Hindu Goddess Born With 4 Legs and 4 Arms
November 18, 2007 | by Ratty

Lakshmi Tatma, a 2 year-old girl born with four arms and four legs is thought to be the reincarnation of the Hindu Goddess Vishnu.


Children born with deformities are often viewed as reincarnated gods. Lakshmi is no different. She is named after the four-armed Hindu Goddess of wealth Vishnu, and her parents say she is revered in her village.

“Everybody considers her a goddess at our village,” said her father, Shambhu.

Lakshmi was born joined to a “parasitic twin” and absorbed the undeveloped fetus’ limbs, kidneys and organs when it failed to fully develop still inside the mothers womb.


Last Wednesday, however, she underwent a 24 hour surgery to give her a normal body.

The surgery went “wonderfully well,” said Dr. Sharan Patil who led a team of more than 30 surgeons at a hospital in the southern city of Bangalore that performed the marathon procedure to remove the child’s extra limbs, salvage her organs and rebuild her pelvis area.

“This girl can now lead as good a life as anyone else,” Patil said.


Lakshmi’s parents, who were expected to see the girl later Wednesday, said they were very relieved.

“It will be great to see our daughter have a normal body,” her father Shambhu said. “We were worried for her future.”

Doctors at Sparsh Hospital in Bangalore estimated the surgery cost US$625,000, but they did it for free because the girl’s family could not afford it.

“We are very grateful to all the doctors for seeing our plight and deciding to help us,” Shambhu said.

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  • that is one horrorfying baby…

    it seems as tho it's out of a steven king movie,

    or better yet…silent hill?

    • The prejudice,and ignorance of your opinion,is much more horrific,than any Steven King movie.Hopefully,your future kids will be "normal".

      • I agree with you tourex. I'm a mother and I understand, you think the mother of Lakshmi feels alright about giving birth to such a child? The mother is the worst person to feel. To the mother's horror when she sees her newborn like dat?! Perhaps they were living in a village whereby they don't get ultrascans like us, so lucky.. Even though with ultrascans we can get surprises too you know..

        • I totally agree with you two. How can anyone say such a thing. One can only wonder how they were brought up.

        • well you have to admit, she does kinda look like an octopus, poor dear :(

        • Ok so, im QUITE sure the guy that ORIGINALY posted the comment was just trying to be funny. Even though the time nor place was accurate.I think you should all calm down because youre talking about it as if it will affect your daily lives. Just stop. PLEASE!!!!

      • i wouldn't have wanna seen the mothers expression i would've wanted to see the midwives expression.

    • i think it is a discrace the way u put this child down, i bet u dont have ne children of ur own. i have 2 dont get me wrong i would be devestated if ne of me turned out like that this, but i would still LOVE them. AT least now she has had her operation, so she can be no different than ne 1 else and free from people bulling her like u!!!

      • I think the real disgrace from this whole story is your spelling and grammar…

      • I know what you mean. I dont have any kids, but I am in a large family so it is just the same. I am sure that the mother was surprised, but she still loves her child no matter what. Nothing, at all, can douse a mothers love.

    • u are one heck of a nasty, ignorant, infuriating waste of life and I hope you die and come back deformed and miserable as hell

    • All of you are going to be damned for messing up the reincarnated Hindu Goddess Vishnu. Watch that girl actually be the real thing…

      psst psst psst. Should never mess with the round of nature.

      • And how exactly do you know that the child is an avatar of Vishnu?

        And you know what? If I was a god/goddess born on earth to such a body, I would be overjoyed if a team of doctors out of the kindness of their hearts offered me a surgery that would make me able to walk and move around normally like others.

      • I think you mean "tsk tsk tsk"…

        Can anyone in this forum write or read?

        Just curious.

      • She is actually the supposed reincarnation of Lakshmi, a Hndu goddess of wealth.

      • Well, if this girl was really an incarnation of Vishnu im sure that she would be able to sustain and nourish the parasidic twin attached to its pelvis. you are all dumb nuts, there are only 10 incarnations of Vishnu, 9 of which have already been born and died. The last one is suppost to be a war hero in a horse, not a deformed, surgically altared two year old. as for the spelling and geammar. get over it.

        this is a freaking internet blog. Not a college Thesis.

    • You are soo horribl how would you feel if your baby was lyk dat and havin everyone say dat. your are soo inconciderate you moron.

      i hope your baby is disabled or like tht see how you feel bout it then shall we?

    • you know what Allen…dont judge that baby..that is God's creation..think about this…put yourself that you we're that baby how do you feel?so dont judge the book by its cover….hope that your kids someday are normal and healthy…

    • im very upset of your comment to that baby…your a moron and uneducated…you have no heart of symphaty to others…hope that you will not going to have that kind of experience or thing in your family…God knows who are those who have a kind heart to others…


    • Be carefull….your ignorance and lack of compassion is showing. I have no pity for the little girl. I believe she is doing fine. You are the pitiful one. Grow up.

    • Karma is a bitch I tell you, and such senseless comments like yours, well, lets just hope that your children, or your children's children don't have such problems. Stoopid and ignorant. It shows what kind a person you are.

    • What's horrific is you – what a narrow minded, insensitive, ignorant person you are, and sadly the world is full of people like you. I suggest you try and broaden your mind and while you're at it, learn to spell.

    • BAHAHAHA hillarious! I appreciate the silent Hill comment! Gotta say I just about pissed my pants when I saw that kid!

