Man Carves Wife a 6,000 Stair Path in Mountain
December 15, 2007 | by Mui Mui

A weird love story has come out of China recently and managed to touch the world. It is a story of a man and an older woman who ran off to live and love each other in peace for over half century.

Over 50 years ago, Liu, was a 19 years-old boy, fell in love with a 29 year-old widowed mother named Xu. At the time, it was unacceptable and immoral for a young man to love an older woman.

To avoid the market gossips, the couple decided to elope and lived in a cave in Jiangjin County in Southern ChongQing area.


In the beginning, they had nothing, no electricity or even food. They had to eat grass and roots they found in the mountain, and Liu made a kerosene lamp that they used to lighten up their lives.

Starting the second year of living in the mountain, Liu began, and continue for over 50 years, to hand carve the steps so that his wife could get down the mountain easily.


A half century later in 2001, a group of adventures were exploring the forest, they surprisingly found the elderly couple and the over 6,000 stairs of hand carved ladder.

“My parents loved each other so much, they have lived in seclusion for over 50 years and never been apart a single day.” Liu MingSheng, one of their seven children said, “He hand carved more than 6,000 steps over the years for my mother’s convenience, although she doesn’t go down the mountain that much.”


The couple had lived in peace for over 50 years until last week. Liu, now 72 years-old, returned from his daily farm work and collapsed. Xu sat and prayed with her husband as he passed away in her arms.

So in love with Xu, was Liu, that no one was able to release the grip he had on his wife’s hand even after he had passed away.

“You promised me you’ll take care of me, you’ll always be with me until the day I died, now you left before me, how am I going to live without you?” … …

Xu spent days softly repeating this sentence and touching her husband’s black coffin with tears rolling down her cheeks.

In 2006, their story had became one of the top 10 love stories from China, collected by the Chinese Women Weekly. The local government has decided to preserve the “love ladder” and the place they lived as a museum, so this love story can live forever.

Video showing the real couple:

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Mui Mui
Mui Mui is another of our wonderful, yet weird, editors who also is a well established world traveler. Born in Asia, Mui Mui is our expert on whether the articles we publish remain appropriate and not offensive in nature. Mui Mui’s favorite place is Italy where she spent 4 years and eventually fell in love with.
  • That is such a sweet story!

    • Wow! This is the most touching story I have ever read. It helps me to finally believe that you can live on love only. Diamonds, Big house, the fancy cars, money, etc…. is not what life is all about. You can live on love. Thank you, Xu & Liu for making me believe that love is all you need to survive in this world!

      • I totally agree with Angel on this one.
        If you can just live on love like these two did, then anything is possible!
        All those people out there who don’t believe in true love need to read this story.
        It is simply amazing to say the least!

        • I also agree with Angel and Jay…whoever earns the money, or owns the house, car, furniture, etc. means absolutely nothing unless it’s shared with your mate. I love you Brad / Dayna (from Ottawa, Ontario Canada)

      • I want to believe what you just said. But could you really be like them, live in the woods without the materialistic things of the world with only the one you love? No money, house, friends, family, shelter, cars, Internet, cell-phone, fashion? Thats a one in a million. No, more than a million.

      • I'd like to turn it around: maybe they could stay together so long because there was nothing else? No temptations… no distraction.

        Great story though! :-)

      • True love doesn’t exist in this world. Once one person gets distracted, “I no longer love you”. What matters is big house, nice cars, good food, etc. There is absolutely no way that one can be with another person forever. Every beginning has ending.

        • Kat, I have to Highly disagree with you. These two have spent a good majority of thier lives together. You speak of materialism inwhich is quiet common these days. These two had no such desires. They Only wanted to be together. I pity you Kathy. Love is very real. Maybe someday you will open those closed eyes.

    • This was a wonderful love story and it warm my heart to see such two wonderful people who love each other so much and to know that no money, big houses or anything can put a price on love. For love is from the heart. May they live to the fullness and may any find the steps to their heart and love for each other. Thank you for the wonderful joy of love. In my mind its sad that the whole world can’t see what they have. For what I see is love and peace for all for that is what god gave us and to share it with others.

    • I totally agree. With love, “forsaking all others” is the only option. The totality of this kind of love is intoxicating for me, even at a distance.

    • im 19 and my girlfriends 53, i know how this great relationship felt :)

    • After reading…Love Story never ends. I can imaging the hard work put into specially for his wife for the past fifty years. Sometime is good to understand what nature in the green forest. LIFE IS LIKE A BOX OF COLCOLATE.

    • rhysha may paulo

      it was indeed a very touching story, a modern romeo and juliet saga that we could share to our children and to our children’s children. this kind of stories are what we need to motivate and strengthen us amidst the topsy-turvy ways of our lives!!!

