School Puts Children in Danger to Boost Their Bravery
November 11, 2007 | by Mui Mui

When it comes to children and school, safety always comes first… unless of course you live in China. Then safety comes right after a clean window.

One elementary school in Beijin, China requires its children to clean the windows as routine task once a week.


Every Wednesday, students climb out the classroom window, standing on a 10 centimeter (less than 4 inches) wide platform and clean the windows without any safety protection. Some windows are as high as 3 stories.

The school officials say this is their way of shaping their students will and bravery.


Mui Mui
Mui Mui is another of our wonderful, yet weird, editors who also is a well established world traveler. Born in Asia, Mui Mui is our expert on whether the articles we publish remain appropriate and not offensive in nature. Mui Mui’s favorite place is Italy where she spent 4 years and eventually fell in love with.
  • Imagined if a student fell,and injured,or die,would the school be held responsibility?Common sense in China,obviously doesn't insist.To be fair,the teachers and the principle should also join with the dangerous task!

    • Principle?

      Oh… principal.

      • I love it how you keep generating names and pretending to be different people just to correct someone’s literature. Why not use your brain and make a constructive criticism?

        I love it, how people that want to defend the “other party” or is against someone’s opinion become the comment’s spell checker because they don’t have the guts to argue back or have nothing constructive to say besides insulting others grammar.

      • what is the point of being a grammar nazi? Is your life that empty?

    • insist?

      oh… exist

    • well, if they died, it’ll do a bit to reduce their huge population size =P

    • Teachers do the dangerous tasks? LOL! if this is what chinese children have to do in order to prove their bravery. I believe teachers and principals have done alot worst, or have already passed their bravery test!

      AHHHH thank god i was born in America!!! Hooray U.S.A!!!!

      and i won’t bother to Otaku’s replies, their just worthless asian fetish ppl that should give out their American citizenship to move to China or Japan see how they make it out there. Hahaha!

      • DesperateAmericanMan

        lol. Oh yea, right. Your American government just murders its people instead by sending them to other countries like Iraq so they can invade and murder innocent people in return .etc.

        But yes, of course. America is the land of the free, a land of peace… lol!

        If America would leave the rest of the world alone and stopped being such a war monger then we would actually have more peace.

    • .. u r talkin about chinese ppl, comon.. dont u kno kids get beat up in schools by teachers? and u r askin them to care about students? they alrdy care more than their enuf share!

    • And here you need a helmet before the teacher lets you go to the bathroom.. there’s plenty of insanity right here needs fixing!!

    • u r rite..such a stupid request from the school.this is nothing to do v bravery…risk their lives just for a clean window?ridiculous!!

  • held responsibility?

    Oh… responsible

  • held responsibility?

    oh.. held responsible

  • fair play to em, a tad different from the cotton wrapped, molly coddled kids of western nanny state cultures with mental health and saftey procedures

  • Typo correction gets old pretty fast.

  • Imagined ?

    oh… Imagine ..

    duh! you must be chinese!

  • This is bad and kids lives should never be put in danger. But at least they are doing something other than mollycoddling them. At the moment the schools systems in place don’t teach our kids competition, fear, or even loosing. There’s nothing to strive for. To me this principal is a little off the rails but no more than our system which allows anyone who participates in a game gets a prize.

  • Never seen someone get as owned spelling-wise as the OP here…

  • So what happends if a student actually falls and dies? what will the school tell the parents? i’m sorry for your son/daughter’s unfortunate death, but at least they died in a brave way?

  • Tho what will happen if a student acthually falth and dieth? Nya nya nya. Why do some people always have to state the obvious?

  • clean window on 3 stories high building = china way of keepin the population down XD

  • china


  • Sure beats lying in front of tanks though.

  • i’d rather live and go to school in china than get an education in the USA. i’m scared that the obese people there will crush me!

  • That’s in Smallville dude, they all super human beings.

  • I thought eating the school food was dangerous.

    This is nut’s what this little kid are doing dam no net’s or ropes.


  • well its not that bad i mean….they have like 389572987568789 people if 1 dies its not that bad XD

  • In the US they would look like a shooting gallery to american students. Washing does windows is STILL safer than attending high school in the US.

    • high schools dont get shot up nearly as much as you would think. for a person who takes media so mindlessly like you : i would think that you should be concerned about all of the insane asian teachers attacking asian students

  • As usual, good, intresting and really useful post for all readers and specially for me, thanks!
    Good luck to you!