    • While I don't particularly agree with what Allen said, who the hell are all of you to rag or pass judgment on him for saying it. His opinion, let him have it, If he thinks the baby looks horrifying then so be it… Jeez pre-madonas

    • thats not good thats why im showing this to my class to tell them to be greatful for what they got im just glad that they understand that this is nothing to play with

  • Great to see smile on her face.

    "Doctors at Sparsh Hospital in Bangalore estimated the surgery cost US$625,000, but they did it for free because the girl’s family could not afford it."

    In a world gone mad, great to see the goodness in mankind can still exist.

  • I am so glad that she has come through her operation well. I am so glad that the doctors did it for free.

    I hope that the people in her village will except her when she comes back.

  • In Spite of Allen getting told off for his comment on this by two other commenters, I have one more thing to add to this article…

    "Spider baby, Spider baby, Does whatever a Spiderbaby can!"

    Someone had too.

  • Wow, that is a bit on the disturing side. I'm just glat that she was able to get an operation, and even for free. Good to see that there are still some good doctors out there who just want to help people and don't do it just for the high-paying salary.

  • I'm glad to hear it was a success operation.

  • poor kid.

  • The world is full of beautiful suprises.

  • It is so sad to see that they dismembered the incarnation of God Vishnu. I hope that Vishnu will never forgive them and i hope that the doctors would be born as cockroaches in their next life.

    • im sorry but this was clearly a birth defect and only a retard would be blind enough not to see that these two twins were born conjointed…I would love to see you grow up with 8 limbs and two hips…it would be misery…I hope that in your next life you do even if that means I will have to come back as a cockroach

    • If you were a real hindu rather than just someone trying to cause trouble, you would know that Vishnu is a GOD, not a goddess, and that the people who wrote this were mistaken about her name, which is Lakshmi. Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth, and wife of Vishnu.

    • Come on Ahuja,

      That's just really lame, honestly. If she reallyy was a goddess, wouldn't it be impossible to sever her limbs? let alone go against the will of God?

      Let's not rush head first into a religion fest – think of the child and her life, not your pious inclinations.

  • The doctors are not being *that* generous. If they separate this child, they will have the distinction of being the first Indian doctors to successfully do so. Plus, they get lots of media attention. And they get to write articles about this. Conjoined twins are rare, especially of this variety. The price of the surgery is cheap compared to all the fringe benefits they will get.

  • She was named Lakshmi…after the goddess Lakshmi…not Vishnu.

  • Most of these negative, cruel and "horrifying" comments are made about an innocent two year old girl. I am especially appalled to hear them coming from parents. How would you like if your child had a disfigurement and people said such things about them? Would you love them any less?? Let's also not forget that this 2 YEAR OLD CHILD, not a animal, but a human being…and was thought of by her village and most of the people in her country as a goddess. Shows you the ignorance we possess in America and the western world. People wonder why America is like the most hated country in the world…..

    • I totally agree with your disgust at the comments about this poor child being "horrifying." But the fact that she is worshiped as a goddess in India also shows how ignorant and primitive the Indian people are. She is neither a monster nor a goddess, but an innocent child with a deformity.

      • Hey Jason,
        I'm Indian and I'm gonna kick your behind for that. First off, we're not primitive nor ignorant but I suspect that if you really wanted to see primitive or ignoran people, you only would need to look out your window or catch another amazing episode of the Simpsons.
        Second, she is not worshipped in India, and her village would OBVIOUSLY "worship" her because of her special circumstances. If some baby was born in your suburb and beared the signs of stigmata, I'd really like to see what you'll be doing then.

        Ixnay on the bashing next time…hillbilly

        • If a baby was born with the signs of the stigmata, I'm sure some ignorant people would worship her as well. Unless the baby is curing illnesses, spiting fire or flying then it's pretty ignorant regardless of which culture is doing worship.

          And I like how you fight insensitive racist comments with more insensitive racist comments. Thank you for showing ignorance is widespread across all generations and cultures.

  • I don't believe she is the goddess, but it would be pretty cool if she was the "today" goddess on Earth. ;]

  • vishnu is a hindu goddess? hahahaha….real ignorance! it only had to be looked up on the net….

    vishnu is male 'Patriarch' god and lakshmi is his female counterpart. Hence the baby was named Lakshmi.

    • Actually…for those who have never taken a course on world religions…yes Vishnu is USUALLY viewed as male and Lakshmi is USUALLY viewed as female, it is my understanding that the gods and goddesses in the Hindu religion can be either or (as in either male of female.) Not saying this is necessarily 100% true but that's what both books said as well as an instructor who has visited with many Hindus.

    • Thank you! I was wondering if anyone else caught that.

  • I can't see a butt or any sort of genitalia. Does she have one? And if not, I guess the parents don't have to worry about diapers or food? Because it wouldn't really make sense if she could eat food but she couldn't urinate or excrete.

    • She would need to eat in order to stay alive, she still has to provide her body with energy and nutrients, and i'm guessing that she probably has her "genitalia" where they normally are, you simply got a view of her front which was covered by the extra pair of legs and arms.

  • Why you have made a comment about how Lakshmi will urinate or excrete I will never know. That is something that you should not be thinking about let alone commenting upon. The most important thing is that she is alive and well and loved for by her parents, which is evident. Some of the comments on his site have appauled me and only reinforce that people with impairments are truly made disabled by society's ignorance and fears.

    • Well, you sure sound like one of those people who are content to be ignorant! Just because somebody is curious about how she urinates or has bowel movements doesn't mean that they're weird or mean. It's healthy curiosity. That's how a lot of people become doctors, moron! I wondered about it too. I mean if she couldn't relieve herself, then where was all of the excrement going? That can't have been healthy! Smart people ask questions. Stupid people don't even want to know. (And yeah…I said "stupid". Ignorant people don't even know what they're missing, whereas a stupid person does but doesn't care.)

