Baby Accidentally Flushed at Birth
December 11, 2007 | by Mui Mui

A 36 year-old woman accidentally gave birth yesterday in a train traveling from Tai Dong to Tai Pei. The nine month pregnant woman was in the bathroom when her baby was born and accidentally flushed down the toilet.

When the train reached the next station, an hour and a half later, the rescue team arrived and got to work. They immediately sent the mother to the hospitol while they tried to pull the baby from the toilet bowl opening.


Due the the babies fading condition, they finally decided to saw the pipe in half and rescued the baby.

She was born weighing 6.6 pounds and is now in stable condition.


Mui Mui
Mui Mui is another of our wonderful, yet weird, editors who also is a well established world traveler. Born in Asia, Mui Mui is our expert on whether the articles we publish remain appropriate and not offensive in nature. Mui Mui’s favorite place is Italy where she spent 4 years and eventually fell in love with.
  • yo, that’s messed up…
    wasn’t there another case just like this somewhere else? (o.o)

    • People seem to think that she did this by accident. You would think a woman would know the difference between taking a .5 pound dump out her ass, and a 7 pound dump out of her vagina. I would expect that it would feel different, no? Like try to imagine this as if she really didnt know she was giving birth…

      Woman: “OMG! I never had to shit so bad! It almost feels like its coming out of my vagina!”

      2 hours later…

      Woman: Woah Mamma! Now thats how you take a shit! It was so big that it feels as if my Vagina is torn! I am not even slightly curious at looking at the size of this dump, or why there is so much blood and mucus on the toilet paper after I wipe, or why there is a long cord coming out of me as I put my pants on, or why my shit seems to be crying. I am just going to blindly flush now……….. WHOOPS! HELP!

      Yeah, that seems possible…

    • Josh from Falwell Land

      Yeah, yo momma in da crack house

    • I totally agree with that last comment. How the hell don’t you know something not even liquid is coming out of your vagina?…I mean, COME ON!

    • This is the most bizarre story I have ever heard. Thank god they rescued the baby and she is ok.

      It is a miracle.

  • Where was the woman’s husband? She should of known she’s getting contractions, and immediately call for help.Hope the baby will be fine.

    • Advanced contractions feel just like you’re about to have a bowel movement…maybe she was very young and very ignorant. Or maybe she was stupid.

      • Your comment cracked me up, CindyLou, because I just had a conversation about that with my brother’s 9-month pregnant wife. She was complaining about feeling like the baby might come tonight, and when my brother made the comment that she’d said that every night for the past 2 weeks she snapped that he doesn’t have any idea how it feels to be pregnant, etc. I shot back “clearly you’ve never seen either of us after eating fast food”. Needless to say, she is aware of our habits, and my comment brought the discussion to a halt, with the exception of my brother making a few cracks about having given birth to twins earlier, etc.

  • How do you accidentally flush a baby down the toilet?

  • “The nine month old pregnant woman…”
    hehe, you guys saw that right?
    Is that funny or am I really just that tired?

    • Yeah… i saw that and found it really hilarious…. maybe i’m *that* tired, too. (really, the only reason why I opted to read more of the article — i wanted to see if the mother was really 9 months old!!)

    • It actaully says the nine month pregnant woman

  • “So where were you born? ”

    “In a toilet pipe, on a train full of shit!”

  • they should have flushed her down the toilet

  • ohhhhh!weird man the mothere should have been careful about this! hope the baby is fine and in stable condition……

  • given birth can feel the same as pooping for some woman. She probably thought she had a big poop and before she knew it her rational mind shut off and she went into autopilot and gave birth.

    This is more common than people think.

    Heck, a lot of woman shit themselves while giving birth, its kind of fascinating and weird how the body acts.

    • I agree. I am a mother, and really, giving birth feels more like you’re pooping than that something’s coming out of your vagina. I think it said she was 36 too. Maybe she’s had a lot of kids and this one just kind of popped (or pooped) out.

  • She was probably high or something. Or just wery, wery drunk…

  • it´s very significant. Is it an accident? Now im upset about the baby… what would be the fantasy of his birth?

  • one can only hope that when I have children they come without me even knowing!

  • How the **** does that happen without her realizing it? Is she a porn star with a 12″ vagina? Sorry to be vulgar but that seems to me to be the only scenario where this is possible…

    • Most of the pain comes from the contractions, not the vagina. Some women are just terribly lucky and don't get very painful contractions.

      My guess is she probably just thought it was a bowel movement and proceeded as such.

      I think a lot of the commenters here are losing sight of the fact that this was a toilet on a train — they function differently than regular ones. This one could have been more of a drop down flusher where the pressure of a heavy weight would have made it "flush".

      Tourex – Some women honestly don't know that they are in labor. Stop trying to blame people. I hope the mother is okay as well. I'm sure the baby coming out like that would have ripped at the placental blood vessels, which could very well cause hemorrhaging in the mother. It bothers me when people only care about the infant and forget all about the person that grew, nurtured, and birthed the infant.

