Throwing Darts Just Got Sexy
October 31, 2007 | by Kimi Naitou

Throwing darts has always been a great way to spend a beer or a vodka on the rocks. Now fellow bar patrons can get their rocks in a new way with this sexy darts game.


Hit one of the bullseyes and hear her say “Young Girl, Bullseyes! Wonderful!”

(Noda Ya)

  • so wrong. how can throwing darts at breasts be sexy? yikes! japanese women – run away quick! :)

  • Quite clearly, throwing things at breasts is an activity that should be most sincerely discouraged….. It is only a matter of time before an innocent party loses a finger, eye or tongue as a result of such activities.

  • This is sick. Women’s bodies are not barroom games. Who ever invented this should be ashamed, as should anyone who plays it, buys it, or enjoys it in any way.

    • So licking the whip cream off the sailor’s **** at your bach party is o.k?? But it’s wrong when a dude looks at breasts? Have you seen the sick sex games made for women? You don’t see men ranting and nagging… Women can be SO competitive! This wouldn’t be very sick if you had the body of jenna jameson would it?… Yes I am done.

      • I’m not sexist I’m just getting sick of feminists……. yep

      • There is a HUGE diff between licking something off somebody’s body part & getting enjoyment from throwing projectile objects with the intention of having them stick inside a picture or model of any naked form, male or female, you sick ****. BTW, my body is better than ol’ Jenna’s is. Every inch of my body is real, & it’s fantastic!

  • Throwing darts just got Sexist?

  • Only thing better would be to add a third target. And remove the head. Just keep the useful parts.

  • Throwing darts is sexist if the targets are a woman’s breasts, yes.

  • Women are envious of male inventiveness

    This is not sexist. It is innocent.

    1. Men like looking at sexy, naked chicks.

    2. Men like playing darts.

    3. If a man tries to play darts while looking at a sexy, naked chick, he won’t be able to concentrate on the dartboard and it will ruin his game.

    4. By incorporating the dartboard to the sexy, naked chick, the man can play darts AND look at a sexy, naked chick simultaneously. Innovative. Creative. Efficient.

    5. If this dartboard existed for men to vent their frustrations at women, or to otherwise express disgust or hatred of women’s bodies, the woman would be ugly, have an obese body, and her forehead would have the word “FEMINIST” stenciled across it.

  • This game is not disgusting because it’s a way for men to “vent their frustrations.” This game is disgusting because, no matter how “innocent” its players think it is, it perpetuates some atrocities.

    1. It objectifies women’s bodies, not unlike any other depiction of a woman’s body for the sheer purpose of entertaining men.

    2. It promotes a violence against women, and against women SPECIFICALLY. Honestly, throwing sharp metal objects and TRYING to hit women’s breasts?

    3. It assumes that men would PREFER to play the game more if there was a naked body. This is degrading to men because it first and foremost perpetuates the stereotype that men only care about sex (and specifically heterosexual sex) and hence would be more interested in a game if it involved a naked woman. And secondly, the game perpetuates the idea of men committing violent acts toward a woman. This game says: All men are sex-crazed heterosexuals that cannot control themselves and enjoy the idea of hurting women, especially beautiful ones.

    What most people do not understand is that misogyny exists, and patriarchy reigns, not because those who benefit from the social structures are actively trying to repress the others, but because those that benefit from these pressures DO NOT REALIZE the way in which pressure is applied to keep those harmed and controlled by the patriarchy in their place.

    And by the way, “Women are envious of male inventiveness,” a naked woman is not a new marketing tool.

    Oh, and another note, the stereotype of feminism you portray is trite and telling of your ignorance.

    • 1. It depicts 2 bullseyes. I don’t really see how that objectifies a women’s true nature. I would much rather admire a set of real breasts than breasts which look like a hypnosis device.

      2. It promotes violence against cardboard cutouts. I believe the point here is to hit the bullseye, I see no breasts on this anywhere. Of course my vision isn’t what it used to be.

      3. There is no naked body in this picture, so I don’t see how any of your argument applies.

      This is a cardboard (or plastic hard to tell from image) cutout, with a cartoon face, and 2 bullseyes where breasts should be. If anyone actually believes this to be a naked women, then they obviously haven’t seen any naked women.

      This game is neither sexy nor sexist. Now if I were to take a dartboard, and affix an image of my ex-wife, there might be some validity to the argument :)

    • I can’t comment on original poster’s experiences, but that has certainly been my own experience, and to quite a shockingly large degree, its been told to my face by women (on both sides of the “feminist fence”.) Please don’t take your own personal feels and opinions as gospel for women or men, because 99% of the time, you will be wrong.

