Kegadoru: Injured Idol Fetish
November 23, 2007 | by 孫子

Japan’s famous Harajuku, is famous for the extreme and weird fashions and cultures it is home to. From Yamambas to Gothic Doll Girls, If you are wandering around this wild section of Japan, you are likely to get an eye full.


With the recent trends you may even see an increased number of girls that appear injured. Heads wrapped in bandages and eyes covered in patches, these girls have not been on the losing end of a fight, but rather the youth of Kegadoru, translated “injured idols” and a fetish for scantily clad women to dress up in bandages.

“Many of the men who come to Akihabara often compliment us on how good our bandages look, or how cute they are. For girls hanging out in Akihabara, bandages and eye patches have become a must-have fashion item.”

Attention seeking to the next level it seems a shame that these girls feel like bandages andfake injuries are the only way to a man’s heart.


“When you’re covered in bandages, everybody pays attention to you and worries about you. They also provide a chance to start talking to guys, who’ll ask you how you hurt yourself, so the bandages are really, really good,”

Apparently the color of the bandages also plays a role in the fashion with White symbolizing chastity and virginity and Black symbolizing an even darker side to the trend.


We believe Red probably symbolizes they are really hurt and need to go to the hospital.


Sun Tzu has spent about 7 years in Asia traveling through Japan, Hong Kong, China, and Korea. A true fan of everything that is weird and strange, he decides in the end what is displayed and published on this site. Sun has previous experience writing for numerous print mags such as XLR8R, URB, and Movement Magazine.

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  • -This is madness!

    -This is… Sparta Japan!

  • Definatly belongs on news of the wierd. Once again, I am thanking the gods I am happily married.

  • What ever made the Japanese so friggin nuts?

  • this is a Madness………….

  • Nippon always have new strain thing. It’s not the first and last. Funny to see, thanks for the news.

  • haha I saw a girl like that on the train today, I really thought she was dying or something but now I know she wasn’t :D

    Nice post, was a very interesting read.

  • thats heaps cute, ages ago was the band-aid coverin the mouth an now this…. ^_^v cute la ~

  • Dammn….. I guess It’s different to the usual fetish where the girl is dressed as a nurse and you have injured……. your part that you want her to fix…….

    “It’s OK Dear, You can call me Doctor”…..

  • This is really weird fashion

  • chuchi

    the nuclear bombs didnt make japan weird. far from it. as a dutch-indonesian whose family was on the receiving end of japanese cruelty in WWII, i can tell you that the culture was already pretty steeped in fetishtic weirdness.

  • This… is beautiful…

  • should mention romain slocombe and trevor brown. cuz romain slocombe is pretty much the father of medical art and trevor is also a big deal about it. but if they wear eyepatches and bandages just to get attention from dudes that’s kinda stupid and i guess a bit childish… besides, seem like they don’t understand much of the concept of the medical art and what’s behind it.

    • Trevor Brown was the first thing I thought of when I saw it.

      Something I’ve noticed is that when there is a strange new trend in a subculture there is the explanation that they give to curious outsiders and the explanation that they keep to themselves, It’s possible that they are doing medical art as subversive performance/fashion. Subversion doesn’t work the same if everybody knows what it really means.

      As a comment on culture what does it tell us about the Japanese? That competition for male attention will spur girls to fake terrible injuries because Japanese men are so insecure around women that this is what it takes to make them feel unthreatened? I’m not saying that this is the case, I’m just trying to prompt an added level of thinking about it.

      I think this fashion is wonderful for how it prompts people to think about how people behave and think about disability, injury, femininity and sexuality.

      • This is just… not new at all. Like arisu wrote, R. Slocombe a T. Brown are working on these stuff for years now, not even mentioning japanese artists influenced by the SM scene.
        I’ve seen weirdest thing while wandering in the Red Light disctrict in Amsterdam, or Hamburg, and it was not about fashion at all… Anyway there are sure strange fetichisms here, the strangest for me is when these things make their way to the mainstream world trough the magic keyword “fashion”.

