Cup Nude: It’s Steaming Hot!

Posted on January 30, 2008

At some point everyone has enjoyed a fresh hot cup noodle. It is that instant little cup you just poor hot water into, wait a few minutes, and then devour to satisfy your hunger needs.

“Cup Nude”, on the other hand, satisfies a completely different need all together. Although similar in design, you will immediately notice upon opening, that this is not your average midnight snack.


Complete with a packet of “Gently Acid Lotion”, we are sure you will find some enjoyment out of this loving product, unless of course that is real acid in that packet… Yeeouch!


(Ramon Students)

Sun Tzu has spent about 7 years in Asia traveling through Japan, Hong Kong, China, and Korea. A true fan of everything that is weird and strange, he decides in the end what is displayed and published on this site. Sun has previous experience writing for numerous print mags such as XLR8R, URB, and Movement Magazine.

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42 thoughts on “Cup Nude: It’s Steaming Hot!

    1. snarf

      But I'm betting that you've watched a chick used a dildo or other form of toy many a time. Why is this so different? Open your mind. It makes the world a better place.

  1. Boobman

    Don’t let Jason Biggs get a hold of this. He might compare it to the hot, wet, homemade apple pie.

    Yet, he stars in lots of movies and has sex with a pie just once….We’ll never let him down for that.

    1. spanky

      yeh, nothing cures being horny like contracting an STD or getting someone knocked up!

      go the cup-o-gina, small enough to go everywhere, safe enough to use anywhere!

  2. Japanese capitalism has gone haywire!

    If I felt like eating something now, well I don’t feel hungry any more.

    This is waaaaay too much.

    1. xaos is a retard

      Xaos -

      I’m sorry if not all people in the internet think the way you do. Perhaps, you believe that morality is now the exception instead of the norm.

      I really do not like stating the obvious, but, NOT ALL PEOPLE IN THE INTERNET ARE PERVS!

      Thank you.

      1. snarf

        Didn't you hear? The internet is for, and mainly consists of, porn. No need to hate on someone simply stating the truth.

  3. DesperateAmericanMan

    I was wondering where I could order one of these? Please let me know as It looks fantastic. Though, I’d prefer an artificial anus over an artificial vagina.

    They should start selling these cups in vending machines on subways. That would be great :)

  4. Marupinku

    I’m willing to bet those calling this pathetic don’t call a woman who uses a dildo pathetic. Yay double standards.

    1. cup-o-gina

      they come in dirty, clean, hairy, asian, wet, fat, and dry…we also have wrinkle flavor, and cheesy, it’s a new flavor…still under development.

  5. AimZy

    This may be a gag/joke thing. But such an item really exists. Called the fleshlight –
    And yes you women calling men pathetic please get off your high-horses, as stated quite accurately by Marupinku above, this no different to women pleasuring themselves with a dildo/vibrator.

  6. augest deth

    wow, now every time i eat a cup of noodles, i will be thinking about a vagina. and WTF ever ppl that are like all “anti- sex” i bet everyone here has had sex at least once in their life, so don’t be ashamed to say, hey this is a new toy, so i don’t have “to go to bar’s and clubs” to get an std, or worse. KUDOS to the inventor! they say hot dogs, and bananas, and cucumbers are sexy foods. well the inventor now made a cup of noodles sexy. right on, man.


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