      And another thing. Just because somebody has a question about it, doesn't mean they AREN'T happy that she's alive. It doesn't mean that they don't agree that her welfare is the most important thing. It's people like you that make the world crappy these days. It's people like you who are constantly making a big deal out of everything and turn everything into a fight. Then you sit around wondering how everyone is so mean and messed up. Start fixing the world by fixing yourself.

      • Thank you very much, that comment made my month.

      • dear.miranda,

        does this look like a medical journal to you? do you really think anyone here is even qualified to intelligently comment on things of this nature?

        Before YOU start villifying people, think about how stupid you really are first (or how you don't really have anything worth saying).

        • Stop excusing ignorance. There is nothing wrong with asking questions if you don't know something.

          "That is something you shouldn't be thinking about…" If that isn't the most ignorant comment I have ever read…

          "Mommy? Where do babies come from?"
          "That is something that you should not be thinking about let alone commenting upon. The most important thing is that babies are born and happy"

  • I agree, those who make fun of a two year old child are ignorant and will reap what you sow. A child is a child and as an adult you should have more intelligence, morals and integrity than to make fun of a child.

  • tht is so wried if i was the mum n dad i would be every upset how dose she walk tht what i want 2 know

  • Remember, those who write comments making fun of Lakshmi is only seeking attention. This means that their mentality is also childlike, so ignore the "ignorant". They will write things to get under your skin. They are cowards who will not type such ignorant comments showing their faces…

    As for Lakshmi….She will always be considered a goddess in the eyes of those who respect her. Her being the goddess that she is also has a right to live in comfort and always be remembered for her significance….

  • Nature make mistakes…Man must fix them when possible!

  • imagine that in the bedroom! she would be a handful

    • Are u bloody stupid?

      It's a child, 2 yrs old, not ready for the "bedroom" and ur putting comments like that?? What makes it worse and even more ignorant is ur commenting on a page that reveals she had a sucessful surgery….. lemme break it down for u, u slow being… she won't be like that by the time she's ready for the "bedroom", freak!

      Have some respect.

  • Wow,the anger here is exstreme.

    Take a puff and relax guys..

  • spider baby heh.

    all of you getting upset are ridiculous.

    get a sense of humor and get off your superiority complex.

    • No they're not being rediculous. It's not funny to poke fun at people in these types of situations. Would you like it if your child were born this way and people made fun of him/her? Then told you to relax and get a sense of humor when you got upset?

    • I think that there's nothing funny about this. It's not that people here doesn't have a sense of humor, they're just compassionate… Would you like it if they make fun of you Mr. Perfect?

    • your the one without a sense of humor

  • i think that this siutation is very sad but shes very brave to go threw all this and i wish her the best of luck and life and i jus want to say for all the ppl talking about this child thats not funny and yall can die and go 2 hell cause she cant help the way she made or was born. and if theirs anything we kan do please let us know

  • Oh she is so cute!!! that it so sad!!!! But now she looks great!!!!!!

  • Wow that is sad well i told my dad and he got sad well anyway


    Miley cyrus

  • when i read this artical for a project i'm doing for biology i thought i was gonna cry its so sad.

    • You know what? I think that little girl is so pretty and precious. She is being very well taken care of and obviously very loved. I don't feel sad for her. I have a feeling that she had a very wonderful blessing that many of us will never have the chance to understand or experience.

  • I have a daughter now 3yrs old. I love her so much! I respect the parents who went through hell so that she can have a future. I respect all those courageous parents who takes on such big responsibility.. God Bless You!

    Please do not make jokes, one day when you have a child you will know what its all about and in the event that you have a child then I pray that they are healthy so that others don't make jokes of them.

  • i dont know if this child is lakshmi or not, however how can any of you judge the parents of this child for their decision. i don't have a child but i know if i did i would want them to be able to live a life that is as easy for them as possible, just like any of you would. if this child is really lakshmi then do you think she would want to go through this pain throughout her life? and how can you wish someone to be born as a cockroach for being so kind and respecting a familys wishes.

  • you retards… the child must be able to use teh bathroom, or it wouldnt have survived to two years old… she has normal genitalia…its just on the sides of her body with those spindly things O.o

  • how dare they remove those extra limbs? this girl was a goddess and would have been praised in my country. now she is simply like every other person in this world because you idiots cant stand to see something different. god created this beautiful child the way he wanted her to be, but ofcourse jealous people didnt want her to be octopus girl so they removed her gifts from god!! u people are monsters!!!

    • Non Hindu Indian

      You are comparing a child with birth defects to a mythological character. Yes… MYTHOLOGICAL which means "belonging to traditional stories and lacking factual basis or historical validity". Her parents did the right thing and saved her from ending up as an attraction in some village temple. The true gift she received was the compassion of the doctors and hospital staff who made her operation possible.

      • Gee, how nice of you.

        You know, I'm a Hindu and I don't believe in Christianity at all. But still I wouldn't go around being disrespectful to Christians.

        Next time you feel like sticking up for someone, I suggest you leave your personal religous beliefs out of it. All it does is overshadow what you're trying to say, and makes you look like a rude bastard.

        • While I agree with you, I have to say that you're being awfully biased even while you're spouting off about how people shouldn't be biased based on their religion. Just because you happen to be of the same faith as the people who believe the girl is Lakshmi, I see that you haven't said anything to those who are saying mean things about the people who performed the surgery on her. They sure seem to be saying rude things based on their religion, don't you think?

