Court Finds Model Innocent Based on Breast Size

Posted on March 4, 2008

Serena Kozakura, a Japanese pin-up model, has probably had her way numerous times based on the size of her breasts, but this has to be the first time they have ever helped her overturn a court ruling.


Serena, 38 years old, was charged and found guilty of breaking into a man’s apartment by kicking in a hole in his door and crawling through because he was with another woman.

The bikini model was cleared of all charges after the defense council help up a plate showing the size of the hole that Serena was accused of kicking in. It was clear that the hole in the door was not large enough for the 44-inch bust model to squeeze through.

“I used to hate my body so much, but it was my breasts that won in court”, Serena said.

Judge Kunio Harad of the Tokyo High Court threw out the guilty verdict, saying there was reasonable doubt over the man’s story.

Video showing Serena trying to squeeze through a hole in the door as well as other parts of the story can be viewed below:

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97 thoughts on “Court Finds Model Innocent Based on Breast Size

  1. darkwing duck

    In my country they would go crazy for these two.

    This is kind of funny

    “I used to hate my body so much, but it was my breasts that won in court”, Serena said.

        1. K

          Have you ever heard of something called back problems? Just because you like to look at them doesn’t mean having a chest the size of hers would be comfortable.

  2. Gooba gooba

    Hillarious. I don't understand Japanese, but I can get the gist of this video… Still, I gotta wonder – since this chick supposedly has natural breasts, what if she DIDN'T have a bra on while trying to squeeze through the door? Maybe squeeze one in first, then pull in the other?

    Yeah, there's doubt the way it was done, but there might be other ways to accomplish the task…

    Then again, if the dude was actually doing some other chick, what'd SHE look like?

    This whole this is just nuts…

    1. Kohmaru

      I was thinking the same thing-if those breast are natural even with a bra on you could pull one through and then the other- very smashable and moldable…if they’re rock hard implants then there would be some problems.

      1. Prawn

        … smashable and moldable?

        Yeah, you wouldn’t know how much that would hurt, would you? Have you ever wondered how sensitive a woman’s breast is? Think about it.

    1. Pokey

      Uh…are you kidding me. Do you really fall for the export culture of Japan. They are just as wacky and messed up as the rest of the world. I’m sure that are thousands of stranger court cases that have happened there, but for whatever reason (most likely language) the crazy stuff doesn’t leave the island.

  3. blah cah

    doode allen your an idiot. its not messed up, its fact. if she cant go through it how the hell did she get in. yah, maybe through another area but why was that hole made in the first place.

    1. OMG_Please

      She can get through, she just wasn’t trying. Kind of like the glove that fit OJ, that he pretended not to be able to put on.

      All she has to do is put one breast through, slide through sideways, and then bring the other. Like moving a couch through a doorway.

      1. spanky

        “”All she has to do is put one breast through, slide through sideways, and then bring the other. Like moving a couch through a doorway.””


  4. Keith

    Apart from being hilarious, I find it sometimes ridiculous too, to use breasts as evidence in court. Now that, after reading the article, it is very legitimate to use any kind of evidence as long as they are proven to be useful in the eyes of the laws.

    Just out of curiosity, breasts are made up of soft tissues, can’t they be slightly compressed such that she was able to squeeze through the hole?

    1. Kim

      HAHa That is exactly what I was thinking! However, that hole is quite small and it may be extremely painful, especially with her size of… bosom.
      If it can’t fit you must acquit.. Sound familiar haha.

      1. Kit

        She’s lying.
        *I* could fit through that hole, and my chest size is larger than hers- and I’m a couple of inches taller.
        She just angled her body to make it appear that she couldn’t fit, then put on the whine face when she pretended to try to squeeze through.
        The court testimony took place months after the incident, and so any minor bruising she *might* have had from the incident were long gone – go ahead and tell me that a woman wouldn’t suffer a little pain to get at a cheating boyfriend @@

    2. kyle

      Sir, are you stupid? Soft tissue? Breasts are made of fat and have a whole lot of lymphatic nerves. Try compressing that without causing internal bleeding or serious nerve damage.

      1. jimi

        1)Fat is a type of soft tissue.
        2)The term ‘lymphatic nerves’ has no meaning. The lymphatic system and the nervous system are not the same thing.
        3)Breasts can be compressed without causing serious damage/internal bleeding (google mammograms if you don’t believe me).

        You, sir, are stupid. Go get yourself a girlfriend and report back to us when you’ve actually felt a pair and can talk about the subject intelligently.

    3. Casey

      Don't listen to a guy named kyle about having tits and what you can do.
      I have a 34 C which isn't as big as hers, but If I wear a tight shirt they get pushed back, by all means, to an extent you can squeeze but not to a big one.

      Plus, once they're that size I think they get a lot more jiggly, so perhaps its possible to squeeze more.

      Her natural(?) size is very rare for her locale, from what I have seen.

  5. Brad Hart

    I am not even sure how to really reply to something like this. Of course they convicted Mike Tyson in this country of rape after showing his penis was too tiny to do what the woman claimed, so it could go either way here in the states.