  • lol, yeah, life doesn’t matter. Like so what if a few hundred people died from 9-11, its only .001% of 7 billion people. Beside, they were going to die anyways.

  • At least their doing something else rather than studying maths. T_T

  • Really good and really interesting post. I expect (and other readers maybe :)) new useful posts from you!
    Good luck and successes in blogging!

  • um…. I am Chinese too… we used to do that all the time when we were little … I remember one time we needed to reach a top pane in the hall where the window goes up two floors, we just piled (vertically) 4 tables and 1 chair, then had one guy climb up while three other kids held the furnitures.

    really, ask anybody who’s been to a Chinese school and they will tell you this is what have been done in at least the past 40 years… no big deal

    although… with schools being built higher and higher… maybe we should reconsider….

  • yea, I grew up in China too and serving one’s cleaning duties was a natural routine. Cleaning the windows was actually pretty fun for me, and no one ever got hurt (my school had 3 floors). Looking back, it probably wasn’t the safest thing to do, but I think there can be some benefits (which may or may not necessarily outweigh the risks). One it encourages students to look out for one another, encourages independence, and encourages the ability to consider multiple risks/solutions when facing a problem.
    In response to the people who are criticizing Chinese teachers’ disciplinary actions, I don’t think people really understand what it’s like to be in school in China. Yea it’s a lot harder than the European and American kids have it – there’s more pressure, more work, and the teachers are definitely stricter – but no one ever saw it as hellish. Back when I was little, it was still okay for teachers to hit your palm with a ruler if you did something wrong (apparently with all the Western influences it doesn’t happen much anymore). What a lot of western audiences/readers need to understand is the social context. In China, stern teachers are considered more caring and personally invested in their students’ performance. They’re like secondary parents who scold their students like their own children; and since their students also see them as such, these punishments are not seen as inappropriate. Think about it, if your mum gets mad at you and slaps your hand, are you going to interpret that as cruelty, or as a gesture of frustration out of her high expectations?

  • I like how the comment at the top of the screen poses the question of what if…. a kid fell. would the school be held responsible?? of course not there is no such thing as liable in China. they dont even have street lights in most intersections and those that do are meaningless. Also i like the comment “at least they arent studying maths” Obviously. Chinese dont need to study math. give me a break.

  • Look, all of you have never been to china. Go there and see for yourself. Not everything is bad.

    Besides, look at the amount of student and teacher death reports in USA as compared to China. You can just get a gun in USA and go into the classroom and just go around shooting people. Oblivious idiots….

    • I lived in Ningbo for about 5 months and have just returned from a few weeks in China for the new year a few days ago.

      Not everything is bad… but you and I both know… the truth. I wont say it here cause i am not for bashing any country really but… save it.

  • Isn’t it just wonderful that everyone read and commented on the story. I’m so proud of all of you. Yes, that was sarcastic.
    I am not sure whether or not anyone would ‘get the ax’ should a student fall and be injured or worse. The proletariat makes the rules regarding everything – this was most likely not introduced by the school.
    So, only the brave die – leaving a classroom filled with only cowards?

  • How is it that the children in that country can be so abused? Isn’t that catagorized with child abuse in the United States? Or is this attempted murder? I could go on, and on, but what is the value of a child’s life any where?

    I hope that child will be able to overcome this psychological, emotional devastating attack. It will certainly take me some time to try and not think of it so much. I have sympathy for his parents. This is a repulsive act, yet, highly provoking violence.

  • really thats a huge danger risk.
    i live in america and teachers wont even let you lean back on your chair for fear, that you will fall down, hit ur head on a desk and get a concussion in the process.
    Isnt school suppose to be training children for life? Since when does life inculd having to go out a window threw dangerous hights?
    i think this is just a way that the skools are using children for their own personal gain.

  • It is true…I have done that before when I was in elementry school.
    But after that nobody dared to ask students to even stand on the edge of windows. Elementry school teachers in China are really low-educated and not responsable. They waste time and scold children for releasing their temper.They harass kids sometimes, especially male teachers

  • frankly speaking, I’ve done that several times in my primary school. but not every week.

  • but im afraid of higts

  • are you going to interpret that as cruelty, or as a gesture of frustration out of her high expectations?

  • Good article is very useful thank you for sharing

  • @thatsme bad air, bad water, so many people, so much money madness now, bad traffic, and for a california boy terrible climate.

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