    • Would you be happy spending life in a temple and never being able to do things others could normally do?

      And um.. are you implying that when she was deformed she was a goddess, but now that she isn't she's normal? How does that work?

      You know, even without the deformity, I'm sure god will still find her beautiful in his eyes.

    • Problem is that her body can't continue to support 2 bodies. They had to remove the parasite otherwise the girl would have died from lack of nutrition.

    • ok this is where u earn ur badge of dimwit. If she is so special in value, because she was born with the limbs, who says her value will decrease ne simply cause they're removed, I dont even think u guys watched the videos. They see her as a goddess simply cause she was a supposed reincarnation of the goddess, Lakshmi. Removing her limbs doesn't change that……

    • "She's a miracle, just not the kind you wish to see."

  • How is she now? Does anyone know? I hope she's well. Bless the dear child.

  • whew! she must be in guiness world of records, or ripleys bielive it or believe.. hehehe. nice story.. im so amazec.

  • That babies a freak i hate her she's the spawn of frickin Satan! Jesus Christ!

  • O_o

    Um… it's not the child's fault that she was BORN THAT WAY! She had no control over how she was formed in the womb… Why am I even saying this!? Hello people! How ignorant and uneducated can you get?!

  • Joey the level of your stupidity is truly beyond me. How can you even think to say that the child is a spawn of Satan and use Jesus Christ as your defense. You need to reevaluate your connection with Christianity. Would Jesus really look down upon that child as being a freak; is that what he said to the lepers he healed. All I can say is may God help you see the light through your ignorance.

  • Vishnu is a god not a goddess, or at least usually. Some Hindus believe Jesus is an avatar of Vishnu.

    • Really? I've never heard of that before. Interesting.

    • Yea, some believe that Buddha is an avatar of Vishnu too. Really, I just did a report on it.

    • Really? That's pretty interesting! I have always believed that, for the most part, all religions are one. It's just like how different people can look at one painting and see different things. They are all looking at the same painting, but they find different meanings and emotions in the painting. That's how I think religion is.

      On another note, I wanted to say this: SEE! Not ALL Christians are closed-minded and hateful! Haha! I'm a Christian and I sure have thought about this stuff.

  • wow! thats really interesting…my friend told me about this. she's soooo cute! (well I don't mean all the arms and everything, but her face and shtuff) I hope she lives a happy life!

  • oh your fucking god… you pople, all of you, are the biggest fucking hipacrits i have ever seen. this is worse than half of hollywood. you getting angry at this person for saying something but you wishing for them to have a deformed child?! whats wrong with you people? like none of you were even a little freaked out about he apearnce? I dont know if she NEEDED the operation but its people like you who would make her get it. I would wish something bad upon you but i would end upsinking to your level. mothers… especily that one at the top… how were YOU raised? huh? its people like you who make me ashamed to be a human being

  • For those of you making fun of her, grow up! For those of you telling off the people who made fun of her, Grow up because telling them to die and come back as cockroaches and hoping that they have disabled children…news flash, your no better than they are now, and for those of you reeming out the doctors because its for publicity, grow up becasue at least she can have a normal life now, and thats what matters!

    • Helping Chelsea

      Chelsea-grow up! I saw that you were being all inclusive. Therefore I did not want you to leave the most important person out…yourself ;)

    • its really sad what people say at times,may the lord bless her to have a normal life she is only a child,let us pray for her and her parents.

  • im a mother of one and my kid died a week ago cause of body disfigurement!i cried for three days afterword!!! at least she lived. grow up and think how you would feel if that happened to youre kid!!!!!! i wouldnt give a care in the world and love her just the same as i did my dead child!!!!!! i hope ya'lls kids r born as freaks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I wonder if the kid was able to poop? Not trying to be funny, but after seeing the pictures, I wonder if her organs were hidden by the other body. So were they stuck end to end or head to end?

    • T…. if u listened to the video…. they said that the parasitic twin was headless……. and they had to seperate the twins from the spinal chord….. hope that helps…

  • its wrong she shouldnt of gone through with the surgery she wasnt in pain she just looked diffrent i dont think it was fair

    • She may not have been in pain, but that doesn't mean there was nothing wrong. And she may have ended up pained later in life, too. Some of the things she may never have noticed as uncomfortable because she was always like that. I don't remember what all else they said, but I did hear in the video that the doctor said she always had a fever because of the parasitic effect of the twin. It may not sound like much, but that's unhealthy. Also, I think the doctors probably know a little bit more about what needs to be done for the welfare of the baby than you do.

      And to those who are saying that the doctors were only doing it for fame…that's pretty ridiculous. That's like saying that Jesus sucked because now everyone knows who He is and all the good things He did are nothing because He was just doing it to go to Heaven and be famous. Just because something happens to make a person gain recognition doesn't mean that they did it specifically for that purpose. Remember, these people were doctors who wanted to help people before they were famous. I'm sure they wanted to help her for all the right reasons, too.

      • I agree with u…..


        the doctors said she wouldn't have made it into adolescence if the twin remained on her…..

        if u had a choice to save her life, or leave her, cause "nothings really wrong with her" what would u do??

  • As a Hindu man I would just like to inform you that the Visnu is a God not a Goddess. And he is not the God of wealth, he is the preserver of the universe. The Vaishnites are the largest group of Hindus. Vaishnites are those who worship the God Vishnu as the Supreme God and Preserver of the Universe. But please do some research before posting.

  • dat iish sad man

    poor gal

    ow cud god make a child like dat

    well he must av iiz rezeenz

  • your baby is a nasty looking baby

  • i think she looks cool !