      PS, the story says the baby is now fine.

  • that’s disgusting. gross. GROSSSS. imagine being comfortable in your womb, then getting shot out into a pool of urine and feces. that’s disgusting. i cannot stress that enough. i feel like i need a shower. or ten.

    • “A pool of urine and feces” pretty much describes the state of the inside of the amniotic sac prior to birth. YA RLY.

  • Hm, looks like this site put two and two together and got 5.

    Any chance that it is a failed discard attempt?

  • Accidentally giving birth is actually more common than one may think. There have been many cases of high school girls accidentally giving birth prematurely in bathrooms, an din some cases, the girls didn’t even realize they were pregnant to begin with.

    • How exactly do you NOT know you’re pregnant and then have a baby? Unless they’re premature birth is when they’re in their 3rd month or something I just don’t see it happening.

      • FAT WOMEN are the only ones that are unknowingly pregnant. they’re used to feeling like sh!t with no energy. is that a baby? nope, just indigestion. she would also have to have an irregular cycle to not notice the lack of menstruation. man, that’s a disgusting word- menstruation. go ahead, say it out loud. now try pronouncing that ‘u’ a little more. men-strEW-ation. -shivers-

  • Imagine what she’s going to tell her son when he asks how was I born.

  • I wonder if it was an auto flusher?

  • Actually, this happened to a woman at a Taco Bell near my house in Richmond maybe 10 years ago. As I remember, she was a very obese woman who didn’t realize she was pregnant. She was eating at the fast food joint and just thought she needed to take a poo.

    Oh, and my mom told me that the first time she had a baby, she kept apologizing to the nurses because she thought she was shitting all over…she said that was what it felt like, well, that and painful!

  • So a chinese baby, flushed at birth.. is her name PooPoo?

  • GOO GOO GA GA poop in my mouth? yeeeeee!

  • What’s a “hospitol?”

  • Maybe it was a rectal birth. I hear that can happen from anal sex.

  • wow…the link doesn’t show the story though

  • O wow. I hope the baby is ok. I was thinking maybe the toliet flushed automatically after she stood up.

  • You can’t tell me that was an accident. There is no way in hell. Wow.

  • 1) Accidentally misses her water breaking
    2) ” ” contractions
    3) ” ” excreting 6+ lbs
    4) ” ” any clue if/when using toilet paper
    5) ” ” ” ” ” looking at the can to flush it.


  • The maid who worked for us deliverd her fourth baby on the road on a rainy day and she didnt even know ! So its possible !

    • Incalculable Disbelief

      Your maid “delivered” her own baby.???? Dude, you are SO full of shit. And she didn’t even know it, thats probably because she was high on the CRACK COCAINE she bought with the money you paid her to suck your tiny cock. Have fun with that.

  • dude, you guys have the wierdest going on’s in the far east. but hey, least the kids ok. the kids tough, will probably turn into the next bruce lee

  • Uh, what about the umbilical cord?

  • okay i get accidently giving birth in the toilet because it can actually feel like a bowel movement but TO FLUSH AS WELLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I never thought that the saying “drop the kids off at the pool” could have been taken literally.

  • Maybe she wanted to get rid of the baby, and when the baby was stuck in the toilet she came up with the accidental birth story…

    Besides, how can you give birth and not notice that ?

    • um, that happened in america, 1 teenager was pregnant an she gave birth to twins, an flushed them down the toilet with the help of her 2 friends *erhhh* =-=” digusting…

      hope its not what the lady was thinkin,

  • It is good news that the baby is safe :)

  • “The nine month old pregnant woman” – so the mother is is under-age as well. Or is this just sloppy writing.

    This used to be a superb website – definitely gone down the pan since we had a change of writers


    man talk about a shitty child birth haha

  • How do you “accidentally” give birth. Accidental flushing is easy.

  • it can be agreed upon by some that the toilet may have, in fact, been automatic, but if it wasn’t…(and not to be gross) when she wiped, would she not have felt the umbilical cord still dangling between her legs, still attached to her and the baby? im mean, typically the placenta does not come out with the baby. it would still be inside the woman….this situation is very WIERD!!

  • I see it happening more like this…

    “Hmm… I don’t remember eating a baby… oh well.” *flush* Clogs up the toilet, works on it with a plunger for a good 5 minutes, gives up and goes back to her seat, embarrassed for clogging up the toilet.

    or maybe she was just blind and deaf.

  • urm…this really doesn’t like the mom ‘accidentally’ flushing. i think there’s a sliiiiiiiiight difference between taking a poop and giving birth….

  • I can understand the thinking she was having a bowel movement. I can even understand how she could have panicked and flush (amazing what the mind does during childbirth).
    The thing I find hard to understand is why the train continued on for 1.5 hours before the rescue team stepped in? Why wasn’t the alarm sounded and the train stopped?

  • Saw the PIPE in half ???

  • “I was born at the Kaiser Hospital..what about you?”
    “On a train while my mom was in the bathroom.”

