Hydrogen Fuel Bikes Debut in China

Posted on September 8, 2007

Shanghai Pearl Hydrogen Power Source Technology Co unveiled its environmentally clean hydrogen fuel cell bike at an international fair in Shanghai recently.


The bike is comprised of a battery tank and a pair of hydrogen gas bottles making it look different than other electric bikes.

“As is widely known, hydrogen has become a major source of clean energy, together with wind and solar power. With hydrogen gas, the battery produces power to drive the bike without producing harmful fumes but only a bit of water,” Tian explained.

It only takes 30 minutes to refill the gas bottles where is can take over 3 hours to recharge an electric battery and a battery can weight twice as much as the hydrogen system.

“We could also make the battery system lighter by using different materials to make the tank.”

The new bike can complete a trip of about 100 kilometers at about 25 km/h and costs about $2,632 dollars, although it is expected to drop to about $550 after they enter mass production.

Course you will have to find a refueling station to provide hydrogen for the bike.


Aki Nakimura

Aki Nakimura

Aki Nakimura, from Tachikawa, Japan, spends much of his time in Tokyo working for a small book shop in Shinjiku. It could be his interest in news or his lack of work ethic but he spends a lot of time reading various newspapers and magazines at work. He is nice enough to share and publish articles that he finds weird enough to pass on.
Aki Nakimura

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6 thoughts on “Hydrogen Fuel Bikes Debut in China

    1. sultan_azteca

      Totally agree with you, dude! Freaking Chinese, man!

      Still, I want one, but do they have them in a color different than that ugly pistachio? Yucks!

  1. vince

    i want one nice bike whats it top speed and weight , the larger tire would be a advantage , longer life of the tire . more miles . on the wheels . when you going to start selling them . feel it a good way to get formiliar with a hydrogen fuel and have some fun with it


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