  • Not so sure that's "love" as much as "irrational co-dependancy", but I suppose we are suckers for the way we are wired, and we can't help romanticizing what amounts to a mental disorder.

    • Dear Frank Hoffmeister,

      Kill yourself.


      • +5 for Black Sheep Wall!

      • And whats wrong with that “mental disorder”?
        You talk as you are above the “irrational co-dependancy”, and it appears you condemn the “way we are wired”.

        Dude, you are a human and your life is short, like the rest of us, dont pretend to be immune to our “mental disorder”, because you are not.

        Perhaps you should follow the couple example and go live on a cave! Alone and unwired…

      • Constance Velocity

        “Dear Frank Hoffmeister,

        Kill yourself.


        You don’t speak for all of humanity. Most humans don’t require the death penalty for people with whom they disagree. Fascist do.

        • Unintelligently Designed

          Not one to be left out on the fun, Dink McDinkus decides to put in his two cents, which, in the end, amounts to nothing.

    • Did nobody read what the widow was repeating? She wasn’t so happy that she was in love with him for so long. She has possibly no means and no reason to live, except maybe she won’t kill herself (and she might, the elderly have some of the highest suicide rates of all age demographics). Good knowing you, oh shit, I’m living in the present and now I’m miserable. Isn’t love great?

      • Eh? Is that what she said???

        I thought that she said that “If he doesn’t even care that I’m old, I shouldn’t care if he’s young.”

        What are you talking about? I mean, no offense but I didn’t hear anything like that in the clip. They promised each other that if one dies first, they will be buried in the mountain. When the other dies then they would be buried together.

        Are you sure you watched the right clip???

        Oh wait haha sorry you were talking about the English section XD

        “You promised me you’ll take care of me, you’ll always be with me until the day I died, now you left before me, how am I going to live without you?” … …

        I’m slow like that… ^^a

      • We should respect their time, place, decision they made, and commitment for each other. Not only can we see this as a love story but it also show us the dedication of their lives/relationship. They honored their vow, “…. in sickness and health until death do us apart….” All the married couples took the same vow but 50% of them end divorce. It is not our position to psychoanalyze their relationship/lives, it is their story and we shall respect that (hopefully learn something from them) instead of dissecting their relationship. There is no perfect relationship, we shouldn’t only focus on that half empty bottle then dwelling on finding all the negativity in lives. Embrace the courage/hope them gave us. They had been married for 50 years(3 kids their own and total 7), what is your longest meaningful relationship that you’d like other people to dissect?

      • this story is making me teary-eyed! i apply so many things i read like this to my daily life….it is touching…how can you people mock such a story!?!?! this is no chat room! you must not truly know what love is….one thing i see in my everyday life is people thinking they love someone….because they are beautiful-that is lust-not love……there is a BIG difference….trust me….i go through a lot of this kind of shit…its confusing…..but love is well worth the heartache… mock me about this…well…lets just say you have never actually encountered love….because it is very true….love is not lust….listen to me…you need to have an open mind and understand people…be there for them….that i love….love is patient, kind, and not self seeking….

    • so funny and sad that no one understands the deep truth in your words.

      World of blinds indeed.

      What Frank relates to is a phenomenon that some call “attachment”. It is a mental disease that is very clear to enlightened masters of all religions. This disorder is what the mainstream culture calls love.

      Whenever there is even a small amount of that feeling “I can’t be happy without you” you are not in love. You are experiencing an addiction, an “irrational co-dependancy”.

      Most of you are so brainwashed. So sad.

      • The amazing psychic duo of Frank and Ookami, able to divine the motives of two Chinese peasants from thousands of miles away, able to know even the internal dynamics of this couple who had lived together for over fifty years during a turbulent time in China’s history, able to psychologize at a distance from a Western point of view (with two hands tied behind their backs!)…. appearing next in Vegas…

      • This is the mindset people resort to when they are so broken that they can’t get a date.

      • Frank Hoffmeister .. sincerely hope that you are blinded and amputated (both arms and legs) and may you live a thousand years.. well then I will convey your views on love to whoever is caring for you and hear about your theory on “irrational dependency”.

        • Constance Velocity

          You all who are bashing Frank need to ask yourselves why YOU are so offended by his statement. You need to ask why you care so much about what Frank says. If you were confident in your experience of ‘love’ you wouldn’t feel the need to bash him. But since you are insecure, the mere chance that your experience of love could be defined as a mental disorder sends you over the edge and you to want him to be wrong, so you lash out at him. Not one of you has written anything even slightly intelligent to refute his statement. Your juvenile jabs do nothing but make you look like an idiot.

