Japanese Vending Sells Canned Bread

Posted on September 25, 2007

In Japan you can get almost everything you could need, including eggs, porn, and a can of beer, from a vending machine.

Not only have they now provided the ability to buy bread out of a vending machine but they have also put it in a sealed can as well.


Yummy… Can O’ Bread…


(Tokyo Times)

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16 thoughts on “Japanese Vending Sells Canned Bread

  1. Chieko

    They are actually pretty useful if you just want to grab a snack and there are no stores open. They are about $3.50 USD. They come in a lot of different flavors as well.

  2. phil cosgrove

    In the US Army, 1955, we had canned bread in the field. It was white breaad and came in a long, cylindrical can. Five or six of us usually consumed an entire can, so staleness wasn’t a problem.

    I think canned bread would be useful for camping or emergency rations.

    I’ve recently bought canned bacon. Again, we use all of it at one meal.

    It’s a little hard to straighten out the strips for frying.

  3. nicci

    I had canned bacon years ago. Yucky. Vietnam has all kinds of things in cans, including a fully cooked hamburger. Also yucky.


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