  • I think that her mother was happy. They think that was a manifestation of some godess or hindu god. For europeans or americans thats horror but ask them. They are happy and in their veins flows the arian blood. Om Shanti…

  • To most (ignorant) Americans (mothers included) the sight of this child may be horrific, but you have to understand that in India it is a honor for such a baby to be born.

    Vishnu (IAST viṣṇu, Devanagari विष्णु), (honorific: Sri Vishnu) also known as Narayana, is supreme being or Ultimate Reality for Vaishnavas and a manifestation of Brahman in the Advaita or Smarta traditions of Hinduism.

    The Vishnu Sahasranama[1] describes Vishnu as the All-Pervading essence of all beings, the master of and beyond the past, present and future, the creator and destroyer of all existences, one who supports, sustains and governs the Universe and originates and develops all elements within.

    Even though the child underwent a drastic surgery to remove the parasitic twin, the child would still be revered as the Godess Vishnu in her Village: A very high honor to have in that part of the World.

    • I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't single out Americans like that. Not every American is ignorant and not every ignorant person is American. Dumb-asses come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and nationalities. You must be going off of a stereotype to just make a blanket statement like that…which makes you ignorant, too. I understand that a lot of people live up to the stereotypes placed against them and that it's kind of their own fault if they act that way, but it's still wrong to encourage the stereotyping.

  • maybe she should smoke some weed and shell be alll right hahahahahahaha

  • how dare you say that tman you ass . Go get high somemore and slack of with booze you inconsiderate jerk!!!!!!!!

  • I was wondering if they would still worship her after she had that surgery. Beautiful child none the less no matter how it was born, but I'm glad it will have a chance to grow & play like other children.

  • I think this girl is Godess Laxmi. She has 8 limbs in total, and there are 8 types of Laxmis and Shivas in Hinduism. I am a strong beleiver in hinduism and I strongly beleive this girl is Laxmi(godess of wealth) who came down to Earth!

    However, I am glad she had a successful surgery which was vital for her to live a normal life.

  • For all of you wondering if she's able to excrete or not, seriously. She wouldn't have survived for two years without being able to excrete, otherwise she would have gone septic. Honestly people, use your bloody brains. And those of you making fun of her, that's just plain rude. It's not like she asked to be deformed. And those saying that Vishnu is mythalogical, how would you like it if I said God was mythalogical? No one really knows if either is real, but if you don't believe, keep your comments to yourself. And whoever said something about what she would be like in bed…wow. She's two. You sound like a bloody pedifile. I'm not saying you are one, but you SOUND like one. Blah! Why would you even think about that, SHE'S TWO!

  • And Lakshmi is spelled L-A-K-S-H-M-I not L-A-X-M-I. That sounds like the brand name of a laxative or something.

  • Okay first thing, why is it that almost every single person who writes here has such horrible f***ing grammar??? LEARN TO SPELL IT RIGHT HILLBILLIES!!! Secondly, she is not cute at all, I can't see where anyone finds that thing attractive, before and after…Third, I believe it to be a very good question on where exactly it(shouldn't say girl if you can't in fact see a damn female genital) has to go #1/#2… all I see is a a** where the vagina should be… :O …. So gross, I frankly can't see any guy wanting to marry that when it's older. Fourth, I would never love that child if it was mine, or if mine ever turn out like that in the future… there's just too many problems to deal with. Call me ignorant, selfish, a b**ch or whatever else you may think of but I cannot deny my feelings and I would give it away if it was born like that… I would want a normal child, not a hideous little freak. I'm not being mean on purpose but people, stop throwing such a f***ing hissy fit over a grotesque little s***, people can say whatever they want, it's called FREE SPEECH. Not like some of you red necks would know that of course… so in point, get over yourselves and what others have to say.

    • …wow! So wow… I guess it is good that you are being honest, but you probably should have kept that to yourself. The neighbors are already…tawkin *smirk*

      This little girl has a pretty face. She is definately a cutie pie.

  • God, you are all disgusting slagging off a newborn baby… As long as she was healthy, does it really matter? She got the surgery and it went fine, you shouldn't judge people because of what they look like, this makes you all extremely shallow.

    I'm pleased for the family and young girl that the surgery went well, not she can live in piece, instead of being judged, and have assholes and idiots being prejudiced against her!

    Her parents would have loved her regardless… At least someone does, instead of going "ZOMG! what a freak… lololol!"

    Grow the fuck up.


  • Allan seems to need a new brain because his is even more deformed than the girl…

    I hope his babies are even more deformed than this poor girl and that he throws himself under a train in utter disgust of his own kin.

    Better yet, Allan, go do that right now, please don't pollute our gene pool with your completely rotten genes.

    Oh… and let me extend my wishes of horrible death and/or deformed infants to all the retards making fun of the girl and her parents.

    Go rot in a pit of acid you bunch of brainless yaks…

  • a fellow human

    it's LIFE that is beautiful and is more important than the form it resides within.

    the girl is safe and sound now – let her be. she's lucky in a way to have gone through an experience that we all naturally "normal" people will never ever understand.

    people who are annoyed by allen – please stop being annoyed. what the hell do you all know about why exactly allen made such a comment. for ex: a person is seen walking naked down the street in the middle of the night with a gun in his hand… when you see him, do you only think, "wow, you are such an idiot. you have no respect for the anyone else." if you feel that way, then you yourself are apathetic. did you ever wonder "WHY is it that he's so insane to walk out so miserably?"

    Maybe, allen has his own share of bitter life experiences. so please STOP judging him.

    same goes with everyone else who seems to hv made rude comments about her.

