10-Year Chinese Haunting Finally Debunked

Posted on December 22, 2007

This 5 story “haunted” building in the GuangXi province of China has scared most of it’s owners away.


Anyone who ever lived in the house, heard horribly spooky sounds coming from somewhere in the house.

In ten years, the house has been sold to four different owners, and soon after each moved in, they moved out because of the haunting.

The building is actually very nice and used to be valued at about $34,000, but with the haunting no one wanted to buy it until two brothers paid $6,500 and bought it.


The small town Chan brothers did not believe in haunted houses and could not pass on the great price for such a large building.

Each night, the brothers would hold their breath and try to find where in the house the noise was coming from.

After numerous nights of searching, they figured out the noise sounded like something flapping in the water and it came from the bathroom pipe on the first floor.

The decided to break the pipe open and immediately found what was haunting the house.


About 10 catfish were found swimming in the sewer. Two were about 10 pounds and the rest were about 5 pounds each.

So it turns out the haunting was nothing more than some catfish in the sewer system, but… how did they get their in the first place?

In 1995, the first owner of the house was a catfish lover.

One day, he bought a bucket full of cat fish for dinner and left them in the bathroom waiting to be gutted. Apparently, two of them escaped through the toilet bowl and made a happy family of 10 living in the sewage pond.

Now that the ghost is gone, the price tag of the house soon rocketed to over $133,000. Not too bad for a little myth busting…


Mui Mui
Mui Mui is another of our wonderful, yet weird, editors who also is a well established world traveler. Born in Asia, Mui Mui is our expert on whether the articles we publish remain appropriate and not offensive in nature. Mui Mui’s favorite place is Italy where she spent 4 years and eventually fell in love with.
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41 thoughts on “10-Year Chinese Haunting Finally Debunked

  1. Jack

    I’m just wondering if those catfish are edible … they’ve been in the sewer after all. Maybe a little bit of cleaning would do the job?

    1. slimer

      ghost busters out of business

      they are coming back, ghostbusters 3 style

      to a video game system in your near future.

      what loser doesnt know the ghostbusters are back

      1. Bill

        His comment pretty much sums up how diggers view Chinese. Believe me, visit any story about China on Digg, all of them contain at least some racist joke and they always get dugged up. It’s normal.

    1. msian

      hi there,how can u said asian ppl have no soul..?i am asian n know inside out abt my cntry,those who know nothing,,juz keep shut up..n watch out ur mouth..

  2. Adam

    It’s genius! 1) Take a house that’s supposedly haunted 2) buy 5 catfish 3) “Find Them” to explain away the ghost (they just happen to be plumbers) 4) Price of house goes through the roof 5) Sell house for instant profit – I’d do it for a $127,000 profit.

    1. putte

      There's a flaw in your ingenious plan: They would still have to explain away the fact that the noises, which were the reason the house was thought to be haunted, persisted even after they caught they catfish.

  3. James Randi

    Readers should not get the idea that the Chinese are any more superstitious than other ethnic groups. Similar events have occured in Europe and in the U.S.A. – and will continue to do so, showing that woo-woo thinking is unfortunately universal. Ignorance is an equal-opportunity illness…

  4. Made in DNA

    My question is… the catfish were kept in the bathroom… so how the heck did they get in the toilet!? Jump? Or was the first owner keeping them IN the toilet until he ate them? Now while it obviously doesn’t sound probable, one has to ask. Catfish don’t walk around on their own after all.

    Nice story. Loved it. Love the site!

      1. Iconoclast


        but I have to wonder if someone would eat a fish that's been living in and eating shit it's entire life.

        Then again, they alway have lived in their own…

  5. jostled

    now if they had found a catdog, THAT would be awesome.

    hehe. i dont eat catfish, i cant eat something that looks as if it has a face(and facial expressions too!)

  6. Sabrina

    I love catfish they don't taste fishy. Really good eattin'. I can't figure how they they got to stay high up there in that level and sewer water only goes one way.

  7. Justin

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