Crazy Japanese Sports: Extreme Ironing

Posted on August 20, 2007

Little did you know as you where ironing your clothes for the day, that you were actually participating in a real sport. That’s right, ironing as an actual sport… as long as it is extreme.

Extreme Ironing, where people take to ironing in remote and dangerous locations, doesn’t have a huge following in Japan, but is an established international sport.

38 year-old Japanese participant Hitoshi Matsuzawa, an office worker from Chiba, climbed to the top of the 3,776 meter Kengamine peak of Mount Fuji where he accomplished his extreme ironing feat.

japanese extreme ironing

“There was a therapeutic effect and sense of fulfillment of being on Japan’s highest peak,” he said.

Matsuzawa, who first learned of extreme ironing while studying in Australia, hopes to climb to the peak of Mount Everest, without oxygen, to accomplish an even more extreme ironing record.

Extreme Ironing was first started by a man in England who was climbing a mountain on a nice day and decided to get some ironing done. In September 2002, in Munic, Germany, a small ironing competition was held.

Ironing points were scored during the 1,500 meter course; Skill, Extreme Situation, Speed. There are 5 different styles of extreme ironing at this time. Freestyle, Urban, Rocky, Forest, and Water.

ironing extreme

EIJ, Extreme Ironing Japan, is now the largest active extreme ironing group and takes great pride in the sport of Extreme Ironing.



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9 thoughts on “Crazy Japanese Sports: Extreme Ironing

  1. Trish

    I’d say they need to get a hobby, but this *is* their hobby! No one can claim that this is due to cultural differences here.

    How do they do the ironing underwater? Seriously, technically, the clothing has to be dry to be ironed, so underwater you would not be ironing as much as pretending to iron.

    Yads, I cannot believe I am discussing this, that will teach me for reading the news with a headache. Time to take the migrane medication and lay down.

  2. Mr. Oppurtunity

    AH EXTREME!!! I love performing this sport, i do this all the time. Whenever i have wrinkled clothes I usually keep them separate from my good clothes, that way I can iron all my clothes in a extreme way.

    Mt. Ranier, Here I Come!!!


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