      As to the other parts of your comment, yes it does objectify women’s bodies, the same way similar products for women objectify men’s bodies. Sadly we live in a world that people (not just women, but men as well).. Want proof? look at a newspaper, look at a TV. Trust me.. in general, bare chested and semi-nude men have little appeal except women (and others that find that appealing) in the same way that bare chested and semi-nude women have little appeal except to men (and others that find that appealing). Want it to change, then change the system, don’t complain about one tiny aspect of it.

      It does NOT promote violence against women. #1, look at the darts and you will see they are not actual darks but rather magnets. #2, violence has to have feedback (typically negative but not always) for it to be present. (e.g.: slapping someone who does not want it and hates it would be violence because its a malicious act that is unwanted. slapping someone who enjoys being hit moves it from violence to fetish and can therefore no longer be called violent. I am sure in your own private life you may have experienced some things that you enjoy that others may find repugnent. Does that mean they are right? I would bet your answer would be no).

      Lastly, yes, you are correct that it does perpetuate a myth that men enjoy anything to do with sex. And while this as a whole is simply not true, like all myths, there is enough truth in it to get some people riled up about it. Like all stereotypes, there is some truth in them all.. otherwise, it would be quickly seen as a lie/slander. But back to your point, yes it does perpetuate that myth, but lets also be honest, its going to appeal to a very limited subset of people (the juvenile) who sadly do everything to continue that myth. That being said, it does not ASSUME anything other than the fact that some people (men and some women.. its a strange world) might enjoy the concept enough to purchase. It s a big world, and personally I would want the people interested in this, in their own basements (I assume) playing with this than being in the “real world”.

      Disclaimer – What was said above is the view of one person and not representative of the gender of the speaker, age, race, or any other demographic.

  • And hear her say… “Young girl, bullseyes, wonderful!” ??? THATS SEXY!! /sarcasm

  • Tacky, although with my aim she has nothing to worry about!

  • Okay, wait wait wait. Feminism gets kicked in the crotch so often from so many people because of comments like the one’s in this thread. If I said I liked doughnuts and microwaves and found a way to combine the two I wouldn’t want some Krispy Kreme representative crusading on my doorstep.

    As a heterosexual guy, I like breasts, and I like darts (not exclusive to heterosexuality I hate having to watch every fucking phrase it’s bullshit like many modern feminists and school speech codes and whatnot that perpetuate the diarrhea of political correctness and discourage ideas because people are afraid of offense). In actuality I have never had the compulsion to stick darts in breasts, but I like this product, because it allows me to do two awesome things at once – play darts and think about boobs (called boobs in context – incites thought of sexuality not anatomy). I can’t guarantee that’s what EACH customer has in mind but I would think that’s most of them.

  • I like darts and boobs, not so much together. Perhaps it’s because I already own a classic dartboard and, being female, could always look down my shirt as I play, but I don’t have much desire to combine my innocent hobbies with unrelated, sexualized body parts; male or female dismembered or otherwise attached. It just seems sad and creepy. That, and throwing darts with my head stuck down my shirt would probably be dangerous.

    While it’s true both the male and female form are objectified by the media, women’s bodies certainly endure most of it. I could go on for paragraphs about body image (related to both men and women), the media, and other stuff n’ stuff, but I’ll try to reduce it too a lighthearted blurb.

    There are many reasons why women’s bodies are more often objectified to sell a product (via commercials and/or as part of said product), but the main reasons are images of sex sells, especially to men (who tend to be visually oriented) and advertisers have found both women and men respond well to female actors (whether it’s because of social condition or a simple born truth…well, I’ll leave that one alone).

    Do I like the fact that the female form is dismembered for dartboards and pencil sharpeners or unrealistic beauty standards? No, of course not, but I don’t HAVE to buy these products nor the products a a company that produces images/products I feel negatively affect society (Hm, guess I ‘d better get to sewing my own clothes and walking my daily communte). Nor do I have to accept any standard of beauty other than my own. Now if only thousands of teenagers with eating disorders could tap into my self esteem reserve, I wouldn’t have to wait so long in public restroom lines while the purge. (Tasteless bad joke…I know)

    I realize a lot of men feel pressure to be attractive as well, but I calls ‘em as I sees ‘em, and I sees waaaay more female sex objects and unrealistic portrayals of women. I’m also aware of dismembered penis novelties and feel that most of them perpetuate the idea that the penises aren’t sexy, just weird and funny (a vicious mis-truth ;D).

    Oh, oh, new dartboard concept! 2 boards: one a penis, on a vagina, each with a bullseye on the most “receptive” part of each organ, respectively. It could be like a race with each spot on the board computerized to tabulate points and whichever player scores enough points to make their board climax first wins! There could even be homosexual editions! I should totally be a product designer….or maybe not. Either way, I should look into getting a patent for sure =P

  • This would be a purchase of Al Bundy :)

  • what on the breast?! no way u gotta b kidding…

  • i think its kinda funny but weird i wouldnt use that dartboard

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