        • Constance Velocity, I’m not going to take sides here, but can I not use the same logic you just used to criticize theirs statements, to criticize yours?

        • It’s amazing that even videos about selfless love are still followed by cynical comment rage:o constance (and others), i don’t see why it’s so necessary to call names, make accusations about others’ personal lives and belittle the intelligence of people with different opinions, even if they’re a bit passionate (we’re talking about love!:) ). i’d agree that it’s reasonable to spare frank the death penalty hehe, perhaps by revising the question a bit. why live? i don’t mean that literally frank (you were much more polite than some of the cynics who followed), but really…if love is just a search for the next oxytocin fix, what’s the point? i’d be interested (honestly, not quipping:) ) to know what you think about the meaning of life, or how ookami defines love. imho, love is synergy, and i base this not only on my own blissful experience with it, but also on biology. attachment, whether between parent and child or husband and wife, isn’t a disorder– it’s evolved because it is integral to the survival of our children.

          Also, studies have shown that people who are in loving relationships lead longer and happier lives. call it brainwashing or a mental disorder, relative though those terms may be, but i’d rather be in love than be right… and personally, i’d argue we can be both:)

          That said, this story was beautiful…sigh:’)

      • If you will kindly look to the “frank” and “Ookami” above you will see a stunning example of what appears to be a troll in full bloom. Trolls can post aggrevating comments to hundreds of message boards each day and some of larger males have even been known to break into the thousands. They may seem quite frightening at first but it’s important to remember that they are just you. I hope you enjoyed the ride and thank you for touring the internet zoo.

      • It’s alright for “enlightened” folks to decry love – they’ve never felt it, or at least never had it returned. It’s natural to shun something that you cannot understand or resent. Still, it is quite amusing to see the brainwashed calling us brainwashed. Enlightened indeed….

      • personally i kinda like having this disorder :)

        …hmm i wonder i’m now entitled to good parking spots…

    • somebody took introduction to psychology in college…what big concepts roll off your keyboard! can i be your friend?

    • Wow, Frank….that’s a pretty cynical outlook on life.

    • Spoken like someone who has never truly loved or been loved.

    • You're a wanker

    • These replies to Frank Hoffmeister reminds me to the reaction of religious people when told that God is not there. It's the thought of a life investment going to waste that actually worries them. Here most replies see Frank as the anti-Christ of love – that sweet love that makes them depend on a " random" somebody for their lifetime.

  • i have fetish for older women myself..

  • aww….that’s soo sad….
    yet sweet….okay, i gotta get a hold of myself..
    none of that sentimental crap (>.>)

  • God bless her! And may he rest in peace, and may they be reunited forever one day…

  • Frank Hoffmeister, you are not a human being if you meant that. What’s it like in the vampire/undead world in which you live?

  • I loved this story. Thanks for sharing it. It was very sweet. Steps down a mountain… the Taj Mahal… the things a man will do when he is in love is just inspiring…

  • Stunning love story… Will the young of today pay some attention to this, begin to see what real love may be all about ?

  • Methinks ’tis one of the greatest love sories ever. Will the young of today learn a little from them, and begin to understand what real love maybe all about ?

  • Awesome Awesome. Out of this WORLD beautiful love story. Man, this true love. The one that makes you go out of your way to do something for someone else. uhhh the power of love….

  • That is simply remarkable. May we all be so lucky to have someone care so much in our lives.

  • I don’t think I would do that for someone.

  • I agree with Hoffmeister. After all, it says she didn’t even go down the mountain that often. To me it would have seemed more romantic/caring of him to hear that he promised to, and ended up lovingly helping her down the mountain when needed. The “step thing” strikes me as the work of an obsessive-compulsive person.

    • They lived in a cave. He had to have something to do. This was a good way for him to pass the time. It shows devotion to his wife. It provided easier access up and down the mountain. It kept him from getting bored and going insane which probably helped maintain a happier marraige…

  • Wow. Now, that’s love. Wait till Hallmark hears about this. Valentine’s Day will never be the same again.

  • ..the secret they nevr revealed was that they were both gay…

  • A beautiful little story. Liu and Xu’s “Love Ladder” has a nice ring to it.

  • So… is she dating yet?

  • this is a great story..what troubles me is that the MSM like CBC, BBC, CNN have not even once mentioned this story..

    why is that ??

    • Well its probably because if they try to cover every obscure story in the world, they would no longer be mainstream media, since most news are not “mainstream”..

    • Because does the American public really care about the chinese?
      Not to be a stereo type but, most people in America just cares about Oil,Mcdonalds,war,etc…

  • I always love it when someone says something mean, and the reaction is “I wish you were dead, I want terrible things to happen to you,.”

