Chinese Man Has World’s Largest Hand

Posted on September 1, 2007

Liu Hua, a chinese man, has fingers thicker than his arm and hopes for a normal life once he finishes having surgery. The operation removed 11lbs of bone and tissue from his hand, which was deformed from birth.

Liu has a rare disease called macrodactyly which causes toes and fingers to grow abnormally large.


“My thumb and index finger are even thicker than my arms, and make my left hand useless. When I go out, I have to wrap my left hand in clothes and pretend I’m holding a bag.”

It took Shanghai City doctors seven hours to complete the surgery and another one is planned 6 months from now.

“We kept his five fingers, and hopefully his left hand will eventually regain normal function,” a spokesman said.


Aki Nakimura

Aki Nakimura

Aki Nakimura, from Tachikawa, Japan, spends much of his time in Tokyo working for a small book shop in Shinjiku. It could be his interest in news or his lack of work ethic but he spends a lot of time reading various newspapers and magazines at work. He is nice enough to share and publish articles that he finds weird enough to pass on.
Aki Nakimura

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24 thoughts on “Chinese Man Has World’s Largest Hand

  1. Trish

    Interesting how China is coming up with so many of these “rare” diseases. However with 1/6th of the planets population and one of the most polluted water sources on the planet I suppose it is an inevitability.

    It is difficult for me to see people suffer.

    1. mudlouse

      not sure what you’re suggesting about china, but these incidents happen all over the world, independent of geographical location. the only difference is, people who live in areas with better income and healthcare can afford to treat their conditions before they advance.

      1. compabutch

        Not sure what you mean by “better” income and heath care. China owns the mortgage on the U.S. economy and has a health care system most americans can only dream about.

  2. ana bing

    thats horrible
    for people have to put up with that.
    life is unfair
    why its not funny its something that people could die from

    i feel very sorry for them

  3. It Happens

    Call me insensitive, but these ‘abnormalities’ are an everyday occurance regardless of location or circumstance. And ‘Weird Asian News’ is just exploiting these conditions further for our entertainment. Well thank you, consider me entertained :)

  4. kara

    Woah.. creepy.

    That must be so annoying!! These diseases are

    Like the guy from Indonesia with warts, which were
    so bad they literally shaped his body.

    FredrickFlintstone LOL.

    KJ No doubt many people will – but its glad some people will
    show empathy, as obviously this guy has trouble.

  5. Sultan_Azteca

    I am surprised that this type of impressive malformations can be treated to bring some limb or body part back to functionality! Can you imagine all the tissue removed and then ensuring that all remaining nerves, bones, vessels, tendons, muscles and any other tissue is properly in place and fully working! I guess it would be easier to amputate the whole thing and attach a different hand to the wrist!
    A testament to the achievements of modern medicine worldwide…


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