$210,000 White Truffle

Posted on November 12, 2007

Truffle lovers worldwide put in bids for a 750-gram white truffle from Alba in Italy.


Bids came in from New York and Berlin but it was a $210,000 bid from Hong Kong that won the auction.

The Italian truffle market has been more expensive lately after having a dry summer.

Sunday’s truffle auction raised a total of $535,000.

Back in November of 2006 another white truffle was purchased by a Hong Kong resident for $160,000. I guess they really love truffles in Asia.

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6 thoughts on “$210,000 White Truffle

  1. pate de fois gras

    I read that once a group of wealthy people, including several Hollywood stars, pooled their money to buy a truffle for $250,000. Unfortunately, the truffle went bad before they could decide exactly how to eat it!

  2. jux

    I thought this was one ugly piece of white chocolate truffle fetching 210k. But then i wiki-ed truffle and found out its a fungi.

    Thank goodness for wikipedia.


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