    The irony of wanting to punish someone cruelly because they were cruel is so sweet. Mmmmm, lick, lick, lick.

  • This is what me and my hubby have. I’m 10 years older than him and believe me when I say I have tried to drive him away…needless to say it didn’t work, now we are expecting our first child together and I am 40. If the love is real, it’ll last.

  • This is a very nice sweet history of love and care.

  • age is nothing but a number.

  • girlfriends and wives around the world should not be allowed to read this article…it’s going to bring a lot nagging…sigh

  • I loved this story. What a beautiful love they had. Her grief only shows how valuable her 50 years of love was to her. It’s the sad thing, the more worthwhile something in your life has been, the harder is the loss that usually comes. But better to grieve something worth grieving, than never to have had it at all.

  • Love IS co-dependency. Maybe you should have paid attention in psychology! You would never know what it feels like to feel the awful pain of having to live life when you lose the other half of yourself.

  • Just goes to show you that a woman will always work her husband to death.

  • I tought this story was so amazingly sweet until everyone started saying how stupid it was… :[
    now you jerks ruined it for me.

  • thats a lot of steps to hand care …
    wonder how many of us would find a woman who deserves something like that …
    not many of ‘em around … thats for sure …

  • What a sweet story of love, even I had to go “aww.” And then I started to read the comments and realize that humanity is so hell-bent on being “intelligent” and “logical” that we’re willing to classify love as a mental disorder. -_-

  • This story is a true muontain love story
    living close to the universe in day to day
    dependence and respect to each other.
    Some village people may never esperience
    the freedlom and creativity of mountain
    people, you look to much TV and can
    nothing do yourself in an Appt.
    The man made the steps to make
    progress each year, instead of TV
    He can see what he did; great phlosopher
    I lived myself 1600 meters in the mountains
    love and trouble come together
    but first respect, you need each other

    Love you all
    great people here

  • Just like the beattles song “All you need is love”

  • Here in the modern world we do many things for each other. Think about it: he had no sink to fix, no roof to mend, no car to repair, etc. All he had to do was maintenance on their single lamp and carve some steps. Not like he was missing out on the lastest CSI or anything. He was probably just trying to get out of the house, and that was a good excuse. She rarely went down the mountain–why? Because he did it for her. Now she’s weeping because she’s going to have to go up and down the mountain. I bet she realizes how little she appreciated him when he was around. Let that be a lesson to all nagging wives out there…

    • i get the feeling you are trying to force your perspective on this couple’s story.

      so now, we have a little insight on what your life is like…

  • It doesn’t matter if it’s irrational, it doesn’t matter if it is the so called attachment, mental disorder, or anything like that. If you actually can listen the little video in the end, you might understand this a little better. If you know what the Chinese society is like, then yea maybe you will understand a little better.

    The WHOLE POINT is that they loved each other so much, and their love is sweet and stunning. And they were happy, they are happy. That’s all it matters. Something that can last for over a half century, I doubt you can find similar in modern days.

    Again, the reason China is publicizing this love story is because the current phenomenon, young couples became increasingly materialistic and unaffectionate. There is no attachment between a couple at all, and the reason a couple stays together is for material needs, not psychological needs. Where did the love go?

    You people can judge them whatever the way you want, just like the people in the old days judged their forbidden love when they are young, do you think they care? NO. Do you think the people who adores this love story cares about what you think? No.

    • great point! although, i don’t see why you had to publicly make this point. it was fairly obvious. i don’t understand why some people tried to ruin the underlying message of this couple’s story… perhaps it’s just varying reasons for various individuals…

      allow a comments section after a video and the internet gives any anonymous fool a stage.. now, including me… =)

  • men, making roads is a human function since we appeared on earth, so there is no connection with “love” here, its only a duty and instinc for man to do that.

  • I think it’s a great idea. I’d *happily* carve 6000 steps out of the side of a mountain, and then bury that evil bitch of an ex-wife of mine at the very bloody bottom of them.

    • why would you want to provide access to her body? and why would you want to spend so much time carving a path to provide access to her body?

  • Now she knows she will never get an escalator. That would hurt.

  • Some are saying they were irrational, but they managed to sit out assorted Communist horrors such as the Cultural Revolution. Would they have lived so long if they were more “normal”?

    And the had seven children. :)

  • Call me heartless, but he might be hand carving the steps just to get away from the old lady. It’s the equivalent to working on the car, or playing fantasy football. Face it, a man needs his own space, secluded like that, he has no friends, family, career, and barely anyone else to talk to. Having a great wife is great, but I feel a man needs more.