        Im living in Japan for a while, and well I say that the analysis of Annette makes a lot of sense for me. Sexuallity is a matter of power, anyway…

  • And also : nobody pays attention to these girls, only ppl going to Harajuku the week-ends. For those who(ve been there, it a bit like Piccadily Circus whith this old vintage punk rock scene, everybody knows its just for the show…

  • While I’ve spent a bit on time in Japan, I don’t claim to understand the Japanese. However, being human, they are driven by the same motivations as most people.
    So I’m not convinced there is anything especially subversive or artistic about this trend. Most fashion trends are simply about getting the attention of the opposite sex, and if nothing else, the Japanese are trend whores.
    Western men are attracted to women that flaunt their sexuality with foobs and revealing dress.
    Such behavior is far too aggressive for the average Japanese guy. So to encourage a Japanese man to open a dialog, it seems a Japanese women has to be as non-threatening as possible. Evidently, the whole school girl thing was still too threatening. So now we have this.
    I recommend putting some of these bandages on a girl in a school uniform. It will be a combination irresistible to most Japanese men. The girl will either meet a man or be molested on the subway.

  • Um país tão lindo e com uma tradição cultural tão magnífica, se perdendo com uma adolescencia pobre desta forma. Só posso dizer que é uma pena!

  • This is just funny, if o think about it they are correct everyone look at you wen you are with a big bandage.

  • My God, I do believe atomic bomb has turn them corny goofy!!! Come back wonderful Japan!!!

  • Acabei de voltar de Paris…e acreditem…os turistas mais bizarros do mundo são os japoneses…chega a ser redículo e uma ofensa as tradições antigas!

    Have just come back from Paris…and believe…the bravest tourists of the world are Japanese…it is scandalous and an offense the old traditions!

    ちょうどパリから帰ったところです。..そして信じてください。..世界の最も勇敢な観光客は日本人です。..それはスキャンダラスである、そして犯罪である古い慣例 !

    Est revenu juste de Paris…et croit…les touristes les plus courageux du monde sont japonais…c’est scandaleux et une offense les vieilles traditions!

    Ist nur von Paris zurückgekommen…und glauben Sie…die mutigsten Touristen der Welt sind japanisch…es ist skandalös und ein Vergehen die alten Traditionen!

  • Que merda hein…
    Enfaixa o Cú tb vai parecer uma tanajura de bnda branca…. rss

  • essas meninas tem merda na cabeça.

    deveriam se enrolar com papel higiênico.

  • This fashion is coming from the Japanese anime and manga.
    Appears constantly on some characters of the manga and anime Naruto.
    As there is a fever about the anime and manga Japanese and their characters, is a step to move to real life.
    Indeed, last year in Brazil, a collection, not remember the Sao Paulo or Rio Fashion Week, used in their collection of jackets, t-shirts and boardshorts, prints the character Naruto.

  • até que são gatinhas!!

  • the last sentence killed me.LOL.

  • Didn’t this trend start with the famous Rei Ayanami from Neon Genesis Evangelion? When was that, like in 1995?

  • Gasp! A youth trend influenced by something that happened a whole thirteen years ago? That ain’t right. These girls should have started dressing like this when they were two if they wanted any pop-culture cred…

  • Japanese people got some really weird and sick fetishes.

    …i am SO moving there :-)

  • it is just stupid..
    whats so frigging horny about it?
    im not sugesting that its only the pussy or the tits or the whole idee behind having sex..
    but this is just frigging weird

  • Well bandages are not one of my fetishes, but these girls are hot!! They look so vulnerable and cute, especially the girl with the scissors:)

  • I’d hit it.

  • These girls clearly study behaverial science.

  • Bandages have been a big thing in Second Life for some time. It’s a Neko/ Furry thing mostly…

  • Reminds me of GoruLoli.. Its cute ^^

  • I dunno, I think its pretty cute. The eyepatches not so much, but the some of the regular bandages? Adorable. Then again, I always did go for the woobie type.

  • I rather like this trend. They take it a little too far though. For a while I've always like wearing band-aids or a little bandage wrap around my ankle or wrist (which would sometimes help around my wrist since I draw a lot and for the ankle, my pants usually conceal it but when someone does manage to see it, it adds a small intimate level). But I would never actually wear an arm cast if my arm wasn't broken or wrap an entire arm to show to the public.
    The eye patch is cool though. Kinda like covering one eye with your hair which got the same split reactions: some people hated it and others liked it. Only in japan you can get away with it as an accessory.
    Anyways, my friends or people that know me already know that I'll sometimes sport a band-aid for no reason or know that I get injured a lot (unintentionally of course-I'm just too clumsy) so it's not surprising for them.

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