Japanese Push-Up Counting Gadget

Posted on October 23, 2007

As pretty as the Push-Up Counter is, it does nothing more than count how many push-ups you do. Pretty one dimensional for a product coming out of Japan but…


Place the gadget under your chin and start doing push-ups. Each time your chin pushes the big red button it will add another number to the LED counter.

You can do up to 999 push-ups with the device and if you reach that i am sure the company will hook you up with a custom one in exchange for a little commercial spot.

You can see the product reviewed in this video:

YouTube Preview Image
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4 thoughts on “Japanese Push-Up Counting Gadget

  1. Casual Adventurer

    What! It only counts 999 push ups?
    What happens if you want to do more?
    Still I guess counting using your fingers is difficult when doing push ups….. Now let me see if I can currently do 4 push ups and I increase by one every day the device should be insufficient for my requirements sometime around 2011…… Now, where did I leave those donuts?????


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