  • Wow, Asian men sure could teach White jerks a thing or 2 about true love…

  • Wow – I’m a pretty cynical guy, but even I thought this story was pretty damned charming. Who cares what the man’s motivations were, how much she used the steps, or about any pointless academic discussions about whether love can be equated with co-dependancy?

    What does matter is that ultimately, this is a phenomenal gesture of dedication from one person to another, and regardless if his motivations were completely unselfish or not, the story is beautiful.

    If a man happened to love building boats, and spent 50 years crafting a beautiful vessel for his partner, you wouldn’t scoff, and say “there’s a man who builds boats to get away from his hag wife”; you’d say “there’s a man who loves to build boats… did you see the beautiful one he built for his wife?”

  • …not to mention… I hope that I end up in such good shape at 72 – to be in good enough health to live on a mountain, and work with your body daily until the day you die sounds pretty fantastic – better than withering away from colon cancer at the age of 60 from a lifetime of bad north american food, and office work.

    • If you want something better, go after it. Goodluck.

    • Yeah, except that the guy worked his whole life away. The most exciting thing he ever did was run away to the mountains to live in a cave with an older broad.

      Also, if you want to romanticize about what it’s like to live without toilet paper, then go right ahead.

      And one last thing… they are getting better at detecting that colon cancer thing. Soon you’ll be able to eat all of the crap you want until you die of heart failure, without having to worry at all about cancer. How do you like them apples?

  • The bottom 1000 would have been difficult. After a hard day’s chiselling 5000 steps is a long way up. I hope he got weekends at home.

  • thats really sad
    so sweet

  • Kad sam procitao ovu pricu i posle toga video reportazu Kineske tlevizije koju naravno nisam razumeo zbog jezicne barijere a veoma sam je dobro razumeo sto se tice svih ostalih aspekata. Bio sam dirnut do suza sto uopste nije u mom stilu (mislim na suze) jer pobogu ja vi trebalo da budem neki Maco-man. Pomislio sam ” Pazi njega on je ceo svoj zimotni put posvetijo pravljenju svojih 6000 stepenica ka nebu dokazujuci svakoga dana kojeg je proveo na gradnji tih stepenica uroku za 50 godina kolika je njegova ljubav prema njoj, pa za mene si Kralj svih frajera na svetu”. Neka ti je vecna slava i hvala. Sa druge strane ona koja stoji uz tog muskarca i prihvata njegovu a stim i svoju zivotnu pricu za mene je heroj od zene i treba joj dati orden. Hvala vam dragi (hteo sam reci suplanetarci) ali se plasim da tako nesto kazem pa cu reci samo ljudi Hvala vam i zeleo bi da vasa prica bude nesto naucila i generacije, generacije ljuckih bica koje ce jos doci. (u sta se nebi mogao zareci).

  • If only we had half of that love in a lifetime we would be in heaven!

  • What??
    Something good for China…whodathunkit??

  • If only there was that kind of committment these days !

  • Cellular reproduction may have something to say about that knee-jerk rhetoric of “All you need is love.”

    Bleat away you brainwashed little sheep.

    Bleat away.

    And despise your betters capable of rational thought.

  • This has got to be the funniest set of comments that I have ever read at the end of an article lol!

    I agree, the guy either had ocd or just wanted to escape from that boring nagging lady for awhile!!

    • I agree with you there about the funniest comments ^^

      Thank you all! Was interesting to read!

      And made me laugh pretty loud too.. =)

  • How sad! What a wasted meaningless life. Spending everyday pounding rock to please the little woman. He could have been a teacher, a scientist, a fisherman or any productive member of society. Instead he choose to waste his time pounding rocks. Heck they probably wiped out half the panda population eating them for survival. No job equals no money equals no food.

    For all of you romantic bleeding heart guys who actually think this is a great love story I suggest you quit your jobs and take a sledge hammer into the back yard and start pounding rock. My guess is within a week, if not sooner, your wife will leave you if she has a brain.

    Get a life people and stop turning tragic stories into fairy tales.

    • It was his life to do with as he wanted, what does it matter!

      We live and die by our choices, if he died happy and content then who are we to judge ?

      Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but one love story, aimed at spreading a little love, seems to have bought out anything but love in quite a few of us. Sure we like a good laugh, but some folk seem genuinely pissed off by this story – why is that??

  • I especially liked the comments on here directed towards the people that didn’t play into the whole “love story” theme. Go f yourself and Kill yourself aren’t what I would consider to be comments someone who is rational would say…

  • if he REALLY loved her he would have built her an escalator.
    LOL no really, that is very sweet. its things like this that remind me that not everyone is selfish. and i am glad that others see it that way too. unfortunately it will now become another tourist attraction for many stupid people (and a few good sentimental ones) and they will throw trash everywhere and make it a big mess. :( COMING SOON the Hollywood version. ugh. they cant even make up thier own stories anymore. it will probably suck just like most of the crap they are spewing out now.

