Meowlingual: Japanese Cat Translation Device

Posted on September 12, 2007

Meowlingual, much like the dog version Bowlingual, allows a cat owner to finally learn what their cat is trying to say to them.

So you take the Takara Tomy‘s Meowlingual cat-langauge electronic interpretation device and hold it next to your cat as it meows. The palm-sized gadget will then interpret what your cats meows and purrs really mean.


“I can’t stand it”, is just one of the many phrases the device will announce after it has heard a meow from your cat, exact wording has not been decided yet.

The Meowlingual, coming this November, will run for about $75 and should be purrfect for all you cat lovers.


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56 thoughts on “Meowlingual: Japanese Cat Translation Device

  1. Tourex

    If you need this device to understand your cat,then you shouldn’t be owning a feline pet. Cats aren’t that hard to understand their likes,and dislikes.Us humans,are a different matter,perhaps we need this gadget for our loved ones.

      1. Melissa

        It would be amusing to hear actual words from a cat along with reading feelings. They might need to make sure the word bitch is in the cat dictionary though.

        For $75, you know it doesn’t work.

    1. mirko

      If you took the time to read that in order to post such crap then you surely have too much time on your hand. I for one would be interested in such device, not to understand my cat who doesn’t want it, but just for the fun of checking how inaccurate it’d be…
      So, keep your politically correctness at home and stop bothering funny people.

    2. Gail

      YOU HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD!!!!!!!!!!
      HOW RIGHT YOU ARE!!!!!!!!

    3. paul

      you overlooking the obvious fact:

      it doesn’t matter if you can’t understand your cat, what matters is how fucken cool it would be to have a cat translator.

  2. LadyFaire

    Really! I agree totally with the previous comment. For our human loved ones, perhaps, but I understand my cat, mainly she is either demanding attention, food, or swearing at us! I don’t know WHERE she learned that language, but I keep threatening to wash her tail out with soap!!

  3. Killian

    I want one! However, it’s really not that hard to figure out what cats want. It’s either FEED ME or PET ME or PLAY WITH ME. And of course they always want it done RIGHT NOW.

  4. Sandcastle

    Does it even work, scientifically? Most likely a gimmick gear.

    On the other side of the animal research world, scientists are still trying to confirm the existence of African Grey Parrot speech…

  5. Thing

    I agree with the human translator idea because they sure don’t seem to mean what you think you hear. As stated, cats are easy to understand if you try a bit and rather refreshing after trying to figure out person. If anybody has that kind of disposable income I could probably talk to them and understand specially if they want to send some my way!!

  6. tigerlily

    of course I can’t take this seriously but its a really cute conversation piece and I am sure it will amuse! I imagine phrases like “Just feed me and leave me alone” “You have GOT to be kidding.I’m outta here!” “I will allow you to pet me now.” and “That outfit you have on is embarrasing me. Can you stand farther away from me until you get a new wardrobe? Puh-leeez!”

    1. Mike

      And in the U.S. a pig translator would say “please don’t torture me” – but pigs aren’t all furry and cuddly so who cares…

  7. Michael VanDeMar

    OMG I swear they work!

    There was one sitting on the table next to my sisters cat when I took a picture of him. He meowed at me, and the device translated it:

    “Michael, if that pic winds up on the internet with me as a LOLCAT I will poop in your shoes!”

    Honestly, it was spooky!

  8. sara

    yah right. I got one of these things as a prototype for review and you bet your ass you need one. Now that I know what my cats really want and think I know that before, when I thought I knew I was just an ignorant jerk.
    Cats don’t say ” “FEED ME or PET ME or PLAY WITH ME”. And of course they always want it done RIGHT NOW.”
    you think they are such superior animals! HA

  9. Kevin Burton

    Actually, someone with Autism might be able to use this device since they seem to have a difficult time picking up on social cues..

    Also, it’s probably just a fun toy. I need to get a humanlingual to translate my human expressions into feline talk! :)

  10. kgitch

    Old news much? Like the post above says, tproduct went on sale (only in Japan, with only a Japanese language interface) in November of 2003!

    Now if you really want to terrorize your cat, check out TakaraTomy’s new i-SOBOT robot :

  11. Paulos

    What you need is one that translates what a woman really means. Am I right gentlemen?

    Not even the Japanese can come up with the technology for that!

  12. ---

    Jeez, can this thing really work? To program such a thing first a person would have o understand cats. Cats halfway talk with body language anyway. Who would want a $75 dollar thing that only tells you 1/2 of what cats say, possibly. LOLcat phrases are a good idea though. "For not feedin meez, zoor pupy is 1/2 dog tomorows."


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