  • im so glad the surgery went well and i hope the baby lives a well and happy life good Luck :)

  • this is to Allen.i'm sure you like to see people react to your comments but this isn't about you or what you have said. this is about a child who needed help and it came in the form of 30 doctors that successfully gave her a possibility of having a life free from torment and persecution. I don't hope you ever have to experience the pain her parents must have but know that your words and comments mean nothing.

  • You know this girl is probably very very lucky. Had she been born "normal" she would probably lived in poverty like most people in her country. But instead, she is revered as a god and assuming she has no mental disabilities, will probably live a very happy and privileged life. There is a positive side to everything.

  • Wow! After reading everyone elses' comments….I sit here amazed that you people would be idiotic enough to post comments when its obvious you didn't even read the article.

    #1. It was said that she wouldn't have been able to live past her teen years without the surgery. Therefore, the doctors did exactly what they were supposed to do….they SAVED HER LIFE. So what if they get publicity for it…they should. Kudos to them!

    #2. To all the idiots that were wondering how she went to the bathroom and especially to the one who called HER an It. If you would get off your pedestals and look at the picture….you can see what is called a vagina – which the last time I checked – was a female sex organ.

    #3. I won't even stoop to your level to curse your kids for your stupidity but I am going to say shame on all of you! For using this family's tramatic time and turning it into a way to jab and ridicule a 2 year old child.

    Bottom line, my heart goes out to the family and to Lakshmi. As a hospital employee, it does my heart good to see modern day medicine (with a lot of help from the man above) make such a dramatic change to someone!

  • This is a magnificant story! The culural/relgious implications, the biology and even the scientific aspects are all brilliant manifestations of the wonders of life.

    I thank God, she is safe and has recovered from her surgery.

    May God bless this child and her family. They are now apart of the the list of miracle that have occurred here on earth.

  • i was toold to rsearch this for my homework.Bieng a huindu mslef i bleiev in incarnation aswell.Thi shas been a miracle that the lord has presnted.This child is blessed and will be greatful.She shall grow up as a willingful and shall be a great detvotee of the lord.

  • wow, i hope she's doing better.

    she wouldn't have survived had they not removed her twin. she didn't have enough nutrients to help support the both of them.

    so to all for you bitching about how she was goddess, be quiet. i respect your religion, but saying people are going to hell for helping the girl is horrible.

    she would have been part of a museum all her life if they hadn't helped her.

    and god bless those doctors. they did a brilliant job.

    i'm happy the family is okay now :)

  • God Bless this poor little baby girl!!! May none of us EVER have to go through the pain & humiliation this family & child has had tob go through!!! As far as her being a God, Hey to each his own! Who are we to dis other peoples beliefs or what they think!! The Doctors that helped her should be recognized, in a world where there is NOT ENOUGH "Good" being done for "no-cost"!!! there should be more people out there who should utilize the skills that they have to do some good for a change instead of fucking this beautiful world of ours up!!!

  • I think she is beautiful before and after, I'm not one of those "you have to be normal" person. I'm glad she got the surgery for free since she was physically unhealthy with the extra body. But just because they removed her extra limbs does not mean she still isnt a goddess. I think she is a goddess. . .

  • Peaceful Message

    She is a child just like any other. She was born "different" than other children. She is beautiful (look at those eyes – you can tell she is very special).

    I pray that God will watch over her and bless her with health and happiness.

  • the poor indian tribe who raised this child would be absolutely heartbroken by this, but we should just shoot her! its better that she not live as a god, and she will always think she is

  • sorry, that the other baby didnt finsh growing. because if the other one had finsh you would have twins! and both of them will be beautiful. but lakshmi is beautiful ! I wish she was my child! and the other that think they should shoot her you all CRAZY ASS HELL! SHE A BEAUTIFUL GIRL!

  • i think thw girl is too cute. hes a work of GOD to be able to live life despite what she has gone trh. god bless her and her fam.

  • im am so glad she came through the operation! however god made that child that child will be loved however she looks! xxx

  • I've read enough.

    I'd just like to say that a person's amount sympathy or empathy has nothing to do with the amount of education they have received. Frankly I think that all of you who are insulting others based on their opinions and spouting your religious garbage at all those who don't believe the same as you are the morons.

    And I would hope that none of you would wish such retardations on a child no matter which "God" you suppose it resembles.

  • loook to all that has it mixed up its goddess LAXMI and most of you are rude and unknowing if you dont know your facts and have to be hateful to a lilttle girl who had no say in how she was born keep your mouth shut i as a hindu think its some what rude of how you take some hindus thinking shes a goddess as b.s so please get a life and stop hating!!!

    p.s vishnu was goddess laxmi's husband do your research before you assume things!!

  • i think that her parents did the best for te baby, because she couldn´t live like this… and sorry if my english isn´t very well

  • Durga…. I'm a christian…. not hindu or ne other religion.. ur taking that comment fat too personally… don't u think there are other mythological stories that aren't centered around Hinduism? Look at al theses fables about goddess of the sea, and Venus, and the narcissist…… religion doesn't change the definition of the word mythilogical….

  • ok lemme help clear up all these ppl arguing about the name of the goddess

    She is LAKSHMI. Also known as LAXMI…..

    so she can be referred to as both… stop arguing

  • this baby is cool. imagine how fast she can crawl. and in any direction.

