Language instructions, where the translator apparently went looking for the verb "to screw" (as in the hardware sense). They got a colorful euphemism.

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