    Haha. I sort of laughed at the part where it said: “Nine month old pregnant woman”. I knew it meant she was nine months pregnant, but reading it over and over again was just…weird.

    • Incalculable Disbelief

      It did NOT actually say ” Nine Month OLD Pregnant Woman”
      What it said was ” Nine Month Pregnant Woman” …. You are the 5th or 6th FUCKTARD to make this mistake by failing to properly read the text of the story……..maybe you were dropped on your head into a Chinese Rail Toilet at birth, too ?

  • He is ‘born’ to be a toilet cleaner…

  • wow
    thats umm… kinda weird
    no wonder its weird asian news =P

  • She shouldn’t’ve told anyone and just left it to die. Think of the expressions on the faces of whoeover cleaned out the tank xD

  • This happened some years ago in Italy, except it was obviously a much older train, and the poor little baby was flushed straight down the toilet onto the railway track, amazingly surviving and one hope still with us to tell the tale. Funny story but can you imagine the nicknames?

  • what if it was an AUTOMATIC FLUSH
    you know one of those infared sensor ones…

    just an idea

  • wooo! tht cool! lols. she didn noe shes going t give birth?! wahahah! :p

  • Would you look at that! I took a 7 pound crap out my vagina!!!

  • How do you accidently give birth?

  • the 1st comment is legendary….that is all i have to say

  • Smart Nurse who knows better!!

    Sometimes woman do not know they are in labour. And usually Asians are more physically active when you are very active child birth can be very easy.. How do u know that she did not go to reach for the baby and the toilet was a automatic flusher..Asia is very advanced cus they dont even have toilets on our trains here….You guys need to think of the pros and cons she probably knew she was having the baby but the toilets now a days are automatic flushers as soon as u get up it flushes…They only have a little bit of the story and they dont even have the ladies story…..So shut up!!

  • You people are stupid.

  • She was basically doing what your average abortionist does and gets paid for…

  • That is BS! ……………she definitely, with no doubt, wanted to get rid of her baby! ……… there’s a lot more involved in giving birth to a baby than giving birth to a log of waste!!!!

  • Man the 1stcommenter obviously Never gave birth because they would know that birth and contractions are different 4 every 1 and sometimes a contraction can not be so hard every one and probably doesn’t know the pain that mother most of felt when this accident took place 2know that ur baby could of died that day but god blessed them and kept that baby alive and that’s a true miricle and a testimony and proof that Jesus lives a keeps u even when we think he for got us. So readers please bless this child and keep them both in u prayers

    Shannon M.

  • This exact same sort of thing could have happened to me. I was in labor in the hospital (I had gone to the hospital for something completely different and since labor is different for everyone, I had no idea I was even having REAL contractions, just thought it was more of the NINTH month incredible discomfort). I have an extremely high tolerance for pain! Anyways, when it was time for me to push (just thought I had to go to the bathroom really, really bad), I told the nurse that I needed to go to the bathroom. SHE insisted on checking me first and Thank God she did! The baby’s head was halfway out and if I had gone to the toilet, guess what, I would have pushed the baby right out into the toilet! I think of that all the time and thank god I mentioned it to the nurse because had I not, it could have been potentially disastrous! The possibility of something like this is not so far fetched I guess is all I am trying to say! I seriously doubt if she did it on purpose. And if it was one of those automatic flushing toilets, if you stand up, that’s it…BYE BYE to whatever is in the toilet!


  • She probably did do it by accident… Alot of women actually do poo when they have a baby, my sister did, and she remarked having a baby was just like taking a bad shit.. we didn’t tell her she actually was. Also, on the train I work on, the toilet flushes automatically. If she didn’t mean to flush it, why would she report it?

  • Thank god I got a c-section, no le mont classes, no hysterics, no puffing, no ripping, no flushing.

    pffft on a toilet poor woman.
    Bet her mother in law has a lot to say about that.

  • Courtney Hindmarsh

    What A Messed Up Baby
    Well That Would Be One Big Turd

  • would she have had this acident if she had delivered a baby boy?

  • wat..da fk dis is unbeliable ibet that felt abit hard and ugly wahoo…respect 2 da woman….

  • er, that’s disturbing to say the least. glad the child is doing well tho.

  • I don't believe that it was an accident. I think she tried to kill the baby by flushing it down the toilet but was unsuccessful, and then lied to the authorities. I have a six year-old son, and trust me, there is no accident when you feel the labor pains, unless… you are on a ton of drugs or paralyzed. It hurts me to even think about my contraction pains… never mind an "accidental" birth.

  • giorgio buscalferri

    That fucking bitch tried to kill that poor baby it was no accident!

  • I dont believe it was an accident. Has anyone noticed the baby is a girl? There's still alot of people in China with messed up mentality of having female babies. I think she was trying to get rid of it if you ask me.

  • Why the eff is everything photoshopped now a days?

    you sir are an idiot if you believe this was a photoshop.

    real stuff happens like this all over the world.

    the internet just brings it to us.

    (i hope that baby is going to be ok too)

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