  • Dang can’t even get my hubby fix that damn squeaking garage door!
    I hope society or her children take this elderly woman in and takes care of her. A nice love story. In a sense love is a co-dependent state of being only meaning that both people get fulfillment from expecting the others love, but not to be construed negatively unless one partner is taking advantage of the other. (IMO) However, to use the term co-dependent is dangerous because it sounds and usually means something negative, like fostering a partner’s alcohol problem because they enjoy the power and guilt they can hold over their partners head because of it or any other sense that makes the non-abuser accostomed and dependent on the bad habit.

    Since when is love a bad habit? Or a self destructive behavior which should be describe in such negative terms. Not to mention any names from this post, but sounds like someone is a control freak, only capable of loving themselves, maybe badly burned by love who knows. But he who would find something negative about this couples devotion to one another should be spending their free time in therapy not reading then pulling and mis using ‘medical’ terms out of their bums. Again just my opinion, uneducated at that. .

  • The collared female trained to obey her man and to always strive to please him is the happy fulfilled woman.

  • Motivation is the question. Was this guy an idiot that wasted his entire life chopping senseless stairs or was there another reason for his obsession? Amber thinks it is true love for a guy to do some worthless act to please his honey. If this guy was sane then I submit his motivation was sexual. I bet his wife gave him a reacharound tug for every chop he made with his chisel. What say you Amber? Is that possible in your world of unicorns and suede? Maybe his wife said “If you cut another step I will give you a BJ”. 6000 BJ’s later the man died with a smile on his face and his wife had her stairs. What does Amber think about that?

    • I don’t know why you guys keep bombarding each other with hateful words. This is a wonderful story, I’d give it that. But as for the comments, to each his own. The comments by others are not meant for you to believe or follow. We are free to express whatever we please. But please don’t try to ruin it for everybody.

  • Lovely story. It’s true you can live on love alone.

    You could be a rocket science, too, or not. As long as you’re happy.

    Society ain’t worth the pixels it’s written on.

  • I wish everyone the blessing of finding their other half. For us, it’s twenty-six years and going forward. Don’t sneer, it really happens.

  • OMG!!!. First off I would like to sign Black Sheep Wall’s letter.’re a giant used douche. Admit it and move on. Secondly, to the crazy Loreana Bobbitt crowd that seems to be mixed in here as well: There is such a thing as love with no patriachical dominance. The rest of the species, both men and women, have a pretty good track record for getting along and doing so in the most sappy tear-jerking ways imaginable. If not the the survival of the species is a mystery to me,

  • All of you can argue/debate/wax poetic/intellectualize all you want.
    The couple didn’t care, doesn’t care, and won’t care. Nothing will invalidate what they mean to each other.
    that’s the point of the story.

  • This is so incredibly romantic. I’m glad that one couple out there had the guts & determination to stick it out for their love even when the going got tougher than tough. I can only hope that I find this type of love one day.

  • Thanks to ‘swinefactory’ and ‘gee-man’ and all those who know a beautiful love story when they see one…And to all those who can ignore all the ridiculous psycho-babble we’ve somehow managed to screw our brains, and hearts to smithereens with…

    And I’ll say this to the poster who commented,’what a wasted life’ about the old man…

    You say that, because you don’t know what ‘real’ is…what lies beyond the superficial…

    Maybe, someday you will learn…

  • No doubt very romantic.
    Out of Curiosity i just want to know about the video host at the end of the story.

    Thanks for sharing this Romantic Story
    kaash, Ash & You

  • That’s heartbreaking. Little old lady living alone up a mountain with all those stairs to get up and dpown. We should all throw a few dollars into a kitty and buy her a stannah stairlift.

  • If you think this story is romantic wait till next week’s story on the man who spent his entire life in his wife’s closet being a hanger to prove his love for her. After he passed his widow was left without a place to hang her sweater. How sad.

    • Why do I get this feeling that you hate love? Or you don’t believe in love or selfless acts?

      I don’t want to argue with you. Just asking….

  • Being alone just leads to an early grave.

  • that is such a beautiful story. it’s also incredibly sad.

  • “Lovely story. It’s true you can live on love alone.”

    The folks starving to death in various parts of the world might have a disagreement with your emotion-laden babbling.

    Let’s wait for Oprah to make her final definitive proclamation so that the females in the crowd can commence their communal bleating.

    • Oh goody. A masogynist. How rare and incredibly refreshing. How incredibly patronising!!

      Why not go and watch your monster truck rallies?

