Japanese Girl’s Love Beaver

Posted on September 13, 2007

Japan, known for holding the record on the World’s Largest Orgy, is one of the most sexually aware countries around. So it was of little surprise when we learned that the newest hip shop, that all the girls love in Shibuya, Tokyo, was named “Beaver”


Thats right… Japanese girls love Beaver. So the next time your in Shibuya, check out Japan’s Beaver and don’t be surprised by the customary greeting of “Irashaimase” as it only means “Welcome to our Beaver!”


Aki Nakimura

Aki Nakimura

Aki Nakimura, from Tachikawa, Japan, spends much of his time in Tokyo working for a small book shop in Shinjiku. It could be his interest in news or his lack of work ethic but he spends a lot of time reading various newspapers and magazines at work. He is nice enough to share and publish articles that he finds weird enough to pass on.
Aki Nakimura

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14 thoughts on “Japanese Girl’s Love Beaver

    1. jonholmes

      yeah, this is the correct meaning of beavers. Japanese can also be cute, and are always building stuff. But I wonder about the comment "most aware" as some J-beavers, perhaps many, are unclipped and contributing to the reforestation project, au natural!
      PH balance can also be an issue with some, questioning the awareness mentioned.

  1. PapiGiulio

    greeting of “Irashaimasen” as it only means “Welcome to our Beaver!”

    Actually it only means welcome, they say it everywhere. Not particularly in ‘Beaver’-shop!!

    wonder if they have soom nice clothings there.

  2. M Melle

    I just went to this store and it has awesome stuff…I didn't notate any wierdness because of the name! It's a bohemian, earthy type store so i figured that's why they called it Beaver?


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