Boy Forced To Eat Over 100 Tadpoles

Posted on September 23, 2007

“I was so scared that the tadpoles will become frogs in my stomach?”

Pang Pang, a 9 year-old kid from China, swallowed over 100 tadpoles in an effort to cure his rash.


His grandmother had overheard from neighbors that this was a good treatment for a rash. She went right out to the local pond and grabbed a bowl full of tadpoles for her grandson. She then forced the boy to swallow 20 per day for a week.

After about 4 days Pang Pang became ill and went to the doctor. Although he was treated by the doctor, the boy was still worried that he might grow frogs in his stomach.


The Chinese do use tadpoles for medical purposes but only externally and they have to be prepared in a specific way.

Poor kid will probably never listen to his grandmother again… who apparently is naive and gullible.


Mui Mui
Mui Mui is another of our wonderful, yet weird, editors who also is a well established world traveler. Born in Asia, Mui Mui is our expert on whether the articles we publish remain appropriate and not offensive in nature. Mui Mui’s favorite place is Italy where she spent 4 years and eventually fell in love with.
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23 thoughts on “Boy Forced To Eat Over 100 Tadpoles

  1. Trish

    My grandmother used to make me eat all kinds of things because, “she read somewhere it would make me feel better”.

    If this boy’s grandmother is the matriarch of the family, he really didn’t have much of a choice in doing what she said, she is the leader of the family-what she says is law.

    Even if some cortizone cream would have worked better.

  2. gee-man

    Ha, my grandma does that sometimes, except not with tadpoles, always telling me to eat this and that to make me stronger cuz she said she “read it in the paper”. Ah well, could’ve been worse, tadpoles aren’t that bad compared to say, live goldfish.

  3. Wally

    Na, they got it all wrong. You have to deep fry the toads when there big and plump. I dont think it cures anything but it tastes pretty good. Not like frog, you can just chew up a frogs rubbery leg, toads are more boney and taste like a combination of fish and chicken.

  4. Uncle B

    And in the hard times Chinese are known to eat anything with its back to the sun – not so for the Great Hulking American Neanderthals, ( no bigger bones than his found in all antiquity) who face a great depression with astounding inflation just around the corner in their corporatist, cyclic, economy, on its next down cycle! Even loans from China will not save them! Nobody on this earth has enough money to do that job! They too will eat tadpoles! but for survival! And they are biggest people on earth! Its going to take a lot of tadpoles!


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