  • what’s wrong with you people. Talking about nagging wife, and mental illnesses.

    Can’t you just appreciate the simplicity of love. Just because your own wife is a bit((h doesn’t mean the whole world is like that. Gosh humans will always find a way to look down on others.

  • But seriously it’s their life and their business – who are we to judge? Keep it positive or keep your negative comments to yourself. People and lack of manners these days. How would you feel if everyone was over-analyzing you and criticizing you on every little thing? You don’t see this couple making comments about how you didn’t go to college or back-talked at your mother. Not so tough eh?

  • heh heh. Pretty amusing posts. It’s a nice story, but for me it speaks most clearly about the fact that you really can have a very simple life, have a strong loving relationship, be dirt poor and still be happier than an executive working 60 hour weeks with no time to spend with your wife and kids – but you’ve got a nice house and car. And more stress than you’d wish on your worst enemy.

    But that’s ok, the guy standing next to you is blindly striving for the same thing. Who is happier and more content – deep in their souls? Who really is wasting their lives? There are plenty of people in under developed countries who are somehow magnitudes happier than the majority of us Westerners who have such busy schedules which more often than not contain scheduled visits to your therapists. :)

    Wow. Deep. I guess I’m just finishing up one of those 60 hour weeks and am waxing a little philosophical here. heh heh. I think I’ll go snuggle with my honey before she forgets what I look like. Peace.

  • I totally agree this is the most sweet love story!!!
    But, on the other hand as a parent, I think Xu is very selfish!
    She already has 4 children in her first marriage, what happen to those 4 after she lives in the mountain with Liu???

  • Its their any movie out about this couples. What is the name of the movie I want to see it.

    its a touching storied but I want to see to movie too.

  • rly so swet lov story.

  • the best story i hever heard . simply the best , the true love lives for ever , Ehtesham from Pakistan

  • Love is capable of doing many wondrous things. This is one of the many wonders of Love.

  • this is the sweetest thing i’ve ever heard!

  • thankyou everyone for this pleasant myth/legend…but i think everyone needs to open their pint-size green eyes O_O and come down to earth BLEAT BLEAT yeah man!! before you start preaching your untold tales, sing your song, sing your song….got me?

  • What a Liang Shan Buo & Zhu Ying Tai~
    Touching…. (T_T)

  • I agree with the rest of Humanity: marvelous story!!! Now some buzz-killing math: He lived from age 19 to 72 with wifie. He started in their 2nd year, so that means 52 years or 18,993 days (leap years included). He carved 6,000 steps, or 0.32 steps a day, or almost one STONE step every 3 days. I mean, WTF!!! And he also brought food, and fixed the leaking faucet, and changed the lightbulb, and gave her a foot massage after her walking all those 6,000 steps… I mean… DID HE HAVE ANY SEX DRIVE AT THE END OF THE DAY AT ALL!!!??? They had 7 children!!! Did someone try to dope-test him??? Let’s talk about power of love!!!

  • stupid people!!!
    why do u all have to mock that dead person???!!!
    so what if he had to lived rough life for his beloved wife??
    it’s his life.. his wife.. his choice
    if u people cannot appreciate his sacrifices…
    so shut the fuck up!
    man… u’re so retarded!

  • the story was really touching, and regardless of whether the 6000 steps meant anything, i thought it was a good message to all the materialistic couples out there.

    but lololol. these comments were just as enjoyable to read as was the story. thanks guys, you guys really made my day.

  • Amazing story, pure and simple.

    You can psycho-analyze anything until you lose its sacred nature. Its just like repeating the same word over and over until it has no meaning. For these type of people it means nothing. Sad way to live, having to analyze things to death until you destroy the beauty of it.

    Advise, take a step back and try to find the meaning of the story, then you too might be able to live a more fulfilled life.



  • Love is a path to the heart that knows its own way.

  • the was the MOST sweetest and saddest thing i ever read! this article is in my favorites. everytime i pull this article up, i ALWAYS cry.

  • I cant express my feelings as what I am feeling after reading this so soul touching love story.

    But yet sumthing to say so I salute these couples and request all other young people who r in love please love from the core of your heart and never betray you love .

    Kunal Gandhi

  • It’s a beautiful story and sad story. I don’t think I can be as brave as Xu. Eloping with the man you love. It’s just too unrealistic and I am very materialistic.

  • I literally cried reading this.. Age IS nothing, but a number & there IS such thing as true love. I hope they meet again in their next life. (^^)

    I’m thankful for my loving husband. <3

    & Xu’s so cute, she’s like one of those cute Asian grandmothers.
    & btw, if they had kids, how did their kids live? & how come they weren’t shown in the video?

