Japanese “Best Ass” Contest

Posted on October 20, 2007

Rika Sato (????) Mizuki Horii (????) Aki Hoshino (????)

Triumph International’s “Show Me Your Sloggi”, or the Show Me Some Hot Japanese Ass, contest was held last week in Tokyo, Japan.

Kaho Watanabe, an 18 year-old girl who had accidentally burned her bum a few days before the contest, was amazed at winning the competition.


“I can’t believe I was named ‘Japan’s best bottom’ with my burned bum.” Kaho said.

And as for her poor beautiful bottom?

“I always take care of my bottom, but I’m embarrassed to show it today because I burned it by sitting on a hair iron the other day,” said Kaho.

In addition to wanting to have a hot bottom, Kaho talks a bit about her goal to uplift the image of Japanese butts.

“Many people in the world might think that Japanese butts are sagging or very small compared to other nationalities. So i want to shake off that image.”


Sloggi is a brand of underwear made by Triumph International. Users could submit photos to the company and then vote on the best bottom on their website.

10 out of the 112 online entries showed off their skills in dancing, playing musical instruments, and singing songs.

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26 thoughts on “Japanese “Best Ass” Contest

  1. Ratty

    I can’t help but wonder if the others feel especially bad about loosing, With the winner sporting a burn mark on her butt it must be a pretty demoralizing loss for them.

    1. Zachary Green

      WOW! One burn mark, omg, let’s toss her overboard. You people disgust me with your flawless insolent van glorified bullshit.

  2. Lucy

    I love how serious the newscaster is when talking about this. “With one singing a folk song.. dressed in S&M-type.. ATTIRE.”

  3. pollo

    penso che inserendo il pene nell’ano non bel lubrificato si possa godere di più. Se poi si può sbrodolare dentro e farcire il culetto come un bigné ancora meglio. Sentire lei che lo espella una pippa bella. silvio berlusconi rè dei grandi profeti di satana

  4. jason

    are u guys serious? non of these girls have an ass, and if u don't like big asses it's because u have a little pecker that can't reach the prize from behind. I've stayed in japan 5 years and there are japanese girls there that would put these no as japanese girls to shame, wtf!!!

  5. nobody

    Personally I think if your going to judge someone on a nice ass, there should be a sort of goldielocks type criteria. Not too big not too flat. These girls are far from that mark!

  6. Wolf

    Big asses are overrated. People need to broaden their horizons. As to what Jason said about have a "little pecker"…not the case here and I still appreciate their asses.


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