  • i find it absurd that most ppl hre are so selfish to say "i would be horrified if my child came out like that" or "its a good thing she had the procedure so she can have a normal life" seriously who gives you all teh right to judge what life is perfect, last i checked no nomrla person gets ppl signing and dancing and calling her the reincarnation of a goddess now shes just soem girl who was robbed of being unique and now shes stuck being like the rest of us, wtvr happened to loving your child for who they are, its like those parents that get their childresnd arms and legs lengthended just cause they have dwarfism so the parents can feel better that their child is "normal"

    • I think the fact that the little girl would have died if she had not had the operation is reason enough to carry it out. I think it's much better the be a normal, living child because of corrective surgery than be a unique, dead child that was loved for who she was.

  • The fact is that genetic deformities such as this are common in the Hindu/East Indian culture because of their practice of marrying their *first cousins*. It's a disgusting practice which narrows the genetic pool and gives rise to deformaties of all kinds. I am not a rascist, I am just stating a *fact*. Indians have arranged marraiges, typically to their first cousins – that is their mother or fathers siblings children. It is disgusting and should be stopped in this day and age because we all know of the deformaties it causes. There is also a common condition where the children are born with a small head/brain and these retarded individuals are also seen as "divine".

  • Are you people retarded? Honestly, look at your posts, they read out like they should be written out in crayon.

  • I agree with Smartone. The spelling and grammar on most of these comments is absolutely horrendous.

  • Am I the only one here who doesn't think this girl is ugly or "horrifying"?

    She is a person, like anyone else here, and so what if she has extra arms and legs? It doesn't make her any less of a human being. Should I complain to any one of you because you may have red hair or maybe you have freckles? It's a genetic anomoly and should be treated as such. No point getting hyped up over something that is different from everyone else. Also, since when did the goings-on of an entirely different continent warrant any of your flaming? I'll bet almost none of you understand the whole situation. Not saying that I do, of course. I'm just pointing some things out. Also, for those of you who are getting mad at everyone's "jokes," lighten up and see that this girl probably isn't sad, her parents aren't, why should we? She's healthy, probably doing very well, so what's the problem? There isn't one. Save for the ignorance and arrogance of the western world, that comments like these have made me ashamed to a part of.

    Also, please learn to use proper and english and grammar… I can't read most of these posts without cringing at the idea of today's generation being illiterate and incapable of stringing a single coherent sentence together.

    • I agree with you. She is a beautiful child, like every other human being. This girl's parent's are very loving towards her and love her for who and what she is. It doesn't matter what she looks like, she's very brave and I am very glad she made it through the surgery.

      Also, the doctor's are probably not doing it to get famous. They are simply trying to help this girl and her family, and save her from the problems she might come across later in life. The situation isn't sad, as long as the people it directly concerns are happy, and Lakshmi is healthy.

  • I have many complaints here. The MAIN issue is that of the lack of proper grammer and the grotesque misspellings I see all the time. If you can not write, speak or spell correctly, please stay off this and all other sites so that others don't have to endure the torture of trying to decipher the comments most of you ignorant people are displaying.

    Secondly, who are you, any of you, to make joke regarding the situation of this child and her parents?! Obviously, this is something regarded as tragic. Regardless of the final outcome through surgery and rehabilitation. This is in fact something that the entire family will have to live with for the rest of their lives. Some of you refer to Stephen King and horror movies, while others use the word "normal"… it is obvious and apparent that anyone whom makes such a referrence is again, ignorant, selfish and has no sense of dignity when it comes to the morals and livelihood of others.

    Third and final, I will not make referrence or comment on the statement made: " I hope you die and come back deformed and miserable as hell" by 'kaylee' NEVER wish anything like this on anyone. You obviously have no respect for anyone and hold no regard to the sanctity of children being born in this world.

    • Well, I agree completely, 100% with your first paragraph.

      Other than that, you should have just kept the rest to yourself. Honestly, no one cares what you say on here, and no one is going to listen. Quit trying to play God and fix all the problems.

      Don't tell people to "NEVER wish" things, cause they won't take your advice anyway.

      And no, this isn't a hypocritical post because it's directed at you, just you.

    • You're complaining about people's grammar and you spell it 'grammer.' You complain of misspellings, yet you misspelled reference as 'referrence.'

      Get off your high horse.

      And by the way all you people making long posts in reply to those who are making irreverent comments about Lakshmi… they are doing it to piss you off and it's working.

      I found this thread rather humorous. While I wish no ill-will to any child I have to say Allen was right. She was horrific. If I were the mother and I saw my child delivered with so many extra limbs, I would probably have a heart attack.

      I also find it funny how so many people use the phrase "God bless you." Who are you to tell God who to bless?

      Though I am agnostic myself.

      Anyhow, yeah. She's free to live a mostly normal life now. Good for her.

  • I was expecting a bunch of fanatic Hindu jackasses to come over and start worshiping the kid like the fourth coming of Vishnu or something. Throwing flowers on her and bursting into tears when they get to touch her.

  • Wow. People these days can argue over and over about anything. She is alive that's all that counts.

  • wow indeed… I just spent 15 minutes reading through this drawn out argument. Who the hell follows the comment reply messages on a page just to argue with it? THIS IS MY ONLY POST BECAUSE I HAVE A LIFE!! ALL YOU NAGGY MOMS STOP WORRYING ABOUT PEOPLE"S OPINIONS OF A CHILD ONLINE, TURN OFF YOUR COMPUTER, AND SPEND TIME WITH YOUR OWN KIDS!

  • Just remember one thing, Hindus will pray to anything. Even mice…. that have 4 legs and 4 arms… Losers.