  6. Lady

    I’m laughing at the people who obviously have no idea what they are talking about. Yes, breasts are fatty tissue, but they don’t get that condensed when you restrict them. (Men, please educate yourselves so you don’t look like morons.)

    And, looking at the size of her breasts…. She would have had a hell of a time trying to squeeze those puppies through.

    1. Also a Lady

      Yeah, seriously! Some people here obviously don't have breasts.

      There's no way she could squish those massive puppies enough to get through.

  7. bullshlt

    If she angled her body she could slide one tit thru, then reangle her body then get the other tit thru PLUS tits are also pure fat so they can be squeezed nicely thru LOL

  8. Fred Flinstone

    I guess it was the breast case scenario for her…

    She’s lucky, I heard that the judges were a bunch of boobs

  9. karl

    as you can see, she could have easily made it through the hole. you can move breasts side to side you know, and if you get one brest in at a time, you dont even have to squeeze much, and for that matter, it didnt look like she had to squeeze very much to get by n the first place. duh.

  10. Carl Lewis

    Why does she need to get herself thru’ the opening when she could just reach her hand in to unlock the door …

  11. mars

    she obviously did. who else is going to bust through the door…pardon the pun…for no reason. plus if you were pissed and about to catch him in the act you could probably survive a tight squeeze.

  12. taksun

    That chick has a nice rack but she’s probably psycho…lol Why is it that the hot ones can’t deal with rejection? hmmmmm
    GUILTY!!!! LOL

  13. ChaosFreak

    What’s really fucked is she was in jail 2 months awaiting trial, and was given a sentence of 14 months in prison and 3 years probation before winning on appeal. All for the charge of “Destruction of Property.” Drug dealers get lower sentences in the US.

    Having said that, she clearly could have fit through that opening.

  14. the truth

    I don’t care how big her jugs are, it’s never OK to break into a man’s house when he’s banging his mistress/young children.

  15. lolwut?

    Uhm.. The way she’s doing the example she could have just unlocked the door without having to go all the way through the hole, get out and then walk in through the unlocked door.. Still breaking and entering.. What were the high court smoking during the trial?

  16. Caliann

    *ponders* I have noticed a severe lack in knowledge about breasts here. If it had been a man with a huge beer gut (made up entirely of fat), no one would be arguing that he could have mashed his gut through the hole. The same is true of breasts…you can move them around a bit, and a sports bra can mash them some, but there is no way that even mashed in a sport bra, THOSE things were going to go through THAT space. Also, if you are mad about your guy banging someone else, have kicked a hole in the door, you are not going to be carefully contriving to 1) undress and 2) carefully try to get one breast at a time through the hole. You are going to kick a bigger hole.

    1. Kuri-Kara

      You know, she may have back problems eventually because of the size of her bust. I know someone who had that size bust, got pregnant, and now has back problems because they’re heavy. She has to get surgery to reduce their size to smaller than they were so that her back problems will start to be resolved.

  17. michael

    Where Can I get her address? She would fetch a good price in the slave prostitution trade here in Australia

  18. Buddha

    If you read the article, to anyone who’s saying that she was guilty, it was tossed out of court ’cause she proved the guys story wrong. That’s all. Yes, she could have, and probably did break open the door and then unlock it. But that’s what HE said she did, so she gets off.

    Had to throw at least one pun in there…

  19. OJ Simpson

    If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit!

    In reality, the irate woman could have easily pulled one breast through at a time with her hand. It would hurt a little, maybe, but could easily be done. Give me a break. This was like watching OJ try his “hardest” to put that glove on.

  20. Nell Carter

    Gimme a break….

    Did anyone watch the “evidence”…..there was enough room to get her, her boobs and another person through that hole….

    She used to hate her body? Gee, guess that’s why she got the implants?

  21. chingkulingkang

    That’s stupid court rule, she can unlock the door with her hands and can enter freely. She’s guilty as hell, peeping big boobs babe.

  22. lol

    You'd either had to be the most retarded douche to choose a flat chested whore over a 44 inch model. THAT was the man's first mistake.

  23. aoi

    for you guys who don't understand it, imagine how you guys feel hurt when someone accidentally hit you in your penis, it's not that far to the effect in the boobs! as you could see it would be difficult to pass through that hole,you could only see part of her body, how about the whole breast could you see it from the other side?? ! then try to squeeze in your penis into a bottle!
    FYI did you see the kind of lock the apartment have? it seems that you're going to need a key to open it even from the other side.
    you find this funny “I used to hate my body so much, but it was my breasts that won in court”, Serena said. how would you like your body if GUYS like you talk about things like this about her???!!!! not all girls want to be stared too with those dirty minds of yours!
    another thing! how could you be guys mad if someone really do get in your apartment?First your the one with another girl, w/c is we all know that it is not good and you yourself is guilty, second if she's the girlfriend what is wrong if she would properly go to he's apartment?

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