  • woah!!…hell yes!!..i loved their story so made me feel 2 love again..lolz…

  • How effin adorable.

  • This is a very beautiful love story! I am deeply sorry for those who can’t see the beauty of love. They try not to understand the mean of love because they know nobody would ever care for them or love them. That’s why they are so hateful. Life is so beautiful; we should spend our time wisely enjoying life rather than paying attention to those loosers… Just a thought!

  • Just like the song of Eagles!

    Love will keep us alive!

    Great story!

    • for 50 years , he carved 6000 steps
      so he must have carved 120 steps a year
      1/3 of a step, pure rock, took him all day probably
      Guess who did all the cooking, planting, cleaning
      feeding the kids, even hunting. I wish i can do the things i want while my wife did all the house chores.

  • Thats life and trully lived…and Thats beautiful God bless you couple.

    Sharan CTC
    Bangalore India

  • it is not the “term” or “exact word” that matters, it seems that so much has been said and yet the story depicts that “whatever” it is, it is only felt and experience by those who are really humans. “Universal yet uncommon!”


  • a very simple love story yet indeed a very great one!

    i just feel sorry for the people who judged them bad coz they don’t know what real relationship (“love”) really is…

    we’re glad these days younger lad can show there love to older woman.. at least for most places and for those who thinks it’s immoral think again! judging is immoral too

    and i think there’s no more LIU in these world…

  • It is an amazing real life story.
    It takes a real love and big heart to do all what they did.
    I disagree that they had nothing else to do,thats why they live together.They chose to have nothing but each other.and even his death left a big stamp on their love when no one get their hands off each other.It is amazing and it touches the heart.There is no doubt that their love is real and true.

  • this story is touching, but it is not realistic or fitting for 2008, because you can go out with anybody now, any age, anything so it’s not a huge deal as it was say 50 yrs ago..circumstances are diff now..but their love is rare i must say, very story book can see their care for each others coz Asians don’t show affection especially people at their age.

  • this story very much touching me, we have learn more thing from this story. My regards for them, it will be remember in my mind forever. thanks them who publised like this story.

  • wow. Love means more than anything in the world. Really u dont need anything except eachother. This totally proved to the world that u just need eachother. This storyy is soo touching.

  • “Wow! This is the most touching story I have ever read. It helps me to finally believe that you can live on love only. Diamonds, Big house, the fancy cars, money, etc…. is not what life is all about. You can live on love. Thank you, Xu & Liu for making me believe that love is all you need to survive in this world! Hope this message is very clear with my girl and believes in my love towards her”

  • this really sucks dude no electricity you cannot live on love alone you need the luxuries if you know what i mean

  • seven kids they were pretty busy all those years up in that hill and then with no television what lucky guy getting some of that old bottie

  • Can you image your live after an earthquake? You will have nothing.. You only will have love to survive… Nothing else matters…

  • a very touching story..

  • god i love this story.. i hope they make a movie out of it in the future

  • I think this is a beautifull story, and it is not only about love, but also about courage and loyalty, and teaches us not to give up so easily but try to find the right answer to each situation, they were young and in love, living in one of the most difficult societies and times, and instead of going for the easy way and probably having a comfortable and simple life, they choose to be faithfull to them feelings and make them own way, without bothering the others, the found them own place where noboby would bother them.
    I admired them and May the Lord bless them where ever they are.

  • This is truly one of the greatest tales of self sacrifice I have ever seen.

    There was so much love between these two that they would go to the end of the world for each other.

    That’s amazing

  • True love does exist, but only for a short period of time and it won’t last forever.

  • I also believe this!… only if love is true and honest

  • love can say anything

  • It's like a fairy tale.

  • "the couple decided to elope and lived in a cave
    in Jiangjin County in Southern ChongQing Municipality."

    The story didn't tell if Xu abandoned her first batch of children, or took the children with her when she lived with Liu in the mountains.

    How come this story had never been told in news giants like CNN, CBS news, etc.? I assume it is a true story coz this story was all over the internet, and nobody yet had scorned that this story was a sham.

  • "the couple decided to elope and lived in a cave
    in Jiangjin County in Southern ChongQing Municipality."

    The story didn't tell if Xu abandoned her first batch of children, or took the children with her when she lived with Liu in the mountains.

    How come this story had never been told in news giants like CNN, CBS news, etc.? I assume it is a true story coz this story was all over the internet, and nobody yet had scorned that this story was a sham.

  • Unbelievable but true….

  • At what point do you think she asked him not to waste his time and energy cutting the stairs because she didn't use them? Oh wait, she's a woman. Dumb question.

  • Ik moest rustig wat schrijven. Is iets over stoel liften.

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