  • who are we to say what is normal? What ever deity you believe in, this is a child, she is innocent. All of the jokes and meanness are unnecessary, but then again,"The right to freedom of speech is recognised as human right in under Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and recognised in international human rights law under Article 19 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR)." so every one say what you want, I think she was born beautiful, but for her health and quality of life the surgery was the right thing to do.

  • WTF!!! how is that possible? that's festy!!!! i feel sorry 4 that girl. but it would be cool if she had them still.

  • These posts are an example of too many ignorant people with too much time on their hands saying mean, ignorant things!!!

  • Omigod.. Poor kid. She seems so happy too. At least she doesn't have to live in a place where the people mock and ridicule her because they are unaware and ignorant. God created her fr a reason. She is a miracle. She is so lucky to be alive and yet people like Allen have to say moronic things like that. You are sick, rude, and ignorant Allen. You should be ashamed of yourself for saying such a thing about a child. It's not like she asked for this. You're nothing more than a ____. You fill in the blank. Btw, this is coming from a 14 year old.

  • do not talk about the girl like that because if u have a child it may end up like this

  • Dear Everyone, all biases aside, this child looks weird; four arms and four legs…really (can anyone say Doc Oc)?Yes, it's a scary-looking child and yes, it is terrible for me to say that. But, I feel like if I saw someone like this walking down the street, I would be very tempted to ask them to join my world class hackey sack team. She could also win an Olympic Gold Medal as a Gymnast. She could take some 'roids and play baseball. It's easy to catch a ball with four arms and at least two gloves. She could work at Burger King using her burger flipping prowess and four arms. For anyone who may respond to this as calling me "insensitive", you should know I have three special needs children, one of which has a hunchback.

  • Well this is interesting, glad the kid is ok. can't say much for the people on here though, insults after insults does not solve an internet argument, hunting down IP and administering baseball bat does, but seriously, it's just fuel on the fire, so just make a calm comment about you not liking it and get on with your life. also learn to spell properly, otherwise your comment is equal to a caveman with half his mouth sewn shut while he tries to speak Chinese with an Irish accent that he was forced to learn to survive upon thawing.

  • its a…..a……ahhh get it away. it would be scary for real if the 6 limbs on teh bottom were all legs and she could walk upright on them. spidergirl ferrealz

  • dude it looks awesome got to have my pic taken with it man

  • oh my gosh u jerks that baby cant help it and what if that was you or your baby what would you do would you get an abortion? well if you would that is just wrong because that baby can not help it and it did not do anything to you to diserve to get killed what if that was you and your mom disided to get an abortion?

    now is'nt that wrong!? yeah it is its just stupid because god made that baby like that for a reson and you guys should not be judgeing her.

    so how would you like it if that was you how would you like getting made fun of and talked about so do not judge her because of how she was born and who she is because it is not her fault so back off! :(

    what if your kid is born like that exactly you would defend her and make sure she did not get made fun of?

    so yeah just leave her alone it is not her fault and i hope that she grows up strong and healthy so when she gets older you guys that critisized her can get proved wrong like the loosers you are and you can just shut you faces and leave her alone

    oh and MADALYN i am soo sorry i hope for the best for you and best wishes in the future

  • :( ;( :-( ;-( :-< its not her fault :( ;( :-( ;-( :-<

  • pancakes are cood so are cookies and milk

  • you need to worry about your self trying to tell that lady what to do with her baby the one who she gave birth to if i was her mother i will beat yo ass

  • lol, even though it is slack


    Her snatch is on the side of her body!!


  • Most of these negative, cruel and "horrifying" comments are made about an innocent two year old girl that is one horrorfying baby.i god to pray .
    big bertha–big bertha

  • She is a very cute girl, I'm gald she can live normally from now on. She does have a very cute face. and I wish her a wonderful future, with no more medical issues, ( Jesus bless you litte girl =)

  • that is so wrong she is a cute girl….

  • It's wonderful to see that a hospital can actually have a heart. Doing it for free was amazing but I feel they only did that because they believed she was the goddess but maybe not. All in all I'm happy that this little girl is okay now.

  • What an amazing child… So glad she made it through the surgery and her family is also happy and healthy… :)
    God bless Lakshmi and her family, she is a beautiful child xx

  • i cant bel this

  • dont drink and do heavy drugs during pregnancy people! jk

  • Olá amigos!!!!
    Eu gostaria muito de saber como está a saúde hoje, dessa criança abençoada, e tambem ver a imagem dela. Obrigado.

  • The power of love is amazing.

  • all i can say is omg

  • Wow she is so pretty

  • The informal summary helped me very much! Bookmarked your website, very great categories just about everywhere that I see here! I appreciate the information, thanks.

  • Honestly you people need to get a life talking about a TWO year old . Honestly , a TWO year old…. I really wanna say some really bad swear words rite now at u idiots talking about that girl…

    This world is really messed up !

  • Before I get my ass jumped on by someone, I just want to say this is a serious question and in no way is meant to ridicule. I really am curious about the reproductive organs and the question of how she is able to urinate or have a bowel movement. I can't find anything on these things. It's a legitimate question as it has to do with her functionality. She's obviously been surviving just fine, but scientifically, and medically, I wonder how this works for her or if this is just another example of the surgeon's genius. Being able to recreate these things for her to help her lead a normal life. It's truly incredible, the things human beings are capable of. As "uncomfortable" or "grossed out" as some people seemed to have reacted to this question, it's a very good one.

  • …in America, we'd just kill a deformed kid through abortion. The Indian way of dealing with them- respectfully instead of murderously- seems to me a bit more civilised. People tend to knock traditional cultures, but at least they aren't killing their deformed off like we "advanced" people in the West do. :S

    Best of wishes to this girl and her family.

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