Black Charcoal Toothpaste
November 3, 2007 | by 孫子

I can think of many uses for everyday charcoal. From art to making myself a burger on the grill, it is definitely useful.

However, when i first saw that Korea had Charcoal Toothpaste, i was a little taken a back.


Black in color, go figure, it uses the cleaning power and absorption of odor to help clean your mouth and “neutralize the poisons from the body”.

I guess someone figured if it is good enough to filter your water then it is good enough to clean your teeth.

Japan has had charcoal toothpaste since 2003 when Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals released Sumigaki.


Shortly followed by charcoal cotton swab


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  • that shits been around forever, I been using it since i was like 6 (I am Indian [Asian]). Tastes like utter crap at first, made me gag anyways – but after the first few timese you get used to it and it does a damn better job than any triclosan/fluoride toothpaste.

  • this is actually a very good idea; is there an english site i could order this from? activated charcoal is very effective in absorbing/adsorbing undesirable compounds.

    • Charcoal works not because it cleans the plaque off your teeth, but because it just takes EVERYTHING off. Charcoal isn’t used for toothpaste anymore because it wears away the enamel of your teeth.

  • Yeah, my great grand parrents used to brush their teeth with charcoal.

  • And now everyone who uses that has lead poising some how…..becuase it was made in China

  • Wonder if it’ll color my teeth black…

  • Not so wierd
    Aborigines used it to clean their teeth for at least 22,000 years

  • When I used to do a lot of camping, I would chew some of the cold embers (charcoal) the next morning. It sort of had the consistency of croutons, so it would do a good job of scrubbing your teeth, plus it would help your breath. Its a pretty good trick provided you could be sure no one peed in the fire. Probably only useful for hardcore campers who don’t want to cary the extra three ounces for Banking powerd and a tooth brush.

  • I use homemade mix of black paste

  • I really like this product.. Any chance it will be coming to Canada?

  • Its common in indian villages … brushing with charcoal pwder!

  • Sri Lankans Used to brush their tooth with Charcoal from ancient times

  • My mother used to brush her teeth with Charcoal (Dust) and the was young.

  • As the charred part of food from the grill is not good for you, I can’t imagine that putting charcoal in your mouth (either as a dentifrice or as an abrasive) where some of it is invariably ingested, can be good for you.

  • No wonder little kids don’t brush their teeth.

    look like something that came form jiffy lube.

  • ZOMGWTF!!!

    Hey guys
    Heres a step by step way to oral hygiene

    1. Buy a NORMAL toothbrush
    2. Buy NORMAL toothpaste
    3. Buy some LISTERINE to get rid of that nasty shit/breath/shitbreath in your mouth..
    4. (optional)Go to your dentist for a tri-monthly cleanup.

    And Voilah, shitless smelling breath and a beautiful,clean smile unless u are from Oklahoma


  • Nice and weird

  • I wanna try it though.

  • cool i wanna try…^^

  • You can pick this up at most Korean markets, if they don’t have it, they can likely order it. It takes a bit to get used to the taste but it work really great!

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  • yes, a lot of Asian countries had been using charcoal to clean their teeth for many years when toothpaste wasn’t available

  • LOLS! I HAVE that toothpaste in my house right now.
    My dad buys into all those weird toothpastes.
    He also has one made from plants (it’s green and gross).
    Personally, I like Crest. But wtv

  • Indians have used charred paddy husk for cleaning teeth since ages.

  • I’d rather use it in a form of dust but not toothpaste.


  • Will charcoal make your teeth whiter or blacker

  • The English would use the soot from the chimney to brush their teeth

  • Activated charcoal is extremely good for your body and your teeth, and is a great alternative to avoiding over-flouridation by using flouride toothpaste.
    I’m making my own charcoal, crushing it to a powder, storing it tightly in a bottle, and mixing a spoon full in water/juice each day and sprinkling the powder on (yes) flouride toothpaste, since it is very difficult to find non-flouride toothpaste in any store, except when Wal*Mart carries “Tom’s.” The sellers of “activated charcoal” will tell you how to make it, but their way is way-over done and not necessary, which in-turn causes folks to buy their products. Do it yourself…Google it!

  • does anyone know were we can buy this toothpast

  • I used to use it.. when I was young.. but think.. wil use it again.. got fire wood at home..

  • y use normal stuf when you could be
    really really wierd like me

    it does taste gross, though

  • Years ago, Lush in America and the UK had a charcoal toothpaste called Black.

  • Charcoal will adsorb the toxins in y our mouth and gently ex foliate your teeth. It doesn't have much taste and actually works a lot better at deterring bacteria from growing in your mouth( causing halitosis) it heals gums and will almost cure an abscess. Just find activated charcoal( not brickets from the grill) cr4ush it or break the capsule into a small glass dish add olive oil , coconut oil, almond oil, enough to make a paste, put on toothbrush, brush for 2 minutes. your teeth squeak afterwards!

  • For everyone thinking this is like chewing dirt…if you get ANY kind of poisoning, guess what the emergency room pours down your throat? CHARCOAL! You can also buy capsules if you have issues with gas and bloating.

    I made my own charcoal toothpaste to keep from having to clean dust off of everything twice a day. I mixed 1/2 cup coconut oil (melt this first, but don't make it hot- melts at 76 degrees), 1/3 cup activated charcoal, 1 tbsp of this peppermint stevia liquid I got from whole foods. I put it in a squeeze bottle from the travel section of Target. If you have a lot of tooth pain, you could add clove oil. My toothpaste tastes like mild peppermint/coconut. Makes my teeth black as night, but washes out instantly. I'd like to look into a charcoal mouth wash since charcoal pulls out odors really well.

  • I told my Japanese customers about a charcoal toothpaste product I was developing in 2001 and then I learned that a Japanese co.started making it in 2003!They copy like crazy as do the Koreans and Chinese who are the masters of this.Yes,it can turn your teeth white So I do wonder as I know they do this kind of thing. IF the formula is correct.The charcoal should be activated and made here or there can be lead problems.
    The old 1700-1800's formulas were honey and charcoal and did a great job of whitening the teeth as well as absorbing stains,etc.

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